Amazing ways to use up onion skins and save them from the bin

Pretty to look at and packed with punches of pungency, onions are versatile identities that while being biologically veggie finds more appropriate expression as spicy entities. That of course does not make them not conducive to being also the sole as well as star ingredient in a range of preparations. From snacks to main dishes that can exude savoury and spicy as well as sweet bursts of taste and a profusion of flavors to simply sliced raw servings as salad, this is a must have in any ingredient list of the culinary. But what strikes as even more amazing about these sometimes exorbitantly priced treasures of the food world is that it isn’t just the onion itself that is useful. Onion peels too are surprisingly steeped in a range of benefits and offer equally surprising an avenue of diverse uses as edibles themselves!

The abundance of goodness in onion skins lend themselves to cause of health and wellness including beauty. The other benefits of these papery peels are relatively better known and availed of in terms of their utility composting and gardening for instance. Also weaved through another strand of revelation would be more creative iterations, mainly derived from the natural color palette of their being. Here’s how to find myriad uses for onion peels to spruce up pretty much every arena of existence-

Incorporate them into soups and gravies

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The nutrient rich profile of onion skins means that one needs to extract as much of that life out of them as possible. Letting them steep therefore in your soupy preparations, even gravies and curries is quite a way to cook up healthiness. Rich in everything from fibre and vitamins to antioxidants and flavonoids, these usually discarded agents of cooking can lend also a beautiful color to these dishes. Of course the peels need to be properly cleaned before tossing them into the pot with the other ingredients. Also remember to pick them out and discard them before serving that full paisa vasool bowl of goodness.

Add them to your rice

Cooking dishes with onion peels sound fine as long as they are not put up on full display as part of the palatable gourmet spread. Adding them to your staple of rice however does not seem to be an equally viable prospect. But the skins of organic onions or those you know very well the source of can be safely added to a range of rice preparations- biryani included! There’s no reason however as to why they cannot be added to your regular rice as well. From the mildly colored grains making meals all the more appetising to the enhancement of the rice with flavors and vitamins alike, onion peels are a genius hack in making same everyday rice emerge as interesting.

Ace the coveted smokiness of dishes

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Smoky flavor is one of the supreme assertions in the culinary context and with a bounty of onion peels at hand, elevating any dish to the next level is but a matter of joke smoke. All you need to do is dry roast the peels and grind them to a fine powder. Generously sprinkle the ‘ashes’ over your dish while cooking and there you are- a classic taste delivered in perfection through minimal effort!

Put them in your drinks as well

An after meal drink is a must to wash down your food and for a spread curated with onion peel as the base, why not top it up with something of the same character? You can go the less intensive way and ‘prepare’ a glass of water to gulp down. Just add the peels into the liquid and let it absorb its essence for some minutes of magic.

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Or you can take some pains and prepare a cup of tea with onion peels as the additional ingredient. Steep as usual along with your choice of tea leaves for a warm, comforting cuppa that does more than just refresh your being. Boosted with anti-inflammatory properties and immune goodness, such drinks have been found to be relieving of muscle cramps while also calming down the mind. If you wish instead for a happy sleep after a hearty meal, prepare your onion peel tea without the regular tea leaves and doze off to complete your sleep quota. Alternatively, you can also drink the onion water in the morning as a means to keep bad cholesterol at bay.

Make your own special ‘spice mix’

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Everyone cooks with a spice mix, what’s special in that you ask? Onion peels we say. It is as easy as dehydrating the soaked and dried skins, baking them until crisp and grinding to a fine powder. Of course just remember to save the peels each time you use an onion. That’s practically all the trouble you need to take in keeping in mind to not toss them in the bin out of habit. Preserve the prepared powder- now a flavorful spice mix waiting to cook magic right away- and use it as and when required. No wonder this had been a popular TikTok trend tried and tested and testified in terms of its tastemaking trait.

Uses of onion peels for beauty: to dye hair

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The benefits of onion extract or juice for healthy, beautiful hair is well known. But introduce onion peels into the equation and this veggie of all uses will even double up as a natural hair dye. The recipe is as simple as boiling the peels in water for a sufficient amount of time for the color of the peels to release. Leave it to rest overnight and apply to your hair the next day, ensuring to let it stay for at least half an hour before rinsing off. The dyed effect will be particularly pronounced on gray hair as a natural, cheap solution that is also easy to make and use. The peels can also be let to sit in water overnight without boiling for making a concoction that will yield in this case the benefits of a conditioner as well.

Uses of onion peels for beauty: as face cleanser

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For spotless skin, use onion peels with juice and turmeric to make an application that can be used regularly for effective results. The onion peel water that conditions your hair can also find similar uses upon the skin to relieve itches and allergies. What incredible potential indeed for something that does not even occur outside their peeled and thrown ‘reputation’ otherwise.

Get your green thumb on point with onion peels

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From composting and mulching to fertilizing the soil, onion peels can be immensely beneficial for your home grown swathe of greenery. Onion peels being rich in nutrients like potassium and calcium as well as iron, magnesium and copper, their effectiveness in pursuits of cultivation is well established. They can also be used as rooting agents on account of their anti- microbial properties. Whether it is growing your own food or building a garden, onion peels can find their own place of emphatic presence in both.

DIY dye for your creative pursuits

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For those with a creative bent of mind, onion peels are an even more resourceful existence. The characteristically unique color of onion skins can be easily translated into your choice of material. The naturally present tannins in the peel is what ensures their easy working upon fabrics and yarns for instance. They can also be used to color Easter Eggs as well as surfaces and papers or pretty much everything that has managed to catch the fancy of your creative soul.