Best ways to reuse your old salwar suits

reuse of old salwar suits

With fast fashion fast degrading down the moral lane because of its largely unsustainable nature, the focus is more on reuse and recycle. Specially in the Indian context however, reusing of things, be it clothes or accessories, has always been a mainstay in common parlance. And why just reuse, we even morph things as per our need and creativity so that we extract it all out of them. While this innate ability and inclination to put things to as extensive needs possible can somewhat be downgraded as frugality, it indeed is the need of the hour.

From creative spins on sarees to DIY decor implementations to figuring out multiple uses for a single thing, it only is a matter of being able to think wisely and recycle precisely. Because no single thing can stand the test of time for eternity, it becomes essential to grow out of them. But that does not mean that we should ditch them outright altogether.

Reuse of old salwar suits

Specifically when it comes to fashion, it isn’t just need that drives the reuse and recycle quotient. Of course worn out or color faded clothes needs to be done away with. But what about such styles that no longer are fashionable, even when the dress itself is a finely ‘preserve’ specimen? Specifically when it comes to something as incorporating as a salwar suit, the recycling scope gets to be larger. Reuse of old salwar suits can indeed be an exciting prospect. Given how you can put in each of its three components for as varied uses as possible, old suits can easily find alternative use. And what’s more, reusing does not just mean that you have to invariably conceive some really inventive idea for sustaining the usability of your old pair.

Here are some really fun and ingenious ideas in which you can set about reusing and recycling your salwars to allow yourself and the environment the benefit of choice!


Restyling is one clever way to reuse without even feeling like it! And the easiest way to reuse your old salwar suits is the mix and match approach. Starting from pairing the kurta with palazzos or leggings to donning the salwar with a long tee or even flaunting the dupatta in however many ways possible, you can completely upturn your look with some creativity.

Restyling the kurtis

And the best part about this approach is that this works as well for those suits you are not planning to do away with yet. Donning a plain kurta with a different pair of salwar- dupatta makes for a refreshing contrast. The short length kurtis can also effectively double up as topwear with your favorite pair of jeans. While the longer, embellished ones can easily be teamed up with a sharara for a different party wear kurti ready in minutes!

Restyling dupattas

Wearing the dupatta right can do wonders to your outfit. It can jazz up even the most plain of suits with minimal effort. Suit dupattas also can alternately pair with lehengas to make for a breezy wedding look. As an element that can instantly lend the ethnic touch to your dress, dupattas can be imaginatively teamed up.

Restyling dupattas by making some additions is another fancy way to go along the recycling route. All you need is to sew some mica work onto your breezy dress material to work your way from office to wedding in minutes. Slightly heavy material dupattas can also double up as skirts or wrap ons while indeed serving all purposes as an elegant scarf. Dupattas can also be fit enough of wearing as a chic style saree over pants to create a distinctively fashionable look.

Restyling Salwars

Like kurtis, you can also pair salwar suit pants one with the other for fresh new looks everyday. While block colored salwars are the easiest to team up any kurti with, even patterned ones can pass off as doubles if you know to match them right. Printed salwars go really well with one tone plain kurtis or if you are daring enough even with complementing embroidered or printed suits. You just need to ensure that you don’t pair something dramatic with something as on your face together if you don’t want to stand out a blunder.


half saree from dupatta
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Recycling your old salwar suits either for the purpose of reuse or upgradation makes for another fancy approach to reducing waste. You can get any amount of inventive with recycling. Whether it be downscaling the length of your kurti or the flare of the salwar, your personal preference will put you on course.

Anarkalis can turn up as luxurious lehengas, while slit kurtis can make for nice jackets. Casual kurtis can also turn out to be tunics with a traditional twist. And so can dupattas pass off as shrugs and sheer jackets. Pretty dupattas can also be paired one with another for amazing half and half sarees sewn in such color combinations that will make you the talk of the town.

And why just the dress, even the motifs and patterns in your dress can serve distinctive purposes. Cut them out and sew them onto other dresses or even on home decor items. As appliques, as add ons and even as mere outlining on fabrics, your old suits can take recourse such reuse that will have you spellbound.

Even salwars can be effectively modified and upgraded. Be it shararas or skirts, a flared salwar generally holds more than enough scope for either in its pleats and folds. The right type of salwar and dupatta can also get a fresh lease of life as trendy dresses. If only however you happen to be somewhat adept at the intricacies of sewing and stitching.


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Repurposing is perhaps the most fun way of reusing old things. Because here you can let your creativity flow and not remain confined to any specific set use. From fashion finding its way into essentials to utilities beautifully serving the decor purpose, repurposing ensures that you make the best out of the waste.

Your old kurtis and suits can specifically be of much use in helping you accessorise out of their own. Coarse dupattas can morph into pretty bags and pouches while finer materials can pass of as shaadi specific show piece potlis. Even patches of kurtis can come in sews together to make handy carry bags for you to trudge along with your essentials in style. Other accessorising essentials that can be worked out right from your old dress are head bands and scrunchies or other such fun stuff like fabric bracelets and cloth wrist bands.

More veteran uses of either kurtis or dupattas can have them turned into decor items. Embroidered patterns of kurtis can work as wall hangings or as photo borders. They can also be glued on to your dupatta bag for some enhanced attempt at synchronisation. Dupattas can easily find alternative use up as curtains in combination or otherwise. And there’s also these tie up techniques that can effortlessly convert your dupattas or kurti patches into really funky pillow cases or cushion covers. Patchwork table or bed covers are also equally great ideas to repurpose old dupattas. Patchwork dolls or stuffed toys are other great ways to use up your old clothes and delight children and loved ones with.