Scooter vs Bike: Finding out which one is right for you

scooter vs bike

They both are two wheeled means of efficient road- faring which means that you can make do with either. But making a pick between buying a scooter vs going instead for a bike isn’t the most breezy of dilemmas to find yourself in. Because apart from your preference, there also are multiple other aspects to consider when going ahead with your choice because no vehicle is short time investment. There’s of course the tendency to go ahead with whatever suits your taste but as something that is going to be an integral part of your lifestyle, it’s essential that you let your logic afford you your best choice.

While bikes are seen as more macho and modern and are therefore popular among the youth, it comes as quite a revelation that commercial motorcycles predates the origin of scooters. There had been elements of scooter design decipherable in some of the earliest motorcycles but this variant of the two wheelers have been in existence in at least some form of their present structure only since the early 1910s, 1914 to be precise. Motorcycles on the other hand have been around since the mid 19th century or has been prevalent at least since the later pat of the 1800s. But in the Indian context, the motorcycle craze picked up only after the scooter boom of the 1970s, continuing well into the 80’s and 90’s as well before embarking on the more ‘modern’ fad of owning bikes. Which means while in that period of history, the choice of buying a scooter vs a bike was never really a deciding factor that would go on to influence the image of the two wheeler that would come to define the attributes of your house. The times today are different though and therefore different also are the many criteria that holds importance when it comes to making your two wheeler pick.

scooter vs motorcycle

For one, starting off with a scooter is always a better idea since it is easy to learn vs what it takes to master a bike. Almost all scooters tend to be gearless today and work through automatic transmission, thereby making them simple and more convenient to drive through particularly for small distances or even in narrow alleys. It also is far easier to hop on to and off from scooters in their step through design explaining why you see even so many elderly people going around on one. Maneuvering scooters through traffic also comes easy with its gearless feature while requiring to constantly change gears through traffic gridlocks can be a rather annoying aspect of being on a bike. This however is something that might come across as offsetting for someone who is only learning to deal with the basics of more than just riding pillion. For folks well versed with the two wheeler deal, this is one point that might not even hold weight in their choice between bikes and scooters.

More poignant therefore would be to concentrate on such aspects of the riding debate that concerns all. Which makes way for one of the all important determinants of fuel efficiency and mileage. This is one aspect where motorcycles have been outclassing scooters since forever. And even with considerable ups that the scooter have come to embody as regards fuel efficiency, it still cannot win the battle vs a bike. Modern day scooters do return high fuel efficiency with great mileage but that is still unimpressive as compared to the offering by motorcycles. Also with a smaller fuel tank, the mileage offered by a scooter tends to get further compromised rendering it a less attractive proposition than bikes.

But while the smaller fuel tank of a scooter might have interfered in the way of its performance, it also accords an advantage to it vs any bike. And that concerns the sizeable storage capacity of them. In fact, storage is one of the very prominent considerations that makes a scooter so convenient a two wheeler option for many. With a front carrier, space near your feet and most importantly a storage space beneath the seat (dickey) that which easily offers room for storing the helmet, scooters are a real wonder in this department by two wheel standards making therefore a great deal for people who tend to move about with quite some luggage. Bikes on the other hand come with virtually no such built in mechanism and even when there exist provisions to attach a side carrier for storage, it is a serious deterrent for those who value the stylish aesthetics of a motorcycle.

Which brings us therefore to the style component of a bike and a scooter as another key reference point in the vs debate. In the muscular frame and graphics of it, complemented also by a slender body, motorcycles make for a really stylish two wheeler choice. Most often encompassing also elements of the fun and the sporty, it is easy to see why bikes are so coveted by the youth. Scooters too have over the years come to be more slender and stylish, concentrated as it have also in the looks aspect of it. But in being more versatile across generations, it tends to be thought of also as more ordinary which might be a factor influencing the choice criterion of any potential buyer who wants something more exclusive to them.

Dwelling already on the aspect of choice, it might as well be logical to explore also the fun factor associated with each type of vehicle. There is no doubt that bikes are more fun to ride, offering as it does an intense experience, with such requirements of speed and style that ups the thrill quotient. Scooters on the other hand are more laidback and convenient and is more a feasible means of transportation. Specifically for hardcore biking enthusiasts, it is the raw power of motorcycles that appeal to them in all the rush of adrenaline it guarantees, making therefore scooters an obsolete option for folks in the haul for something beyond mere convenience. Also making for a great deal in the ultimate pick of a bike vs a scooter is the allowance that bikes make for long distance commuting at full throttle because the longer wheelbase and larger tires makes motorcycles more stable at higher speeds and also more effective an option in coursing over rough terrains. The high speed advantages of bikes can prove to be cumbersome in peak traffic conditions though.

Another factor that might be affecting your decision to opt for a scooter over a motorcycle is the safety consideration. As concerns safety from the ravages of the weather, scooters perhaps manage to edge out bikes. The leg guard of a scooter can be a real blessing in that it helps shield your legs from the whooshing air as well as from water splashes particularly during chilly, rainy days. Also in harbouring a top speed that isn’t insane by any standards, scooters are a somewhat safer pick over bikes any day. Not to mention their plastic body that makes them lightweight which therefore can minimise the extent to which you might get hurt if you happen to be toppled over by it. Motorcycles though afford better handling and brakes than scooters that can be a great deal in the safety department. However, the heavy aesthetics and additional features of bikes bring also with it considerable weight of the body that makes them not easy to handle by all and therefore more capable of causing serious injuries to the human body.

The same weighty consideration of bikes make them also a costlier choice to pick. Not just in the form of the one time investment of its purchase but also in being a more pricey possession to maintain. The complex structure as well as the equally cumbersome technique of it makes the maintenance of bike stand out by quite some bucks vs a scooter. But continuous use of a scooter for really long distance commute specially on tough roads can lead to considerable increase in its maintenance cost as well. Generally though, scooters tend to be more durable and reliable in their rather simple structure and not as quick as well as less costly reputation than motorcycles.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what your requirements are in determining whether you should be looking for a bike to own or a scooter to covet. With no one size fits all criteria to make the choice, what you need to be doing is weighing in the pros and cons of either of the two wheelers in such capacities that fits in with your bill. Making the pick as per your expectations of a mode of transport should be your guiding force in the scooter vs bike dilemma, though in an ideal world we would have liked to partake the experience of both!