A bevy of the balding benefits

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All our life we have lusted after the lustre that a gorgeous mane of hair proudly sitting atop our head like a crown delivers in all shining gleam of its beauty. Only to discover now in part delight, part surprise that all that gagaing over the beauty locks of immense fuss for sure had not always been for some definite purpose of absolutely unavoidable reasoning. Because what turns out indeed is that the ‘antidote’ of sorts to too much pampered a routine in haircare and extreme efforts on hair styling as well has its own range of benefits to vouch for instead in all convenience of it. And comfort and convenience being the buzz words that they are today, balding sure sounds like a lucrative proposition to seriously consider in the immensely surprising range of an unfathomable world of goodness altogether in which it rests, in all glory of course on a premise gleaming as well in the immaculate expanse, or rather circumference of it.

It however needs to be reiterated here that this is a case more favouring of the male folks of the world. Women are typically found to be more ‘attached’ to their hair for some reason perhaps that has long outlined it as being a definer of beauty but with exceptions of course refuting this argument in females being always, eternally and universally chasing after the allure of their aesthetics. This does not however mean that many women choose to shave their heads off as a fashion statement perhaps or even ‘just because’ as well with also a host of benefits availing to them out of this look in minimal fuss. But what we are concerned with when we examine the benefits of balding is a typical as well case in ‘manly’ connotations of it that happens to be more a natural or evolutionary process in some of us humans even when guided by a varying array of causes as well.

To dwell on the most obvious of ways in which going bald out of choice or without any of it could span as a blessing sometimes in disguise as well as in the latter cause of it would be such marking that ekes it out as a case in convenience needing no reiteration. But to reiterate still the validity of such reasons that one might need to base their decision in embracing the balding flamboyance, if one might dare to say so already, it indeed is certain that not having a tuft on hair weighing down on your head would sure feel like a ton of life’s problems being unloaded by default. To this extent in life reevaluation by devaluing somewhat the worth of their appearance as one might be inclined to infer in general notions of it, balding can be a very liberating experience for sure.

Of course the immensely ‘relieving properties of a bald head’ are that cannot be really contended. Given how arduous it can be a task to maintain one’s hair laden head in both tangible and intangible costs of it, a head sans those strands of what is after all some sort of protein does away with so many of the associated cares of it. Be it devoting precious time and effort to religiously clean and wash and brush and comb the hair as rigorous daily rituals with even detailed procedure in tying and styling it, not to mention the dilemma in decision making of whether to style it at all or just go with the flow in the messy cool look of it and so on and so forth as well as in the material expenses of cleansing and brushing products as well as tying and styling accessories while attending as well to the ever so occasional but definite need for a haircut in pursuit of maintenance of the aesthetics or even to somehow derive a fresh vibe indeed in the ‘new look, new me’ perspective, that crowning glory of one’s person is not any further from chaos as can be.

Add to that the pressing needs of having to squeeze some salon and spa time in your already hectic schedule and one would sure feel close like pulling their own hair out many times in their appallingly short lifetime. With such massive cuts in devotion of precious efforts and resources, what a bald head entails for those preferring to flaunt their smooth top over one bursting with curly or wavy or silky straight undertones of myriad textures and hues and whatever is a significant saving of time and money that surely has never been found to be hurting anyone.

There also is the consideration of comfort to seek much succour in the not universally attractive prospect in shedding all hair that however asserts as a reason prominent enough in most deliberations of it. No matter how dearly we treasure those locks of gorgeousness playing all over our faces in flirting mode of their conduct, this same play in endearingness manifests as too much to bear in the irritation it can potentially induce in no less pronounced an impact of it.

So whether it be having to attend constantly to the mischiefs of them demanding unwanted access into our eyes and mouth and nose and all where it irritates the most or the summer specific horror it causes by sticking to sweaty bodies, not to mention its own degradation in texture and quality and such enduring of damage that only call for further investment of time and resources and effort to reverse this process of all natural basis and one would be indeed well off by believing that they are not necessarily endowed with the mere possession of all that hair on their head.

