If ‘Women Can Look Beautiful With Less Use of Cosmetics’, why are cosmetic industries earning a fortune every year?

Cosmetic business is booming in a large way in India over the years. According to reports, the Indian cosmetic market which has an overall market standing of USD 65 billion is expected to grow to USD 274 billion by 2025. The Indian cosmetic industry mainly consists of products ranging from skincare, hair care, make up etc.

Some sections of people say that too much use of cosmetics is not necessary for a woman and she can look beautiful even without it. Now, this made me think that if this is the case, why are cosmetic industries and beauty parlours functioning with a huge amount of profit every year? When I go out shopping, I find a huge number of women carrying some kind of cosmetics in their shopping carry bags. While commuting daily, I also find that the beauty parlours get a number of customers even on weekdays. But the footfall of customers in weekends are , OMG, its shocking. I put on my thinking cap to find out why women are so fond of cosmetics. I can assure you that not a single lady can skip cosmetics for a day, no , not even me. Now , why is it so?

Of course, cosmetics are quite essential for our lives and no wonder, the cosmetic industry is also becoming a big boon to the women of the modern world where most of them are workaholics. Let me cite the reasons-


Source : Reader's Digest Cananda
Source : Reader’s Digest Cananda

It is of the utmost necessity to stay clean. If, as a lady, we don’t keep ourselves clean then not only our bodies will emanate a stench odour and irritate other people in our surroundings but it will also make our body disease prone and we shall tend to feel extremely uncomfortable. That is why, having a bath daily is essential. Nowadays various kinds of soaps , facewashes and shampoos are available in the market. Moreover, soaps , facewashes and shampoos fly off the shelves rather quickly as people use these products almost every day to wash themselves properly. These products, apart from removing dirt from our body and hair also give us a fresh feeling which in turn makes us concentrate properly in our daily work. It is scientific fact that with a fresh body and mind, concentration in work tends to be better. Similar is the case with body deodorants and perfumes. These type of fragrant products not only removes bad odour from the body but also overcomes the bad stench of our uniforms or clothes due to its everyday use. In our hectic work lives, it might not be possible to wash clothes everyday . Ladies who have to wear uniforms to their workplaces or educational institutions might have to wear the same outfit for a whole week. So fragrances always comes as a big blessing to these ladies as spraying some of it on their clothes keeps the bad stench of their outfits at bay.


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Health science has always proved that the ultraviolet rays of the sun have a harmful effect on the skin in many ways. Apart from damaging skin, these rays also damages eyes and the immune system of the body. So this is one of the reason why BB creams, foundations or lotions with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) are being used in a large scale by the ladies. Hair oil is also an important product due to its beneficial properties. It prevents hair from becoming dry or brittle and nourishes it properly. Proper application of hair oil helps in strengthening the hair from the roots. We have noticed that when we comb our hair after applying hair oil, the comb smoothly glides through the hair and we don’t feel any kind of pain. Thus hair oil prevents hair loss and also it does not hurt our head while combing. If we comb extreme dry hair, the comb will not only lead to loss of our hair but it will also hurt our head which may later results in headaches. Extreme dry skin results in skin bleeding which might later lead to infections. So cosmetics which helps in treating dryness are also a must have for every lady.


Source : Rejuvenation Wellness and MediSpa

Let us talk about spa sessions. Yes, it is costly but most ladies enjoy spa treatments immensely and would not mind shedding some bucks for pampering and rejuvenating themselves. There are numerous benefits of spa treatments. Apart from letting a lady feel relaxed and comfortable and letting her getting into a soothing sleep during the course of the treatment, it helps in releasing toxins from the body , relieves the body from pain and also improves the functioning of the body. So it is rightly said that spa is indeed a wonderful option of taking a break from the monotony of our hectic lives. Some ladies are there who loves to put make up and some of them do not like it. Makeup is a good way of covering up blemishes and enhancing the features of our skin. However, most of the make-up products today are made with healthy ingredients and has a good quantity of vitamins and essential oils.Apart from beautifying the appearance of a  woman, make up products also helps her to feel good and can increase her self-confidence. With a large number of working women today, splurging on make-up products is rising with coming days which in turn leads to more income for cosmetic industries.


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Women who wear their make up in a good way can be said to be creative people.  Make-up products can help in unleashing the creative potential of a lady. No wonder, maximum number of women are now showing various ways of doing make-up in YouTube channels. Cosmetic industries have also helped in providing self-employment opportunities to a number of ladies in India. Beauty parlours which employs many women of the country are doing a booming business. Today almost every Indian bride books a beautician for dressing her up on her big day. We cannot imagine a bride sans make up. To look good and feel special as she is going to step into a new part of her life, Indian brides also do not mind in emptying out her purse and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that her wedding is a hit among the invited guests.

Therefore, cosmetics are indeed a blessing for ladies and without it can lead to a number of problems. With busy lives and less time to take care of skin and hair with homemade tonics and products, cosmetics have become a lifesaver of Indian population. Moreover, to make home made products we need to have the required ingredients and also there might be a need to spent extra money to buy if the ingredients are in less quantity. Plus, to make the products we need to invest our energy and time. Thus, it can be said that the bottles of cosmetics which we buy are an excellent way of taking care of our bodies in hassle free manner.