If this is the first thing you do when you wake up, then you are not alone

waking up
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Waking up every single day is so much of a struggle for most of us. We always yearn for a couple more minutes of sleep no matter how much bed time we already have had. But once we have our eyes wide open, we unfailingly take on our daily routine. Be it waking up with the alarm or to a big bash of mom’s musings, the day wouldn’t start with anything other than the usual. So what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Check for yourself if you are one among the crowd!

#1 Shut up the alarm, of course!


Muting the alarm to have your own say in waking up is so much of a victory! Stabbing a blazing alarm to sleep is so much the coolest thing to do once you have just woken up!

#2 Checking phone


Undoubtedly, millennials and even most of the 90s people can’t keep themselves off their phones for the greater part of the day. Granted then, that most of us have to fumble for the phone as soon as we manage to get ourselves out of the vicious circle of comfort sleeping!

#3 Mamma’s the best wake up call!


For those of us who have the good fortune of living with our parents, we have an indeed invariably pleasant way of starting the day. It’s a every morning ritual of us waking up to our mom’s repeated calls of amplifying just how worthless kids we are to not get up till even the eighth hour of the day. And though all that taunting and early morning screaming gets on the nerves sometimes, it’s without doubt the best alarm through the times!

#4 Wafting aroma of meals


Again, this is a wake up call exclusive to birds of the home. The delicious aroma of home cooked food hitting our nostrils is incitation enough to wake us up from the deepest of slumbers and head straight to the breakfast arena. But if this is the way to wake up every morn, we definitely aren’t complaining!

#5 Breezing tune of bhajans, devotional songs

Either a dose of philosophy or a generous touch of devotion, music wakes some of us even if we don’t have any heart to! No matter how much we would try to not get up with the melody blaring through the dead of dawn, we still are bound to. Because of course, social animals as we are, we live in a society of people who believe a religious start to the day would mean a blissful existence for them. Alas, but not for us!

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#6 Yoga


And there are some of us who are health conscious enough to do yoga first thing on wake up. Obviously, with all the calming benefits that yoga has on a peaceful living, this indeed is one of the best ways to start the day.

#7 Newspaper and tea

Ahh nostalgia! That image of our dad sitting on the verandah, nose deep buried in a newspaper as mom returns to remind for the umpteenth time about the cup of morning tea resting beside him is soo much of a fond memory. Though with changing times, a morning cup of tea with the day’s newspaper is a rare pleasure, there are still some lucky ones who start their day just right!

#8 Morning walks

Getting out of bed and slipping into tracks to embark on the gym route or for a nice, long jog still remains a favorite way of starting the day for many people. Healthy, rejuvenating and setting just the right tone for the rest of a beautiful day!

#9 Televibing!

For people who don’t like their day without some buzz, the television is the savior they turn to every morning for some solid living inspo! Switching the TV on very often marks the switching on of their day for some people.

#10 The foodie way


Then there is this emerging group of foodies who drool over the thought of what they would be having in their menu for the day as soon as they get up.

#11 Cuddling up with pet!


A surprisingly huge proportion of people prefer cuddling up with their pets as soon as they get up. This definitely has to be one of the most righteous of ways to start a beautiful day.

Last but not the least…

#12 Going to the loo!


There is one habit common to a lot of people. Going to the loo immediately after waking up! Yes, it’s a daily routine. It’s one habit which many souls under pressure follow religiously…