How To Make Your Indian Marriage Stand Out

How To Make Your Indian Marriage Stand Out

Social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest have put the pressure on us to make sure out weddings really are something special. No one wants a wedding day that will fade away into a distant memory; they want it to be the one everyone talks about for months and years to come.

But how do you make your Indian marriage stand out? How can you make it more unique than every other wedding that takes place? That is what we are going to look at there, with a focus on planning a reception that no one ever forgets!

Wedding photography
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Grand entrance to not be forgotten

You are the star of your wedding show, so make sure all eyes are on you when it comes to your grand entrance. It is a key moment of your marriage – the first time you present yourselves as husband and wife, so make it big and make it bold. Some of the things that you could do include:

  • Dance your way in – You will have your music sorted for your first dance, more than likely a romantic, soulful song, but for your grand entrance, have a song that is upbeat and fast tempo and dance your way in. Make sure you practise your routine first!
  • Smoke screen – all singing and all dancing entrances not your thing, or do you fancy yourselves as much more mysterious? Why not appear from behind a curtain of coloured smoke? It adds a bit of fun coolness to the moment and will look incredible in your wedding photos.

Wedding favours to wow

Everyone loves a wedding favour, and while the mini jars/boxes/bags of sweets are cute, they are done to death. Why not do something a bit more original? Mini succulents in a jar, a bag of coffee or unusual tea, your favourite book or a cute and quirky pin badge are all fun and different ways of saying ‘thank you’ to your guests.

Chill out zone for resting

While weddings are great fun, they can also be long and tiring and, for some people, a little overwhelming. One of the big problems is there is often nowhere to take a breather and sit quietly for a while. Provide a chill out zone for those who just need ten minutes to cool off and break away from the hustle and bustle of family and friends. Make it comfortable, so that if guests want a quiet spot to chat, check their socials or show their uncle this guide, they can. Maybe consider setting up a phone charging station in there, too. If you have kids at the wedding, tepees with pillows and toys can be the ideal place when it all gets a bit too much or they get tired. Just make sure that you have a responsible adult checking in on them. 

Provide some midnight snacks for the end of the night

wedding midnight snacks
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After days of functions and complicated wedding changes, the high quickly wears off when the music stops, and the lights go back on at the end of the reception. It is late, people are tired and beginning to come down to earth again. This is the perfect chance to whip out a final surprise – a midnight snack. Cookies and milkshake, coffee and doughnuts or even some ice cream – it can be the perfect way to end the perfect celebration.

What are your tips for making your Indian marriage stand out?