Suncatchers to chime in the pretty good vibes


Dreamcatchers are oft employed devices of the aesthetic that serve also purposes in greater concern. Sun catchers do almost the same as well, though they attend to a different cause altogether. But these ornamental identities are not as exclusively popular as their dreamy counterpart. Such lesser regard in recognition does not dim the beauty that sun catchers too are, capturing indeed the exuberant energy of the sun and radiating that warm vibe and golden glow throughout.

The origins of their stemming are pretty identical as well, born out of certain folk beliefs of the native Americans. Sun catchers though happen to be more exclusive in their decorative dangling with no particularly profound ‘essence’ of intention. Even in such character, sun catchers still do harbour a trait in attending to the greater yearning in positivity and good vibes and stuff like that. After all, as agents that further dissipate the rays from the very source on which life depends, these pleasing attributes that play primarily upon the power of the visuals court also the pleasing assertion in goodness as something innate in their ‘personality’.


Self proclamatory indeed is the appeal quotient rested in suncatchers, with their glassy glitz conjuring up a magical display of the shines and shimmers of light that is reflected or refracted from upon their surface of mirrored make. So charming in fact is the manifestation of this vision that has earned sun catchers a description in being the sighted interpretation of a global favorite curating ambient environments in staggering simplicity. ‘Windchiming’ almost in weaving the web of allure, albeit in a manner that reveals entirely to the eyes are these shows of beauty that are delicate even in their dazzle and sensuous still in all their sparks of scientific sensibility.

The vista of what opens up through this mode of functioning of sun catchers, or which can be very generally referred to as light catchers, is one affording a variedly vibrant view. This aspect of its aesthetic essence is therefore very luminously evoked as well in its alternate identity of being a rainbow maker. A rainbow of colorful light is indeed what is produced as suncatchers catch the light of the sun and disperses that ray into multiple flecks and streams of hues, scattering beauty all over the place they are seated in, even when just somewhere in the corners of that dimension.

Source: Super Simple

Call it then a draw upon this association that suncatchers have with rainbows or consider instead the more essential truth of its nature being radiating of the light and energy of the sun and these objects of sometimes simple, sometimes fancier appearance embody indeed something even more significant. By dissipating the exuberant ‘force’ of the sun and thereby its positive energy throughout, suncatchers create an environment that glows indeed in that glory of the good vibes only. Capturing then this essence of the lifegiving power of the sun while painting a picture of such prettiness that is magical is how suncatchers work to instantly rev up not just spaces but entire existences through their prismatic working.

Of course these sun catchers themselves are catchy assertions in all their display of shine and color and charm. Decorative in their very nature that has them dwelling already in an aura of magic, the mode in which these optical objects eke out their way of working is rather steeped in the logic of science. As iridescent makes of glass or shards, rainbow makers house within themselves the dispersive principle of prisms so that all the light that striking its shiny structure is essentially separated into the individual streaks of color composing that ray of a vision enabling character. And thus ensues from this utterly natural phenomenon a sight and sensation in such specialness that indeed brightens and cheers up existences by beautifying the spaces through which life unfurls in all its precious worth.

Source: Desertcart

For something so profound itself in dispersing and disbursing the colors of life, sun catchers need not always be impeccably constructed. They can be as simple as one wishes them to be, while the versatility of their character means that one can indeed opt for one of the more extravagant expressions of its fancying. The design of them can also be as abstract or as ordinary, even as ‘hybrid’ models of suncatchers exploring also the charm characterising wind chimes would be no peculiarity. Sometimes indulged in as a DIY craft, at other times chosen from among the most spectacularly designed lot, suncatchers specially of the modern world can express also in an identity of the plastic instead.

This essentially means that finding your pick from amidst a motley of ‘happy’ suncatchers is a gratifying experience in itself. In its many different makes in various shapes and sizes and colors and even materials, suncatchers present a world of wonders within themselves. Hanging suncatchers though would make for a case in more specificness since they best work out their magic when hung near or from windows that receive direct sunlight. This is an essential consideration that needs to be accounted for to ensure that the decorative identity of suncatchers shine out indeed.

Suncatchers are specifically special agents of Feng Shui, essentially occurring as spheres of crystals and glasses that can assist with attracting positive energy and deflecting negative energy. Manifesting then your dreams in reality, whether they are of a personal or professional leaning, or tangible or emotional in nature, is something that suncatchers can help with, upon a premise that is immensely simple. Radiating positive energy all through its specks and sparkles of beauty is what bathes pretty rainbow makers in prettier schemes of being an all rounded approach to positivity.

In fact, one can reap the colors and charms of suncatchers through creative reimagination of their display. From sculpting it into mobile hangings to framing them as whole composition of art, these jewels of the home can be much exciting prospects to work with. Suncatchers can also be hung outside, particularly in open spaces like gardens where sunlight is available in ample amounts. This however can also be a case in exercising caution since the very property of what has them creating rainbows out of sunlight can also strike up fires in as legit manifestation of the scientific principles. Suncatchers call then for sufficient and careful consideration of the potential they hold, to ensure that these items of lively ‘disposition’ do not invite disaster instead.