Grey hair, won’t bare!

hide grey hairs
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Aging gracefully is a lifestyle choice the world has largely embraced over the course of the years that has imparted a multitude of lessons on the beauty that life harbours in its every fleeting stage. Aging beautifully on the other hand is a style we have chosen to adopt because of course who does not want to dazzle all through life? One of the most striking of evidences that point to the onset of old age, though today it is as much a physical condition attributable to the hazards of stress and pollution and chemicals and stuff that have not been laden on us by nature, is the very despising nature of the greys making a mark on our heads.

But grey no more spells gloom and doom like it used to not many decades back. Flaunting one’s mane of grey exoticness in fact is today such a trend that some of us even choose to dye our natural blacks to that shade of silvery shine! The natural show of the grey streaks though might not be syncing with our everyday style sensibilities. In such setting of the love- hate relationship with our greying roots, it is indeed a wonder to not have to fuss about dying our hair routinely and religiously. To the rescue are numerous amazing tricks, and products of course that can help beat the gloom of the greys on days when we feel contrary to it. And the best part is the fact that these amazing indeed ways aren’t just clever enough hacks to conceal your grey roots; they also dramatically transform your entire style statement!

Try out newer hairstyles

The most easy and also the most interesting way to ditch your greys and your dye together is by simply changing your hairstyle. With clever styling of your hair that draws attention from the roots or even conceals them altogether, you can continue to shine with all your youth. Sporting a hair parting different from your usual is one of the must fun ways to experiment with your look. And the added benefit it entails of robbing you of that not always desirable salt and pepper look is sure worth more than what it takes. Which is literally nothing at all!

Other iteration of hairstyles work just as fine as well. Braids can be the most effective though, particularly those that engages your hair in the pretty pattern right along the scalp. A voluminous hairstyle works about wonders in equally assertive ways as does a layered haircut or just about anything like curled up hair that hushes your greys from boasting in all the standout ‘glory’ they are so used to being. On the contrary though, reverting to your natural hair texture helps also in offsetting the greys by softening out the look of the visibly grey roots or the grey regrowth.

Borrow some staples from the pantry

Okay, we would be kinda bluffing if we attempt to pass this one as a no- dye method. But given the non- cumbersome and bearable enough pace of its working this sure is a trick you should not be blissfully ignorant of. This DIY dye of sorts serves up a quick fix with a very versatile indeed ingredient as its basis. Not just in the style realm though, in fact stemming more prominently of the world that has to do everything with eating and drinking is this marvellous enough ingredient conjuring up this hack of #ungreying. The magic element is coffee, though tea can be no less phenomenal as well. And the most exciting part about letting your beverage of choice calm down your greys is the stunning tint it ends imparting to your mane of glory.

Washing your hair with a concoction of either of the potent brews is the closest you can get to indulging indeed in all the intoxication entailing out of these universal drivers of life. And given that this additional routine needs to be only adhered to just once every week makes it all the more convenient a solution to hiding your greys not just for a day, but days altogether on end. Consider also the fact that both tea and coffee possess more than enough power to nurture your hair to health and this is a hack that would have you swearing by it for the rest of your ‘hairy’ life.

Accessorize up your hair

Back to the basics of concealing the greys in the accurate assertion of what it means to cover up is through an armor of style that identify as accessories. Hair clips, hair bands, scarfs, pins or even more standout pieces of hair jewelry can do the trick for you. Accessories already do well to endow a different dimension to just about any and every look. Derive therefore from the striking manifestation of their prominence to hide your greys with the minimum fuss while enhancing your style statement as well. Of course you can go further even and throw on a hat atop your head to completely shut out your aging hair but only if the situation fits it though.

Go for tinting aka ‘fake’ dyeing

Another very universal, often indulged in way of dying out the greys without dyeing them in the exact measure of it involves the use of numerous products curated to that end. Hair chalks for instance are a very easy, effective bet to deliver some color to your grey roots instantly. So does tinting sprays or even tinted dry shampoos that are a two in one solution to some of your most pressing hair woes particularly when you are starved of time. Root concealer sprays or touch up sprays as well as some powder varieties simulating similar such effects are another easily available range of products that you can use to deposit color around the grey linings of your head.

But even beyond these specialised set of haircare products, other easily available solutions can also attend to the issue at hand. Think mascara or kajal to color your greys, or eye shadows and powders, and even lipsticks of such colors that best matches your hair tone to work out even more unbothering ways of asserting your preference over that of the stubborn yield of the greys. Make sure though to wash away these products properly off from your hair or the scalp after your purpose is served efficiently so that you don’t have to deal with another issue cropping up on your head.

Opt for highlighting your hair instead

Even if you want to conceal indeed your greys for a greater length of time but do not want to opt for natural or chemical dyes to make it happen, there’s another option awaiting you on the style horizon. Highlighting your hair even when it has started greying already is a stunning way to keep your spirits up and your style reputation in. Whether you go for a color that stands out subtly or prominently, you still would be attending to your concern of covering the colorless. And given how highlights have always been a funky assertion of fashion and style and most importantly a marker of personality, this surely is one effort you can make to keep your greys from defining your identity.

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