Interesting ways to beautify your office desk

An office is a place where we go for five or six days in a week to work, become financially independent and also find a means of providing needs for the family. It is a venue where we spend about eight to ten hours on weekdays to brighten our lives professionally in addition to making monetary gains. While the process of waking up drowsily from the comfy bed in the morning and getting ready to go to work might seem like an arduous task, it has become a habit or rather say tradition to do so. As offices mostly comprises of furniture in plain and unattractive colours, you can find a way to brighten your mornings in workplace as soon you come near your cubicles or desks with some creative ideas. With some colourful stationeries and cute props, your workspace will not only be converted into a place of cheer but it will seem that the long hours of duties can be more fun when there are the favourite décor ideas close by or remain constantly visible in front of the eyes. If you can, you should change some of the décors of your office desks every three months and add different designs of your choices to always keep your moods afresh. A workspace revamped with things of your favourite colours will not only make it look beautiful  but can keep you feel happy or better even in the stressful hours thereby improving your ability of concentration. The best thing is that a do-it-yourself design will make you feel of your workspace as a more personal venue.

Some of the ways by which you can revamp your workspace to add a beautiful customized touch-

Add small potted plants on your office desk

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A bit of greenery in your office desk can enliven your simple workspace to a great extent with an element of nature. Air purifying plants that require less maintenance are the best buys that you can gift yourself to beautify your office desk. These plants are nowadays sold widely in e-commerce platforms in tiny little pots so that it can be conveniently placed in a corner and you don’t need to worry your head off on whether it will take up too much space on your little desk or attract weird stares from colleagues. As the name suggests, air purifying plants can keep your workspace fresh in addition to playing an important role to decrease the stress whenever you take eyes off from your work and stare at it. The tender leaves, colourful pot and the deep brown soil will together make you find some solace at times during the long rigorous working hours, make you feel lighthearted so that you can again go back to doing the job that you have been entrusted with. A cool colour like green along with the flowerpot , which is mostly in a deeply bright shade, can greatly change the look of your workspace interiors which are mostly in black, whites or brown thereby elevating its prettiness. To take care of your office greenery, you can water the plant pot daily with your water bottle or coffee mug during break time.

Put objects of motivation on your office desk to increase confidence

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To make your office desk a place from where you get inspiration as well as support every day, you can decorate it by placing miniature religious objects or a beautiful photo frame holding photos of motivational quotes or some famous personalities. Religious objects like tiny idols and photos of your God or Goddess on your office desk can make your workspace more comfortable as you can find some moral support to turn too and pray so that the work you are doing can meet up to the expectations of your bosses. These objects can truly boost your level of confidence when you are dealing with difficult tasks as well as serve as items to which you can turn to lower your stress levels by venting your upset emotions towards it. However, if you do not want to place any sort of religious objects on your office desk, there are always lots of motivational quotes to cheer up your blues away whenever you need it. You can customize your own object of motivation for your office desk by noting down your motivational quote in a beautiful handwriting in a coloured paper and putting it inside your favourite photo frame. Place this piece of little inspiration on a corner of your office desk so that you can increase your level of ambition and become passionate about your tasks whenever you feel low. Moreover, if you come across quotes that greatly motivates you, you can pull out the old motivational quote and put on a fresh one that has recently caught your attention. It is always best to change the motivational quotes inside your photo frames every week to find new ways of getting inspired.

Make your office space fun with quirky stationaries

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Buy a notebook with little kinds of motivational words on it so that you can get a shot of confidence as a booster dose in the morning whenever you take it out of your bag for work. As you take a small wallet along with the office bag every day in order to keep your money and cards safe, it is always better to take a colourful pouch where you can pack your pens, pen drive, hand sanitizer, face wipes, make up products for using it more easily. You can pack this pouch in your bag. A bright colourful and attractive pen stand can amplify the interiors of your workspace from a simple dull corner to the one that emits a cheery vibe. Moreover, you can keep your pens and pencils in an organized manner in the pen stand. Ditch away the boring cellotape and use interesting magnets and push pins of various shapes to stick the very important papers beside the walls of your office desk.

Customize your office space as a personal one with comfortable accessories

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The foremost office accessory is the bag that contains almost the whole of the workplace literally. A bag with a pastel shade can brighten your mood the moment you carry it to commute to work. Ditch those black, grey and white bags and switch to bright colours as a dash of cheerful hues treating your visuals can spark the much needed rays of hope in the morning so that you can travel to work with an optimistic attitude. The second important accessory that you need is a comfortable mouse pad so that you can work in a relaxing manner in a laptop or computer. As sitting all that time at the desk can take a toll on your back, get a cute cushion so that you can simultaneously take rest and do your professional duties. An essential item that is to be taken to the office every day is a water bottle. You should keep the water bottle in front of your sight all day so that you can regularly take sip from it.  Don’t forget to drink water regularly in office as it is absolutely necessary for your health. Bottles with beautiful artwork can be the best office accessories to buy as this aesthetic yet essential object can make your workspace a feature of beauty and make it a talking point among colleagues. If you are working on laptops, laptop sleeves with interesting graphics can make your workspace a place where design always speaks itself in loud volumes literally