7 smallest dog breeds in India you can cuddle to

smallest dog breeds in India

Man’s best friend since forever, dogs make for more than just your pets. Loyal and devoted, these four legged canines are capable of so much love and joy that you would treasure them in your lives. From guarding you with their alert barks to having you in love with their puppy eyes to even being your recourse to cuddling therapy, dogs indeed do even more than what your best friends do.

But petting a dog is no mean task. Because with all the love comes also responsibilities which is why it is best to pick a pet that suits you. Specially in cities where space is a constrain, not all breeds of dog can make for the most ideal of pets. Smaller dog breeds enjoy greater popularity here, since they are generally not too demanding of space for their own. So if you are considering having a dog in India, here are some of the best breeds of the smaller builds you can choose from for a happily ever after with your pet-


There’s no beating the pug if you are on the lookout for a small dog companion to keep you happy. Small and naive, with that endearing, innocent look and not very much daunting when it comes to biting and barking unnecessarily, pugs really make for excellent apartment pets. The short and wrinkly muzzle is the characteristic feature of this dog breed which is generally a friendly, non- aggressive kind. And don’t think that they would get away too much with their size, pugs still continue to be very much of the tough guy in spirit.

Because pugs were bred to be companion dogs, you can be rest assured that they will get along with you very well. Also since they tend to stay indoors most of the time, they make less of a mess and therefore are less of a concern for you. Playful and affectionate with children as well as with other animals, this breed also happens to be alert and intelligent which makes them an allrounder in trying to get your fancy.


Beagles aren’t cute dogs, they are pretty ones! Small and super gorgeous, beagles are among the smallest dog breeds most preferred in India. Active and playful, beagles instantly become best friends with kids which is a bonus if you have to keep both your pet and your human child occupied! Beagles stand out for their long fallen ears and for their striking big eyes and also because they tend to be so endearing. Great companions and gentle beings, a beagle’s bark is however pretty assertive for a small dog. This might even be a plus, if you want your dog to also be forever alert in guarding you. And with their strong sense of smell that renders them even more alert, beagles definitely can be just the pet you were looking for.

Indian Spitz

Source: Nappets

As being one of the dog breeds that originated in India, the Indian Spitz can make for your best pet if you choose to stay within limits! Puns apart however and the Indian Spitz can as well awe you with its look that boasts of a nice, generally white coat of fur. For people who prefer smaller dogs as pets, it’s the Smaller Indian Spitz or Lesser Indian Spitz that should make it to your homes.

Considered as one of the most intelligent breeds, the Indian Spitz also counts on its origin to be particularly at ease with the somewhat extreme Indian heat. Equally versatile is the Indian Spitz when it comes to its food choices which makes it a relatively fuss free pet. Indian Spitzs tend to be very active (recall Tuffy from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun) which is quite evident from their very appearance. These low maintenance, highly adaptive dogs also look quite expressive and are quite a joy to covet as pets.


There’s no missing out the smallest breed in the world from our list of smallest dog breeds in India which is why the chihuahua had to make the cut. This breed form the city of Chihuahaua in Mexico can weigh a mere 0.9 kgs though generally they tend to be some 2 to 3 kgs heavier. But despite their measly size, these dogs are as fierce and protective as any other and are preferred the most as pets worldwide. Needless to say, with their small size, chihuahuas look cute and are also a quite a joy to hold and cuddle with. The big, brilliant eyes stand out in their small face making them quite a sight to adore.

Call it their petiteness at play but chihuahuas are extremely active dogs which make them delightful companions to have. Adorable and affectionate, as well as compact and confident, chihuahuas are just the perfect pet if you live the clustered apartment life in some equally clustered city.

Indian Pariah Dog


Another local pick of the smallest dog breeds you could pet in India, the Indian Pariah is a low maintenance canine that also comes with the advantages of adjustability. Lesser shedding means lesser grooming requirement which means you won’t be needing to fuss over them every once in a while. Also because they are sturdy breeds that are acclimatised to the Indian conditions, they do not fall ill very often.

The pure pariah breeds also happen to be alert and wary, making them also as favourable as guard dogs as toy pets. Loyal and protective as well as energetic and intelligent, this desi dog breed also is a quick learner which means you don’t have to end up as frustrated a trainer. With so much positives in tow, the desi pariah definitely is one of the best dog breeds you can consider having as a pet.


Source: Pets4Homes

Striking and sophisticated- the Maltese is a small dog breed known for its looks and superfine hairy coat. An active watchdog that belies their short standing, Malteses also tend to be adaptable. The floor length silky coat complements perfectly the charming nature of these toydogs but under this elegant mane lies a body that is sturdy, making this breed quite a hardy dog. Fearless, agile and alert, Malteses are relatively low maintenance folks than what their showy prejudice would supposedly allow them to be. Because they shed less inspite of their thick coat, Malteses happen to be just the perfect pick- gorgeous but without the mess. They also are spirited and intelligent and work particularly well for people who want their cuddle buddy also to be an efficient companion.

Shih Tzu

One of the oldest dog breeds in existence, the Shih Tzu is a great family pet and translates literally as the little lion, which it indeed is, in its royal looks and its standing throughout history. Tiny, adorable and so huggable, it also helps that the fondness for the Shih Tzus in appearance translate also into their affectionate, amiable personality. Friendly with their humans as well with other pets, these dogs make therefore for great companions as they also happen to be quite outgoing by nature. Adaptable and enthusiastic- something that their aristocratic lineage might not lead you to expect out of them, Shih Tzus are happy beings both in temperament as well as in their sprightly, upright looks. If you really are on the look out for smaller dog breeds to pet in India, then the Shih Tzus definitely should make the cut.

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