Ways to boost immunity for a healthy you of the unhealthy times

boost immunity in 2020

Health has always been prioritised as wealth and even perhaps over and above it. Because while riches lend us the golds, it is only in the pink of health that we can glitter along in all that shine. If there isn’t a healthy body to have us questing further for the wealth we all desire, there can’t be much of living either.

Needless to say, health is what is at the core of every living being, humans included. More so in times of a pandemic like the present sweeping across the entire world, the thrust on health and wellbeing as the essence of life once again comes to the fore. And how healthy a life we can live depends on how immune we are to diseases and vice versa. Just as a healthy existence depends on a strong immunity, so too a bolstered immune system calls for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s explore the many ways in which we can bring about changes in our daily life for an immunity that renders us lesser susceptible to all ills-

Eat right

The best and also the tastiest way to build up immunity and health deals exclusively in food. And before you make faces at that ‘eating right’ dictum, be rest assured that not everything that can make you healthy needs to be bland in taste. Specifically when it comes to catering to the needs of the immune system, you don’t need to be skeptical about the choice of foods.

The best foods in this regard includes scrumptious options like dark chocolate, yogurt, almonds, sunflower seeds and all vitamin C rich foods like oranges and berries. Chicken soup can also be an effective immunity agent, as you probably already know from the many times you have warded colds off with a bowlful of its warmth. Sipping on green tea is also another excellent way to boost immunity while ginger tea is as potent a fighter of colds and ills. Leafy greens like spinach, spices like turmeric and garlic, red bell peppers and papayas also need to make it to your plate if you want to stand any chance against diseases.

But it isn’t just about watching what to eat, it’s also as much about what to ditch. Added sugars top the list of food elements that you should avoid as much as possible. Refined carbs and processed food are also culpable names here and so are alcoholic beverages and an overdose of caffeine. Include instead fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber goodness and fermented foods in your daily diet for an improved chance at life.

Sleep well

A sound sleep is a luxury for most of us that’s easier said than done. And while we all love to sleep away the morning hours after nights of virtual socialising and chilling, that’s one habit we need to ditch for our own good. Not only this unnatural sleep cycle deprives us from sleeping adequate hours at the most appropriate of times, it also disrupts the desired effect that a good sleep can have on our health. And this of course is something we can blame on our technology infested lives. Try therefore not to let your phone rule your sleep patterns if you forever want ti stay in spirits.

Why it is important to correct the factors that are affecting your sleep cycle is that your body’s immunity depends a lot on it. Your immune system gets weakened if you do not sleep well. The inflammatory immune response gets activated with less sleep while the production of disease fighting cytokines and a host of antibodies decreases. Grant your body therefore all the sleep it needs to function properly and keep you immune in return.

Do some exercise

While physical activity is a prerequisite for you to stay healthy and active, it is even more essential in present circumstances when lockdown measures are in place. Because all we tend to do as we idle away days altogether is sit and snack, which isn’t the most ideal life to lead in any case. While sitting the whole day away without much physical activity is enough cause for concern, the unhealthy and impulsive snacking habits make matters all the worse. It therefore is necessary that you cut out the lethargy and indulge in some exercise.

Moderate exercise is what you should indulge in because your body needs some activity to flush certain bacteria and germs out of the system. Exercise can cause positive changes in the body’s count of antibodies and white blood cells and can help boost immunity. Exercise also helps relieve stress, another potent staver of immunity. Abstain however from too rigorous an exercise regime as it can drain you out.

Breathe stress free

One of the non physical lifestyle changes to adopt for a healthy life is stressing a bit less. Of course stress marks our modern day existence. From work stress to family stress to even stress arising out of ill health, we aren’t the most blessed of generations. But it’s absolutely essential to cut yourself some slack if you covet a healthy life. Corticosteroid, the stress hormone, can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. Additionally, the defence mechanism of the body that relies on white blood cells to fight off antigens is reduced. Overtime, stress levels elevate making your body adjust to the mechanism while pressuring your immune system even more. That is why trying to cut down on the stress by conscious means is something you need to do for better immunity.

Laugh away

This might sound like and indeed be a corollary to the stress reducing tip but it remains an effective immunity bolsterer. Laughter is always the best medicine, whether you choose to view it as therapy or indulge in it as some sort of mild exercise. In driving the blues away and sidelining all stress, a smile can make your day. Also the positive manifestation of feelings through laughs and smiles release compounds like neuropeptides that can help fight potentially serious illnesses. Laughter therefore can be a vital aid to enhanced immunity.

Conversely however, tears can also boost immunity by letting the grief flow out. Tears contain the hormone prolactin that is beneficial for the immune system. Also a good bout of crying lets out the pain and stress thereby making your inner bodily mechanism more ideal. Crying your heart out and letting it heal through laughs is therefore the best immunity agent you need.

Get some sunshine

Both literally and metaphorically, you must let your body reach out to the cheers of the sun. The Vitamin D of the sun helps the body produce antibodies to fight off diseases. While this essential vitamin is also found in foods like fatty fishes, egg yolks and milk, the sun is likely the purest and most effective source of it. Additionally, low levels of vitamin D in the body translates to more respiratory problems- exactly the stuff you don’t need now with the killer coronavirus in tow. The sun also helps amp us the immune system’s response to onsetting infections.

Stepping out in the sun also has psychological benefits. The bright radiance of the sun can also be an effective mood healer, that which spurs mental and physical health. In spreading cheer and good vibes unto you, your daily dose of sunshine puts you at lesser risk of ailments. Or at least puts you in better stead in fighting them off thereby rendering you more immune.