Nostalgic memories of Independence Day celebrations at school

The memories of Independence Day celebrations at school really makes us nostalgic as the bygone days of marking this unique occasion annually during our childhood were full of amazement, patriotism and joy. Although 15th August is now mostly marked as another day of holiday when we can take a break from our hectic professional work as adults and watch TV programmes of various Independence Day celebrations, the feeling of celebrating the day of freedom at school was different as many plans and creative ideas were formed beforehand on how to mark the unique occasion. During childhood, Independence Day was no less than a festival for us and the enthusiastic spirit of happily going to school and coming back with overjoyed faces back home was never missing on the 15th August of yesteryears.

Some of the happy memories which made Independence Day a really unique celebration at school include-

A day of freedom from attending the boring classes

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Independence Day celebrations was a really unique day for us as a child because we did not have to attend a single class that day and can spent the whole day by enjoying wholeheartedly as per our wishes. The happiest fact about this day was that we can get to go home very early which we can hardly do so and the only time we can leave from school soon was once a week and that too after attending a few classes. However, the case was not so on the day when we celebrated the occasion of India gaining freedom from the British rule. With a bag full of chocolates, moments of laughter over some funny gossips, gaily celebrating the occasion with the flag hoisting ceremony, watching and doing various fun activities and getting a soothing break from the everyday hectic classes, we can happily leave for home after a day of enjoyment. Meanwhile, we would never fail to get ready for school by getting early on the occasion of Independence Day as the festive spirit would eagerly make us do everything in a finely disciplined manner.

Getting to gorge on some wonderful delicacies

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With each day of the school life having to pass by eating the food we brought from home in the tiffin boxes, Independence Day used to be a time of joy as we can get to enjoy sweets or chocolates provided by the school staff. However, our hearts used to literally jump in joy if we were provided lunch packs comprising of yummy sandwiches, tasty samosas or some wonderful and colourful sweets. Moreover, Independence Day was the only occasion when we can eat food provided by the school while heartily talking about some latest TV programme or the trendy fashions that are taking the streets by storm.

Coming all decked up in bright attires

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One of the joys of Independence Day celebrations during school days was coming decked up for the occasion in some bright attires, dainty accessories and colourful makeup. With almost every student taking part in some skits, the whole school literally seem to be ready as if a fancy dress competition or a fashion show was about to be held. However, some students would also come to the school in uniform. Meanwhile, if we see some of our peers dressed up like a soldier or a freedom fighter, some fun laughter and gossips about his / her appearance, costume and makeup was common to be held secretly and out of his / her eyes. A tiny flag badge pinned up over the clothes was a common feature to be found in Independence Day celebrations of every school. Keeping with the tricolour theme, most of the school staff was seen to be decked up in formal attires of saffron, green and white colour.

A day of watching and performing entertaining programmes

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On the occasion of every Independence Day, a school would held programmes such as songs and dances in the praise of the bravery and sacrifice of the freedom fighters or some wonderful historical dramas. Although we would enjoy each performance, some nervousness used to linger in our hearts about how our performances would turn out. However, once we have finished delivering our performance, we would heartily enjoy each programme with our friends. Apart from being joyful, some programmes which would display the sacrifice of a great personality beautifully would be very touching and never failed to make us emotional and prevent the tears from falling out of our eyes. The beating of the drums and the uniform marching of students for the march past ceremony was a wonderful sight that was enjoyed by everyone. Meanwhile, the lectures provided by the headmaster / headmistress would never feel boring on the occasion of Independence Day. The prize distribution ceremony was also a remarkable event and if we managed to have been worthy of getting rewarded, our joy would know no bounds. The cheering and jeering during the prize distribution ceremony was a regular feature. Overall, Independence Day celebrations were considered by us as a break from the regular school life where we can freely enjoy our activities without getting scolding from the teachers.

The spirit of patriotism felt at the flag hoisting ceremony

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One of the most noteworthy moments of Independence Day celebrations was the flag hoisting ceremony. After the flag was pulled upwards and made to unfurl in the air, a sense of wonder and amazement would fill our minds and hearts and we would be lured to sing the National Anthem in a beautiful chorus reverberating with notes of patriotism and respect. Meanwhile, the uniform way of singing the National Anthem would make it echo around the school rendering everyone to stand in a perfectly straight posture and the notes of patriotism in the air would provide a wonderfully positive vibe to the environment and gave goose bumps to everyone.

Plans of preparing for the Independence Day celebrations

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We can never forget the free periods that were provided about ten days before the Independence Day celebrations. With no classes to be attended during free periods, we would never waste any second of that precious few minutes and plan and practise our performances for the celebrations. Meanwhile, many of us would not even dare to waste the leisure hour two or three days before Independence Day as every corner of the corridors, classes and grounds were to be decked up. By drawing and cutting out various colourful decorations, we would put it up in the desired corners. Many of us would even dare to miss out some classes and show guts in facing the earfuls later on from the teachers by reminding ourselves that Independence Day come only once annually and thereby it should be celebrated grandly.

As the worries of adult life had dampen the enthusiastic spirit that we had felt in our childhood whenever Independence Day would come, basking in the memories of the bygone celebrations of this day way back at school can bring us a smile in our faces.