Worthy reasons to warm up to winters

health benefits of cold weather

Winters are wonder of a different kind. Even in its dubious distinction as being the season of the wilts and the withers, winter is abundant in its offering of the riches that nature is redolent in. Equally contrasting is the character in which winter makes itself felt- as an assertion in the cold trembles but offset as magnificently by the associated phenomena in fireplaces and cosy corners and the like. And syncing thus with such manner of dwelling in duality are the health impacts that winter induces upon the human body.

Even in its perceiving as a time of infirmity- in both the physical and proverbial context, winters can be rather beneficial for our overall being. Notwithstanding the eminence of winter blues as being the utmost definer of the condition of Seasonal Affective Disorder is this surprising much occurrence of winters as every bit the warm embrace that it ensconces one and all in.

And yet, it shouldn’t be as startling as well- this residing of the cold in a goodness not typically attributed to it. Because fairly well established is the many ways in which the cares of the cold help the human particularly in their beauty and wellness pursuit. But that it can as effectively build up many a associated necessities of the health serving is what makes the colder climes and the winter weather a true blessing to count on.

So what could be the numerous health tricks that winter hides in its sleeve to be indeed so much of the seasonal beauty that is is celebrated in being? Let’s find out-

Lowers the risk of infections

This particular aspect of wintertime doing might be particularly confounding a fact to believe in but it indeed is resting upon good enough a basis to be true. Even if you are someone falling sick more often during the last days of the year, the truth still holds in much universality. Because while one might indeed catch a cold every now and then in their experiencing of the chills of the weather, that is pretty much the only concern about it. The cold environs are a much hostile ground for bacteria and viruses to breed. This means lesser chances of thriving and surviving for these agents of more distinctive diseases. No wonder pesky bugs do not romp upon the winter world- let alone carry much threat in the colder days of living.

Cuts down the calories

Winter by itself is quite a wonder agent that brings about a very natural process in burning calories. This occurs due to the body using up more energy to maintain its core temperature so that we manage to stay warm enough. The actual technique of it is a bit more nuanced though. It is by browning up the white fats- respectively the good and bad hues of fats that the human body uses winter to its advantage in staying slim and trim. The bad white fat being what causes obesity, it only is obvious that a conversion of it to the good is what occurs as so much a winter benefit. Even more essential happens to be the glucose absorbing and metabolic body functions that the goodness of the brown fats induces, making it emerge as such a hearty happening in essence.

This though is just one aspect of the fat burning mechanism that winter employs to emerge as the season of the wows. The conversion of fats is what happens in milder, bearable assertions of the cold. But as the temperature dips further to induce the classic cold character in shivering, the benefits can be even compounded in their effect. The shivers send down the body as you feel indeed the increasing intensity of the cold even further stimulates the fat burning process. And that it does by inducing the fat burning hormone irisin, to such extents that a mere fifteen minutes of shivering is equivalent to the more than considerable minutes of an entire hour spent doing proper exercise! What a massive entitlement being able to live through the winter definitely is!

Boosts the experience and quality of sleep

Perhaps the best thing about the longer nights that winter marches forth in is the greater amount of sleeping time that it doubles up as. But it isn’t only the extended length of time in which you get to tuck yourself in the cosy comforts of your bed in all those blankets and sheets making up for a hygge like nook of what is bliss indeed. It also is as much about the betterment of the overall sleep experience that the cold days dawns upon us.

Sleep might be dependent on a number of factors for its deeply induced pleasure to take over. But one of the more important requirement in this regard happens to be the regulation of the body temperature to sufficiently cool levels. That is achieved by the cooler environment in which we find ourselves residing in through the winter days. And helping this cause in sleeping in just the perfect environment ever created would also be the luxury in getting to sleep longer thanks to a stretched out length of the deeper and darker night. The best thing about winters cannot get anything better than the lucrative prospect in dozing off indeed!

