For every person out there who hates the rain, let’s not get drenched. Together!

person who hates the rain

Well okay it’s still just spring yet but what with climate change being so real and rampant it’s only a matter of time before the rains set in to play spoilsport. No, not that pretty drench that leaves the greens around you greener and the pretties around you prettier- that stuff can be enticing once in a while. But come monsoons and you would get more tired with the heavens opening up than with your bae not opening up to you! And the allegory is not one bit misplaced- just like love, rains come pretty unannounced and can have you leaping on the highs or wallowing at the lows. If you are a soul already drenched in the thought of ‘Rain, rain, go away’, we bet you can’t be not nodding to any of these things we die- hard rain hating fanatics hate in unison-


The worst thing about the rains is indeed the rain itself. Whether it be those incessant showers or that day draining drizzle, the wash out floods or the those endless days that extend to eternity, rains can tire you out like few other things on earth can. When every single assertion of monotonity tends to overpower us, how can the incessant irritating showers not drain us out of our very lives?!


Needless to say, the rain doesn’t come alone. It also unleashes a world of slush and grime and mud that isn’t the most exciting of things on the planet for sure! Navigating your way through muddy puddles and rocky cavities worn down by the rain is a pain too much for us to bear as mere mortals.


Hours and days and weeks of the sun not being able to make it through the rains is what makes the monsoons an even insane proposition. Like okay, the sun might not be celebrated in the same breath as our very own chanda mama but it still is more dear than what we consider it to be. Days of not witnessing even a single ray of the sun and we hate the rains more than ever.


Drab and dreary, dull and depressing, rainy days sure spells doom all throughout. You wake up to gloomy mornings, you make it through weeping days, you settle for miserable nights, you wake up again to a dreary day- Heavens, whatever are we existing for?!


hate the rains
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It still would perhaps have been better if we could just sleep through rainy season. But no, the unfair entity that life has always been, we need to wake up in the uncomfortable cold and yet make our way out amidst the pouring gloominess, trudge through irritating humid days with even more irritating people (=folks who rave about over and over again about the rains) around when all we could do is yawn and rue our lives. It sure doesn’t get worse than this almost apocalypse.


Waiting for the Sun
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All rain and no sun makes it also a matter of eternity when clothes would dry out completely and we would be greeted with the smell of nice, freshly done laundry. We long for the sun to come up so that our homes don’t turn into the damp squib that it has been for days what with all those moisture of nature and of clothes ironically sucking all life out of it. Not to mention the nasty odour that overpowers the clothes, the house, the lives and all things unfortunate enough to exist in those times.


Perhaps your tryst with the rains would have been a little more bearable if it was just some pakoras and chai to amp you up while you sit glued to your favorite shown on the television curled up comfily in your hoodie. But wait, rains don’t just disrupt your existence, they test your patience as well. How can you even expect the cable to work amidst all the wrath the rain unleashes over it? And while you might claim there’s still your internet to the rescue, do yourself a favor and check your phone- who knows you might be fortunate enough to detect a single network signal to back your claims and your hopes!


frizzy hair in rain
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Lifestyle inconveniences apart, the rain is gruesome enough to ruin your fashion stakes as well! Whosoever conceived rains can be romantic sure haven’t encountered a bad hair day. Think of all those rainy times when your hair turns so frizzy that you wish you rather would have been bald! With such outrageousness doing you out and over, how can you think of a romantic date with the love of your life? Mine sure would make a dash right out there in the rains with such ignominy staring at him!


rain rain go away

Not to mention the torture you endure to catch up with bae. Leaking car windows, overturned umbrellas, muddy shoes, damp jeans, cold airs, moody breakouts- can there be anything as holistically hostile as the rains?


stuck in the rain
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Of course there’s traffic as well- insane amounts of it. So you just sit there and tag along, with your drenched jeans sticking uncomfortably to you, even as those rainwaters ruining your shoes also means you are being itchy and stuff. And sure there’s pesky mosquitoes as well, who so loves the rain much like those pesky folks who jump and frolick about in the waters making another’s man’s plight their absolute pleasure!


And worse, you have to play party to the worst blunder you can be admonishing your almost murdered fashion sensibilities with. Get all packed in a raincoat and armed also with an umbrella because you never know the deluge onslaught that will be awaiting you on those days. And there you are, miserable and helpless like a hapless kid instead of the cool, glamorous diva you aspired to be. Such a shame!