Surprisingly as well the notions of comfort and convenience might have been long viewed as an aberration in catering to the fancy furls of the aesthetics but when it comes to going bald the opposite tends to be true in some very interesting assertion of it. Hair has been forever regarded as an essential agent in beauty enhancing through the history of humankind but this attribute of it in enhancing beauty also essentially means that it can divert attention from such features attractive enough in and by themselves. A shaved head helps counter that effect in beauty of course in all physical terms of it by helping such features of the face emerge as more prominent that harbour indeed within them the power to strike as dramatic. For someone with gorgeous eyes for instance or sculpted eyebrows as well balding makes for even more rewarding an experience to actively seek out in and despite all inhibitions of it.

This baring it all of the true bald beauty is a notion specifically significant in its effect of highlighting the physicality of human males which is why balding is a phenomenon more explored in its evoking of the he- pronoun. The enhanced awareness of beauty in this regard though stems from another equally hairy dominance as well and one that exclusively pertains to the male domain biologically. In their identity as facial hair, beards are what shines the spotlight upon the man’s face particularly when the flowing resplendence of them is contrasted with the completely barren expanse overhead effecting in turn the appeal of a look universally coveted in all its masculinity. For all its once stigmatised unpopularity, baldness has been rather surprisingly found to be a trait occurring as definitely more attractive to women of the modern times.

Interestingly still this perceived score in attractiveness pertaining to bald men in particular happens to be not so much of a consideration in their apparent physicality as in the supposed intelligence of them. With such characteristics as knowledgeable and intelligent and well educated as well as sophisticated and influential and important thrust upon the images of bald men, what emerges is that baldness has a typical way of manifesting itself as a desired character trait even when it might not always be a conscious choice in fashion. High social status and a matured existence is something rather immediately inferred out of the appearance of a bald man, driven perhaps by prevailing depiction of them as such in popular culture through the years.

Additionally, another equally evocative image in irresistibility that has come to rest upon the brewing of bros and boys as bald beauties has to do with the raw and rugged projection of them in films and the like making them the ‘specimen’ catering to the tough guy charm. And yet even within this toughness of their being is integrally intertwined another intriguing inkling that makes baldies score even higher on the attractive quotient even when in yet again a contradiction of sorts. For some reason not very definitely explicable but perhaps evolutionary in its nature is the belief that bald men tend to be less aggressive than their counterparts of hairy profusion even as they also happen to come across as more polite and honest and helpful or generally agreeable folks in considerably acceptable universality as well.

This favourable taking to the bald look therefore is something both physically and psychologically advantageous in its coming to be a dominant choice for fashion conscious and otherwise obligated people alike. And furthering the appeal of its essence as an agent in beautifying whether through or outside it is this proteinaceous element of the hair that has a way in versatility of transforming entire appearances. Much like a snip of the scissors endows one with a hair cut completely changing the whole look of them so too the edgy choice in balding extracts pretty much the same effect out of one’s persona.

Balding can be surprisingly youthful a presentation in oneself despite its dwelling in the reverse associated as it is directly with age. That perhaps is more a corollary to the tough guy interpretation of balding itself more than being a definite attribute of it. Either way though it helps to know that a receding hairline or one that vanishes entirely instead is no reason to wallow in despair at the untimely death of one’s youth.

A head devoid of hair also helps men to further their image in athletic and muscular shows of them. That is because without the additional mass atop the head the torso is highlighted in better symmetry of its composition across muscles and ligament even as prominent facial features too are accentuated for a more wholesome appearance in masculinity. The body frame asserts as broader and bigger in the absence of the hair creating shadows upon the bodily structure so as to naturally paint one in a visage deemed to be universally evocative of the masculine identity.

Going completely bald might be the unavoidable choice for men affected with male pattern baldness early on in their lives. But it sure is a condition no any crippling of one’s prospects in leading life exactly the way they want to. Instead of having to constantly and obsessively worry about a receding hairline and/ or such conditions of hair loss, it is better to sportingly take to flaunting baldness as a confident show of personality without the added adverse effects of daily stress finding prominent unfurling. And with good reason as well that goes beyond the consideration in appearance. As unlikely or unrelated as it might seem, bald men have been found to be faring significantly better in their careers perhaps in taking after the view of such people as intelligent and knowing as well as hard working. And there is no denying the boldness that indeed asserts through bald men holding their head high despite their lacking in something considered as conventionally convenient and safe a standard to try to live up to. Baldness might be as legit a dominant choice in exercising as an uncontrollable condition in itself but shining through all that ‘space’ in ultimate freedom is what makes it the cool style to embrace in all confidence.