Amps up the appetite

Good food good mood holds as a truth more than universal in its reach. And what better than a season buoyant with some of the most choicest offerings of nature to eat one’s way through? Of course the very vibe of winter is one that resides in the allure of snacking bits and meaty meals and mighty morsels. With so much and so many on offer, and also in such conditions more than conducive to such indulgence, what with the festive airs and the celebrations getting underway and also the calorie concern greatly cut out, winter is more than generous in enriching us with not just a bountiful harvest but with also as hearty an appetite in appreciation of all those goodies.

Milder experiences of pain and inflammation

Drawing upon the general effectiveness of cold applications in relieving to considerable extents the pain and discomfort of inflammation is this specific working of winter. Much like an ice pack toning down the assertion and intensity of painful bothers, so too the cold environs does indeed lower the level of severity of many a physically painful occurings.

Greater connection

Winter blues seem to be an inaccurate representation in however it is demonizing the cooler, calmer days of existence. For what the leisurely march of winter leads us to instead is a greater chance at fostering bonds and connections. With festivals following the trail of the season, there is togetherness and happiness and companionship and revelry buzzing all around

A greater scope at socialisation, even outside the hyped occasional rendezvous is what this worthy time of living leads us to explore. Being more likely to confine ourselves in the warm interiors means also that we might choose to bond over the phone instead, giving those dreamy late night conversation a chance indeed to prove what the hullaballoo about them is all for. Makes for quite a fascinating tale to tell, perhaps sometime in the winter of our lives.

Lesser chance of pollen caused allergies

Winters being quite the ‘lifeless season’ that it is rued to be though should not be exclusively and always bad news for all. Specially for folks susceptible to the irritation induced by a encroaching of their physiological privacy by that necessary for some, nasty for others agent of the pollen, winters make for a breezy state of affairs to dwell in. Wintertime is when plants and trees do not have their powdery pollen flow about in the air and finding inroads anywhere and everywhere. Obviously then with no pollen permeating the cold environment, people allergic to them do find themselves happily breathing about in the cool air and praising its preciousness.

Heartens the heart

People with heart diseases might need to be extra careful in their living through the cold but otherwise rosy, hearty hearts are in for an ever greater dose of health as winter sets in. That though is a benefit specially availed out of the pursuit in exercising but one so wonderful that makes all the effort worth it. When we exert our body physically during the colder season, our heart also is made to pump blood in greater activeness to maintain the body temperature. Such excited impact of working makes the heart muscles stronger which of course is a good thing. Some brisk walking or any other sort of exercise therefore is a definite winter time recommendation for a healthy heart. It helps also that physical activity warms up indeed the body as well making exercise quite the ‘indulgence’ in those days of the temperature dip.

Gooder grey matter

While the brain accustoming us to colder temperatures so that we sleep better might only be one example of its ‘brilliance’, the wintertime reality tends to be a lot more augmented in case of functioning of the body’s most important organ. That again is an availing out of the lower reaches of the degrees scale in which winter makes apparent its prowess. Research has established that our brains somehow perform more efficiently when it finds itself nestled in a cooler temperature. Of course that’s universal again a something that the virtue of ‘keeping cool’ radiates. It perhaps is the lesser assertion of the summer specific drowsy feels upon the brain that leads it to emerge as even more the genius that it already is.

Glow up the skin

Winter may seem like quite the dreaded time when dry flaky skin and hair takes over to dull down our physical beauty. But when it comes to a pleasantly optimal and therefore enjoyable spell of winter, the beauty of the surroundings lends itself also to the human being. Count for instance such blessings of winter that lead to lesser oils finding secretion from the skin and scalp and you would know for once the bliss of a breakout free existence over a frenzied one. Other ways in which the cold does not lend a cold shoulder to the natural glow of our skin, in some selectiveness though, is by reducing instances of redness and swelling by constricting blood vessels and limiting the flow of blood through them.

Rake in oodles of ‘referential creativity’

Winter helps not just with amping up regular brain functioning but also with specialised some modes of working. And one of the most remarkable renditions of an enhanced brainal capacity manifests as a very intriguing specific something. Immensely furthering the creative faculties of the human is what occurs as ‘referential creativity’ very specific in its characteristic winter time occurrence that leads us to be more efficient in our ability and inventiveness in thinking.