Old Monk: Memories and a new Avatar

old monk rum

For a whole generation of Indian revellers, the festive spirit fails to take over till they have downed an entire bottle of emotions down their guts. But even with festive grippings or otherwise, there’s something so uplifting and obviously so intoxicating about a bottle of Old Monk that a mere sip of the dark spirit transports you to an abode of the ultimate peace and contentment.

For years now- for more than six decades to be precise- the bottle of Old Monk has grown to receive an esteemed place in our wine cellar. Not only the unique taste of this highly intoxicating brew, but also the product design and unique appeal of this home grown liquor have exerted upon it such a special status that any celebration or the like is unworthy without a bottle of the finest rum to rejoice with.

old monk rum
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Ironically and quite as iconically, the Old Monk isn’t just a drink to make merry with. While celebrations of the bigger nature naturally incorporates tons of rum within its fold, the Monk has come a long way to be ubiquitous with celebrations of every kind.

With a somewhat unconventional packaging in a square stocky bottle with stained glass resembling snake scales, the Old Monk is truly a gem in its own right. Aged at least for a period of 7 years to lend the rum its distinctive flavor and taste, the shapely bottle with its dazzling red rum incites every emotion for our passion to make an undeniable dash for this sparkly spirit.

Even without resorting to advertising in any form, Old Monk has managed to thrive and expand throughout its history. And though market data credits McDowell’s No 1 celebration rum as the highest selling product in its category, the loyalty and admiration commanded by Old Monk is unmatched.

And now, Old Monk has dared to break away from the conventionality of its iconic offering of vatted Indian rum, to enthuse a range of flavours in its characteristic drink. From fruity flavors like Old Monk Orange Rum, Old Monk Lemon Rum, Old Monk Apple Rum, Old Monk Cranberry to more conventional ones like Old Monk White Rum, Old Monk Cola and Old Monk Mojito, the signature brew’s Connoisseur Collection tries to incorporate a bevy of textures into its unique vanilla and cinnamon flavoured liquor.

There are reasons enough to believe that the Old Monk had always been saintly. The appeal in the brand name was enough to make it an instant source of veneration for young adults- for the newly liberated youth whose freedom rested on the soothing sips of a full glass, infused with water or cola or soda to lend them an altogether different maiden drinking experience.

And now with the introduction of fun new flavours, Old Monk is all set to make an impression among the younger millennial generation. And it isn’t just new wine in an old bottle; even the packaging has been strikingly modified to generate even more appeal and to interest and excite another generation of youngsters into its fold.

old monk new flavours
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Old Monk is an emotion no doubt and while it necessarily delights the heart and satiates the soul, it is also a drink that revives youth. Indeed, as the name encompasses, Old Monk even with its 42% alcohol content inspires all saintly stuff. In that and in all it does to invigorate and incite the zest in life, it may even be an elixir. A rare one at that!

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