Why the world would rather whistle…


Carefree, happy go lucky, and alluding to existences in such other maverick mannerisms of life whether it be the bliss of contentment or the luxury of a stress free awareness, the peculiarly charming sound of a musical almost whistle is connotating of an ease that entails perhaps to the most blessed of humans. An art in essence even when the commonplace notion of it is not so regarding of this attribute in perceived insouciance, and even a medium in communication not just within the vast world of the musical but also in manners as definitely aligning with the communicating criteria as possible, but still most explored in its ambling along the alleys of a supreme nonchalance, unbothered and unworried at least in what sums up its perceived notion, whistling though isn’t confined to being just that expression of the physical that titillates the senses and rouses the emotions and eases the mind and muses the soul. For whistling might be an art all right and one that is wonderfully evocative of pretty much every sensation of human linkings, not just in happiness but also of melancholy and the like, extending even to encompass a certain eerie setting which perhaps dictates the many a prevalent beliefs of it being bad omen to whistle at night, but this art of such magnificence stemming from the myriad mutterings of the mind can also be as assertive in its play upon the more perceptible fore of the human physicality. That is to say, this incredible form of art emanating from the proper technique of employment within a certain human organ ends up manifesting itself in such versatility that makes it pass also as a potent merit in the exercising kind. For indeed, as surprising as it might sound, whistling is exercise for sure and one that endows upon the whistler a host of such health and wellness benefits that only further its cause in wholesome happiness of an ambient existence.

Despite its viewing as being stemming from much idleness perhaps, whistling is immensely encompassing of our mental and emotional faculties while accounting also for our many a physical traits of visible importance to chart out their potency in ultimate perfection. And the prime benefit of this ‘invigorating’ form of art rests in such premise that characterise also its prominence in such terms and phrases as the whistling Dixie perhaps. In its reference to fantasising in all dreamy hopes of the desired, whistling sums up a state of mind that is utterly contented. Without any stress to stress over, with no worry to worry about and with not but a care to give, whistling might be signalling of a tension free existence. But it also is by indulging in this dramatic deliverance of an art artsy perhaps but alluring still that one can chart out for their own self a life more removed from that menacing entity of stress. For it might be the prejudice of the arts indeed typically associated with all things removed from the worldly worries of life that manifest also whistling as an exploration in mind clearance. Thus any time you find yourself in such situations where the mind feels restless and not at ease, try whistling despite all those worries and you will be breathing in ambient space not too long after. It perhaps might be the concentration that whistling calls for to thrust upon its playing out of you, despite you might not even being aware of this whole effort in ‘exercise’ in as accurate elucidation of the term as possible, that is what leads one to a calmer and relatively less bothered realm of existence than the one they had been so stressed over.

The calm composure entailed out of a whistling bout might be a way to and from the strait of stress but it is equally effective in helping the mind shrug off the jitters. The mental and physical discomfort of anxiety can be offset by concentration upon the arty act of whistling but it also is the physical mode of its practice that makes that let out of the whistle an almost medical remedy to anxiety. Any technique for reversing the experience of anxiety calls for regulated breathing and whistling being an art exclusively instilled in the breathing mechanism is one of the easiest and instant ways out of this mess in mindal awareness.

In being representative of the desirable dimension of a destressed dwelling, it only is obvious that any act and pursuit in whistling corresponds to the buoyant spirits of humankind. Much similar therefore to that cyclic theory of the stressing essence is this uplifting power of whistling that can lead to positive effects upon the mind while also as possibly emerging from it. Across its occurrence in immense simplicity, as an activity that one engages in just because, without any compulsion of any kind and rather inclined to in such positives that speak of a greater sense of well being, therapeutic perhaps in striking that musical chord or just plain ‘liberating’ in its artistic rendition, non exerting and non demanding, leisurely and fun, whistling is one of the specifically enriching experiences. And pairing it with other equally recreational pursuits whether that be in indulgent cooking or leisurely ambling and so on and so forth only elevates the whistling whirr to wondrous extent.

