Empowering Spirits the Bright Way-More than just Beauty!

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Powerful women who are changing the face of beauty with their dare to dream attitude.From converting girls into coders,to becoming a teenage beauty icon and from making ‘skin first,make-up second.’

Meet these powerful women who are empowering millenials more than just their beauty !


One of the world’s most famous supermodel who charmed the world with her fashion and style has become an icon for those aiming to make the most of both beauty and brains.With her love for science and math she started her own non profit venture “Kode With Klossy”,which teaches young girls how to code paving the way for them to be future tech innovators.

Today tech is the main force that has transformed the entire world and coding is way to understand the secret language that builds businesses and tech companies.Education has been something I enjoy and find empowering.And I’d like to share that impact and influence.

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At the age of 20 she is breaking the internet with her social media posts,has millions of followers and successfully created a beauty empire on a teenage dream.In the year 2016 she launched her own beauty line “Kylie Cosmetics” which is now a company worth $420 million.She always breaks out of her comfort zone and forks out of the Kardashian identity with starting movements like #IAmMoreThan which is an anti-bullying campaign.

I grew up watching my mom and sisters become these amazing businesswomen,and they have encouraged me to find my passion.I’ll take risks if it means that I’m releasing products that I’m obsessed with and that are authentic to me.

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A former Vouge assistant launched “Glossier”a New York based beauty startup in 2014 with a digital community now numbers with 2.3 million and counting.The company debuted with a marketing paradigm on natural styling and a simple message”Skin first,make-up second.”This concept was a revolutionary for its time,harnessing come-as-you-are acceptance.

It’s the woman,not the fragrance-nor the woman behind the fragrance should be recognizable.Customers today are the king and queen makers of brands today.We’re starting the conversation,I feel like I am a conduit.


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