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rose water

Fragrant, light and instantly refreshing, rose water or gulab jal is a common ingredient in the beauty regimen of many folks who swear by this age old remedy of many a skin problems. With its quite royal distinction, deriving indeed as the essence from perhaps the most beautiful of flowers around, the rose, the rosy reputation of gulab jal though stems from long back in history. In use for thousands of years now, across a range of realms that concern the purposes of the aesthetic, the medicinal and the gastronomic in equal measure is this rather common but exemplary ingredient that is surely as versatile as well.

Made by steeping rose petals in water, this very humble ingredient of everyday basis found expression also in the skincare regimen of history’s perhaps most famous beauty connoisseur, that of the Egyptian royal Cleopatra. Which quashes therefore all notions of gulab jal being Indian in origin, as many of us tend to believe, owing perhaps to it being a staple across all households of the country. A by product of extracting perfume from the richly fragrant rose flower, the production of rose water in its present form can be attributed to the nation of Iran where the ‘tradition’ still persists as the ceremony of Golabgiri, taking place annually from mid-May to mid-June where it is the traditional method of evaporation that is followed to yield this crystal clear liquid of truly regal beckonings.

rose water for skin

And while this persistence of tradition speaks also of the gulab jal’s place of esteemed importance, it also is the realms of the religious that this essence imbued with every element of what makes roses the universal epitome of beauty and radiance and grace has seen to prevail over. But irrespective of it being a prime component of either religious or beauty rituals, or adhering to the dual dimensions of the nutrition and appeal of the culinary, rose water indeed is an everyday ingredient we can never do without.

The prime reason that makes rose water so ingrained an ingredient in daily bodily rituals is indeed the natural basis of it. Whether it be for purposes of beauty or health, it is the antioxidant richness and anti inflammatory properties of rose that effectively pass on to its derived essence that is what stands gulab jal in good stead as one of the most effective and versatile ingredients around. Skin disorders are effectively tackled by the regular use of rose water through its capacity to restore the naturally delicate pH balance of the skin. With a mid pH balance of 5.5, rose water helps reduce acne causing bacteria that breeds on excessive oil secreted by the skin as a result of being exposed to chemical imbalances and disruptions. This restoration of the natural pH levels of the skin is also what makes this wonder ingredient act as a toner that helps to remove grime, dirt and oil to afford as optimal a hydration as possible for a regenerated and glowing skin.

Most lauded for its anti inflammatory properties, rose water lends itself also equally well to aid the pursuit of beauty and health in optimal measure. As concerns the skin, regular application of gulab jal helps offset conditions of rashes and irritation and even potentially more troubling skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Moreover common skin concerns like dark patches and puffy swells, most ordinarily around the eye can be dealt with by a regular turn to rose water for aid. Rose water helps also with conditions of scalp inflammation or skin redness as an agent against inflammation, while treating respiratory disorders and throat infections as well. By extension therefore, rose water can also be used for such purposes as a mouthwash to cleanse and soothe the mouth of numerous pains and infections. The inflammation reducing flavonoids present in rose water also helps offset such undesirable conditions as bloating.

Rose water packs in its every fragrant spray also a boost of powerful antioxidants that helps further in its pursuit of delivering health and beauty. Tackling the generation of free radicals that greatly damage the skin is therefore one of the prime functions that rose water performs, providing in turn powerful cell protection that is a prerequisite for the health glow of beauty to shine through your skin. This play of the antioxidants amply present in rose water might be lesser known but of no unaware account is the essence of it as one of the most refreshing agents of beauty. A spray of rose water on the skin or even a whiff of its fragrance is enough to uplift the mood of the skin and also of the individual, which is one of the prime benefits of incorporating this light flowery essence in everyday routines. When applied on the skin, gulab jal penetrates into the pores of the skin and offer mild hydration thereby helping improve skin texture with continuous use. This hydrating property of gulab jal is also what makes it fare well as a face mist that endows the skin with a lasting fresh and glowing look that us all explorers of the world of beauty inevitably covet.

Beyond the realms of the visible, rose water affords also another world of wonders that can be typified as the therapeutic benefits of it. A rose water infused bath is an excellent way to relaxation as it helps calm frayed nerves and leaves you smelling good and feeling fresh and calm. Sleeping upon a gulab jal sprayed pillow will also dawn upon you not just a better night’s sleep but also entitle you to a destressing experience. This ‘coolant’ essence of gulab jal works though in physical ways as well, like in cases when it cane be used to soothe and heal the skin in case of sunburns. As a common ingredient in aromatherapy, rose water finds extensive use to help reduce headache, attributable in part to its ability to help you relax. Also associated might be the mood enhancing properties of rose water that is recognised to possess anti depressant and anti anxiety properties.

Beyond its anti inflammatory predominance, rose water is also anti bacterial and antiseptic in nature. This makes it an excellent agent to soothe wounds and cuts and burns or even as a treatment for eye problems. Preventing and treating infections also therefore pertain naturally to gulab jal’s line of action even as digestion is also positively impacted by this really versatile guide to beauty and health. Rose water also lends itself equally well to further the cause of your tresses, bathing them in a natural shine as well as by acting as a conditioner that rejuvenates and strengthens and moisturises hair. It also effectively treats scalp problems like dandruff, in its capacity as a cleanser that helps to remove oil and dirt from the scalp.

Despite its really amazing array of properties though, rose water sure isn’t the only natural ingredient capable of delivering a world of goodness to the daily pursuit of beauty and health. What then perhaps makes this aromatic experience for the senses to stand out in its versatility is its more than common availability and its simplistic procedure of use. Just washing your face with rose water or spraying some of it on your skin regularly is enough to reap you the rich benefits that rose water carries along its glittering essence. Even convenient can be to make rose water a part of your everyday regimen through the means of something as delectable as food. A few drops of this rose infused delight makes for a common element of cooking in the Indian context, elevating dishes with its aroma and lending them therefore a flavor of their own, all while delivering to you still its health, if not beauty properties. Wholly natural in essence, irresistible in its heavenly smell and beloved in its commonplace simplicity, rose water truly is the maverick of all times and the remedy to all woes.