Such are the pleasures of this act in whistling dimensions that has it lending its allure even to the span of such activities that are not universally exciting. Even in being an exercise, whistling still is enjoyable in its definite identity meandering through the merry meadows of musings and meaning alike. In coming to present therefore that notion in the enjoyability of exercises, whistling reveals another world altogether. For folks dreading their daily recommended laps on the running court, a simultaneous take to whistling can alter their perception to surprising measure. Whistling while running or walking or engaging in any activity possibly tedious and exerting helps to shift the concentration to its more leisurely expanse making therefore the other ongoing activity less potent in its threat of tiring out both mind and body. And thus unfurling along a different recognition of being an anti boredom entity is whistling that which is surprisingly versatile in and despite all its exploits in ordinariness.

As such an aid to other more ‘proper’ forms of exercise, whistling already accounts indirectly for the benefits availed out of this range of activity in physical exertion. That though still isn’t all that there is to whistling. Beyond being a pastime and outside of its characterisation of a jovial state of existence and not catering yet to its artistic identity whether in melody or in communication, whistling is also as much beneficial a physical taking to exercise. And impacting the health of the two vital organs of the body namely the heart and the lungs is what makes this unique assertion of the exercise identity all the more worthwhile in all its quirks. Whistling is an art eked out through employment of the natural mechanism of breathing and it is this characterising aspect of it that makes it beneficial an exercise. Any attempt at whistling exercises the diaphragm, causing it to drop downward considerably during inhalations. And it is this deep and exerted working of the diaphragm enabling the process of breathing that makes the way for a higher level of oxygen to find way into the human body. This optimal intake of oxygen is what promotes healthy blood circulation leading therefore to a normal heart rate and an augmented capacity of the heart itself. Extending this hearty happening to other aspects of health that is ultimately a holistic functioning of all body organs in their most optimal level of realisation is what therefore makes whistling all the more advantageous an exercise to go fully exploring of.

If whistling is all about the mechanics of breathing, then it should be a no brainer that the most effective impact it yields will be accruing to the bodily organ responsible for this functioning in necessity. And thus whistling emerges to be of utmost benefit to the lungs, boosting its condition in working in general while also specifically attending to some very severe health issues. In regulating and fortifying the breathing rate, whistling ends up strengthening the lungs and the diaphragm thus causing the aforementioned boost of oxygen levels in the body. Correspondingly, this greater flow of oxygen spaces out the carbon dioxide production within the body by speeding up the rate of its expulsion so that your body teems with the glow of that clean blood flow. Of notions more specific is such essence of whistling that renders it not very different with pursed lip breathing. Essentially a manifestation of whistling only in the action of it, not accompanied therefore by that sound in tonal quality, pursed lip breathing can be a helpful strategy to combat the potentially fatal condition of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. In helping to overcome the shortness of breath associated with this medical condition, whistling makes for an element of pulmonary rehabilitation often employed to counter this situation of worsening possibility.

Whistling as an art essentially explores the nuances of beauty. And working along this same ‘ideal’ of life, albeit in a matter not exactly congruent but resonating still in that similar line of belief is whistling that can even be an agent of physical beauty. A ‘facial exercise’ is what whistling makes known its identity in no surprise since it plays out indeed through the face organ of the mouth. Helping strengthen therefore the muscles in and around that area of the mouth and exercising also the cheeks is whistling that ends up endowing greater youthfulness upon the face. In tauting these facial features by preventing the sagging of the underlying muscles and the overlying skin, whistling makes its mark as an anti ageing mechanism as well. Combine this with the youthful glow resulting from an increase in oxygen levels and a simultaneous dip in stress levels and whistling perhaps is all the potion one needs to keep those beauty worries at bay. Thus, be it therefore the emotional, mental and psychological benefits availed out of the simple art of whistling or the wide range of physical, health and beauty perks accompanying this act in puckering up of the mouth, the wonders of whistling are what makes it even worthier a pastime to pursue to perfection.