Last minute Diwali gifting ideas for your special one


The exchange of gifts as a traditional ritual is mandatorily followed by almost everyone in India with the approach of Diwali. Due to the beautiful custom of sending some lovely tokens to the loved ones, the Festival of Lights is one of the major occasions that is highly adored by all. Apart from being touted as the festival where the attribute of brightness plays a key role due to which the tradition of lighting earthen lamps is followed, Diwali also serves as a remainder to people to strengthen their bonds with an object of happiness through the way of sharing. Therefore, Diwali is also known as the season of gifting. From an inexpensive box of sweets to the precious gold coin, the types of gifts that are shared on the Festival of Lights are numerous and every type of token is given and taken with emotions of hope, excitement and glee.

If you have forgotten to pick up a gift for someone special this Diwali, here is some last minute but timeless gifting options to choose from-

Box of Sweet Edibles

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As festivals itself has been defined as a time of spreading cheer, the best way to do so would be by gifting your loved ones with their favourite kinds of sweets. To make the decorative box of sweets more meaningful for your loved one, you can customize it by adding a beautiful handmade note to it wherein you can describe how he / she has brightened up your life and what he / she means to you. These little kinds of self-made gestures make a gifting session a memorable one and render a gift the status of immortality literally. If you love to make desserts, you can do it and send it to your special one in a box and the handwritten note. However, you can also run to your nearby sweetshops and grab the special kinds of festive traditional sweets on offer or the delicious chocolate hampers and maybe even that visually appealing pack of dry fruits. The pack of store brought sweets can be made more delightful only when you customize it yourself with a note or even a prettily painted greetings card.

Classic Diyas

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To make the everyday prayer sessions a kind of merry affair for your loved one, you can gift him / her with a set of brass diyas. Unlike the earthen lamps, these metallic lamps will last for a long period of time and thereby brighten up the moods of your dear one along with his / her place of worship with its ever bright little flames near the statues or pictures of Gods or Goddesses. Although these sets of brass lamps can remind your loved one every morning about your sweet gesture and make him / her send a little prayer for your well-being to the Heavens above, it will also lighten up his / her Diwali specially. Therefore, the house of your special one will brighten up with a sense of everlasting gratitude along with the light of the tiny flames of the metallic lamps throwing away every kind of negativity from the spirit and darkness from the environment.

Statues / Coins of the God of Wisdom & Goddess of Prosperity

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If you are the one who loves to follow the beautiful traditions, you can gift the customary Lakshmi Ganesh silver / gold coin or a statue of the duo as a token to wish luck and prosperity for the coming future to your loved one. According to a story in the Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi once went to Godess Parvati and retold her woes of being childless in front of the latter. To make her happy, Goddess Parvati asked her to consider Lord Ganesh as her adopted son. With the generosity of Goddess Parvati having touched her deeply, Goddess Lakshmi decided to bestow an important position to Lord Ganesha in her worshipping rituals. She declared that her worship won’t be completed if Lord Ganesha is not invoked. For this reason, both Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped together on Diwali. It is believed that wisdom can be attained with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and showers of prosperity can be obtained from Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, a gift of a Lakshmi Ganesh silver / gold coin or a statue of the duo would be a source of motivation by which your loved one can be inspired to work hard and attain success.

A gift of green life in a pot

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Potted plants are awesome sources of gifts to bring cheer to your loved one as it gives him / her the opportunity to care and nourish your token of love daily with their own imaginative methods. As we are living in a world where the most worrisome health concern is caused due to air pollution, gifting some indoor air purifying plants to your special one can be a wonderful way of showing your love for him / her in addition to making his / her home an epitome of beauty and converting it into an abode of greenery where pleasant air can be felt. Meanwhile, these air purifying plants can help cleanse the air around the home of your special one after Diwali. It can also help him / her to convert the balcony into a cosy nook where he / she can go and relax in the evenings with a cup of coffee and enjoy the views of nature or the everyday scenes of the streets.

The heritage accessory-Watch

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As precious jewellery like that of gold or diamonds are handed down as a token of deep love by the elders to their younger generations, a watch is also one such piece of timeless accessory that can be given down to the those smaller in age to show an expression of extreme care. With a handwritten wish expressing how you want the future time of your special one to be the best for his / her lives, you can gift a watch. When your loved one wears this gifted timeless accessory every time on getting ready for any occasion, he / she will be reminded of your precious token and thereby be motivated to go for his / her venture with better hopes.