Major issues of online shopping faced by every person


Online shopping is the most preferred and favourite way of purchasing things in the 21st century. With the multiple e-commerce platforms that are available today along with the various independent shopping pages on social media sites, the revolution of buying products using Internet connectivity has changed the world for the better. Although there are a number of issues related to online shopping, no one can resist the addiction of shopping comfortably from one place without having the need to hop to a long distance. As scrolling and browsing through multiple products anytime has become a liberty with the help of electronic devices and a few clicks literally makes a product appear like lo and behold before your eyes in a few days, the urge to order that visually appetizing product online engulfs our senses to often say no to go a few kilometers to purchase that much needed thing within the same day. While online shopping has wide range of benefits and has made us addictive to visually judge a product anytime during a day before finally adding it to cart and purchasing it, there are a number of issues people faces when buying things with the help of electronic devices and Internet connectivity as sources.

The major issues of online shopping that is faced by every person-

A deep longing to examine the quality of the product in reality by touching

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The prime problem that all of us encounters when making up our minds to purchase that lovely product online is the urge to examine its quality by touching it right at the moment. Yes, I know that it may seem a totally ridiculous fact but no one can deny that all of us literally feel like putting our hands through the screens of our electronic devices to judge the thing that we are so keen on buying.  Although this is the general story that happens before every online shopping, the truth is that this mode of purchasing things hasn’t ever declined and is growing rapidly with each passing day. The growth of online shopping can be mainly said to be due to the genius digital marketing strategies devised by the marketing gurus. From beautiful backgrounds made up with colourful props to highlighting the products with the right kind of camera light and editing features, a lot goes behind the scenes before sellers upload their products online.

Snapping of internet connectivity at the most crucial moment

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When we are in a total mood to lighten our senses with online retail therapy, it is gravely annoying if the Internet connectivity doesn’t work properly during that time. However, our faces undergo a deeply dangerous sulking expression at a time when the One Time Passwords or the OTPs doesn’t arrive when the phase of online payment comes. The most irritating aspect during online shopping is the time when the web browser pings us with the dialogue box ‘Payment failed!’ Although the swearing may occur under our breaths, it does not stop any one of us to again go through the long processes mandatory to be followed while purchasing things online. This fact only goes on show how the online shopping phenomena have become so addictive for everyone.

Waiting for the arrival of the most awaited products sometimes seems never ending

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One of the biggest disadvantages of online shopping is having to wait for a product for days on end. Sometimes when the desire of possessing our ordered items gets out of control or becomes way too high, we do not hesitate to log in into the desired sites and continue to check the tracking status of the package. When the date of delivery draws near, a burst of happiness seems to overwhelm us secretly and most of us cannot stop to make it visible by giving a smile. If the period of due date of delivery passes, some might even have a long list of complains to ping to the sellers of the product.

Explaining like hell to the delivery guys

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Besides waiting, the last minute difficulties of online shopping that all of us faces is explaining the exact location of delivery over and over again for a couple of minutes to the delivery guys. From asking where he is to giving directions on how he should reach the required destination, it is almost seems like an arduous task of labour. However, this irritation soon disappears as soon as we get our ordered products and examine it thoroughly like the most perfect judge in the world.

With visually appealing products treating our eyes every moment, online shopping is something we cannot resist. Although there are times when we do not intend to shop but the procedure of scrolling and browsing through the latest products on offer has become a norm and we often do it so that there are some interesting and entertaining topics to discuss with friends / colleagues in college / office the next day.