Mother’s Day 2023: traditional customs and thoughtful gifts to celebrate THE special person


A special day to celebrate the most special person in one’s life, which to be exact is the more revered celebration of a precious bond instead- Mother’s Day encompasses an emotion that runs through every inch of our existence.

The second Sunday of May is the special ‘date’ on which Mother’s Day finds worldwide observance. It is a recent holiday, modern so as to say in its roots not stretching anytime further back than the 20th century. The global popularity of this worthy occasion in celebrating is heartwarming a realisation of the regard and love that people hold for their mothers. But this specialness of the bond of course is as traditional or ancient as could be  which is why mothers have found a forever celebration of this identity that makes them Godly in their life giving supremeness.

There exists till date many traditions and events that different cultures and countries continue to further as their own individual claim to Mother’s Day. Even when they might still follow also the more international holiday, the traditional- even historical essence is adhered to as well. Here’s some such unique occasions that marks Mother’s Day differently on different dates in different parts of the world-

Mata Tirtha Anushi, Nepal

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Rooted in religion and tradition is the Nepali occasion of Mata Tirtha Anushi that has long predated the present day celebrations. The celebration ensues on the full moon day in the month of Baisakh and is specifically a custom that originated in commemorating mothers who have passed away. The tale goes of a cowherd being so saddened by the death of his mother that he sought solace by making offerings at the Matatirtha Pond. It was then that he saw the image of his dead mother in the water accepting his offerings making way for the day long celebration to take root as Aama ko Mukh Herne Din, translating as the day to see mother’s face.

The tradition continues at the Mata Tirtha site where people flock to in large numbers on this particular day. And while encountering a glimpse of the deceased soul is more legend than reality, the belief persists of a visit to the holy site bringing peace and salvation upon one’s dead mother.

Equally partaking in the celebrations would be children who showers their mothers with special gifts and love on this special day. A visit to the Mata Tirtha mela also is traditional almost a ritual that people in Nepal practise as part of the day long celebrations.

Motherhood and Beauty Day, Armenia

Motherhood and Beauty Day, Armenia

Mother’s Day in Armenia assumes a special significance that also extends to every woman. On the holy day of the Feast of the Annunciation on April 7, the country celebrates mothers in its own way. The entire concept of maternity finds specific celebration on this day as does the beauty of all women in general. Motherhood and Beauty Day in fact culminates as a month long celebration of women that commences with the International Women’s Day on March 8.

It is customary to present mothers a special gift of a twig bearing fresh sprouts as celebrating the genesis in which every life begins. Gifting flowers too occur as a popular tradition even as other gifts and special cards too mark the occasion in showing one’s affection for their mother. The day is rendered even more special a status in summing up the ‘women’s month’ that celebrates and cherishes every woman.

Buddha’s Birthday, Taiwan

Buddha's Birthday, Taiwan

Mother’s Day in Taiwan is a case of cultural celebrations going religious instead of the more common other way round. The date holds as being the second Sunday of May to which an extra feature was added in 1999 to also uphold the prominent Buddhist identity of the nation. Specifically involving the traditional ceremony of bathing the Buddha, this annual observance of dual notions merging upon a common character makes the Taiwanese celebrations unfurl as significant different than anywhere else.

Antrosht, Ethiopia

Antrosht, Ethiopia
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Residing in a radically different timeline is the Ethiopian celebration of Mother’s Day that assumes more popular a national identity as Antrosht. A three day feast held in mid- fall when the rains have ceased for the year, this has to be the most distinctive of such celebrations. As folks return home for this special occasion, there rules a definite festive vibe in the air as preparations get underway in a traditional division of jobs as well. Girls bring the veggies and spices, cheeses and butters while the procuring of meat is a responsibility of the males. The meal is cooked with mothers necessarily getting involved in all aspects of the preparation that is then enjoyed by all. There also follows some customs of revelry in which the women anoint themselves while the men sing songs and everyone makes merry.

Haha no hi, Japan

Haha no hi, Japan
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The official celebration of Mother’s Day in Japan currently asserts as generic on the second Sunday of May. But the more traditional, native form of the occasion would express as  Haha no hi held earlier on the 6th of March. Gifts and special wishes would be the customary expressions of love that mothers receive on this day. But it is also as heartfelt a practice for even young children to try and cook something to surprise their mothers with. The occurring has since moved to the global date but the emotions that they evoke are maintained in all eternal beauty of their essence.

The specialness of what this day assumes no matter where and when the celebrations take place is unique even in all universalness. Flowing through this trail of the tenderness treaded though in timelessness are commonplace customs that also are each incomparable in the sheer emotions they attempt to wholeheartedly emulate. Flowers and food, gifts and wishes appeal in and despite their popularity but there also can be more unconventional ways in which the thoughtfulness prevails. Here are some amazing ideas that you can consider to delight your mother with this coming Sunday-

Plan a get-together with her friends

mother's day
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Family gatherings sure are irreplaceable but friends are no less of lifelines themselves. Irrespective of whether your mom sees their close pals often, at times or never at all, an all-friends’ party works every way. So go ahead and keep yourselves out of the loop this time as you gift your dearest mommy the memories of a lifetime.

Give her some reading solitude

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No amount of reading time is ever sufficient for anyone who has been long possessed by the magic of books. A gift that expresses also in the physicality of holding while rendering immense feels of the intangible works as a two way delight that will gladden your mother like no other.

Lead her on to hobbying!

Gifting your mother some activity to celebrate sounds as an ‘unholy’ way to celebrate this special occasion. But hobbies aren’t work, are they? Whatever it is that your mother is inclined to can make for a present that nourishes also her individuality. Fret not if the very basis of your existence does not quite own an other something to covet. Hold her hand this Mother’s Day and her explore the wonderful opportunities of the wide world like she has fondly done for you throughout.

Pamper her

It doesn’t matter if you are gifting her an experience or devoting yourself to her for the entire day. Just make sure that she is happy and beaming and brimming and believing in the goodness of her person as much as she does in you!