Beauty through sustainability

sustainable beauty routine

Beauty routines make for a very integral part of the modern life of humans due to its workings upon the aesthetic and wellness aspect of existence in a manner that ends up impacting our overall quality of living. And despite its limitations in such notions that tend to make beauty a mere appeal for the senses, beauty routines are more about embracing a life awareness that finds expression as the holistic pursuit of health and happiness. Which is why while beauty routines do invariably concern itself with the seemingly physical splurge on skincare and makeup, it also tends to be as rooted in fitness and wellness, as well as in health and hygiene. The point being that beauty routines today feature indeed in the life schedule of all modern day humans, making it therefore an area of interest like any other that we need to chart out responsibly and sustainably.

We all have heard about sustainable beauty and organic or clean beauty brands which is what shapes our understanding of what it means to go green in our tryst with this necessary exploration that we all have come to adhere to in recognition of its need and potential. But the expanse of what a sustainable beauty regimen should make space for extends also to areas beyond the many products that we rely on to shine through in all glow and health. While indeed rooting for such green brands that offer environmental friendly products is a vital part of a sustainable beauty routine, there are more ways in which we can enhance our beauty and that of our soul by looking out for even the small impacts that our actions might be having on the health of this beautiful planet.

Homemade beauty packs

Adhering to a sustainable beauty routine all throughout might strike as somewhat tricky but there are some really simple choices that we can make to beautify our consciousness as well. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making a switch to homemade beauty products over commercially produced ones. Age old but effective still remedies of skin care and beauty are not alien to any one of us and going the traditional, environmental friendly route is one key component of green beauty.

This means that we need to be more appreciative of the simple recipes available at our disposal, churned out from easily available local ingredients or sometimes even from otherwise discarded ones to make our own DIY face packs and masks and scrubs that we can also be fully assured of in all their safety. Homemade beauty treatments for the skin tend to be completely natural, low cost, safe and even more potent in their beauty efficiency as well since they come laden with all the organic properties abundant in nature and that which spell wonders for the skin and body.

Recycle and Reuse

Not just an adage that we need to be following in pursuit of beauty but in all aspects of life is that of the 3Rs. While reducing the usage of products might not be a very feasible option in case of recommended use mentioned on packs and reusing them entirely out of the question, the virtue of recycling indeed is something that we can practice. Recycling our dried tubes of makeup and empty bottles of creams or even repurposing them to serve other needs is a very easy way of reducing our beauty load on the environment.

Recycling can also take the form of rewarding initiatives by brands, whereby you exchange a certain number of empty product cases for a complimentary sample of a new product. It also helps in your green quest if you consciously opt to buy products that come in minimal packaging or at least are packaged in glass or metal containers instead of plastic ones whenever you have the luxury of that choice.

Sustainable agents of beauty

One very overlooked aspect of the beauty regimen that burdens the planet in a magnitude rather unthinkable relates to makeup, or specifically the removal of it. We all swear by the importance that a total cleanup at the end of the day holds in sustaining the texture and quality of our skin. Or even in altering between makeup needs, we tend to first wipe away the earlier residues to ensure that not does the makeup looks good but also to minimise the damage to the skin. But in reducing the extent of this damage, what we end up doing is inflicting greater harm on the health of our planet.

The many wipes that we all use and toss away so mindlessly through the course of the day ends up in the landfill and pollutes the environment. Even with single use cotton wipes, the damage caused can be as grave when the materials are not ethically sourced or are chemically altered leaving them not entirely biodegradable. A much guilt free, eco friendly way of removing makeup would therefore be to rely on reusable towels and compostable sponges or organic cotton pads, which also serve your face and skin much better than the conventional wipes that are imbue the ‘goodness’ of artificial lotions harsh enough for your skin to withstand the onslaught of every single day. Not just wipes though, other essentials like razors can be substituted with stainless steel ones over the plastics to cut down on the environmental load.

Multi utility products

Another way to nurture your beauty and wellness pursuits sustainably is by opting for such products that offer alternate uses. For instance sunscreens that effectively double up as moisturiser can be a rather hassle free way of cutting down on unnecessary consumption as far as the number of tubes is concerned. Or lipsticks that tend to do the job of a lip balm just fine can be another exciting pick you would come to swear by as part of your makeup kit. The key is to identify the different uses that a single product holds and smartly put that to use in such ways that benefits indeed the environment but you as well in cutting down the hassle of sorting out a zillion of those jars and tubes and bottles.

Judicious use of water

One very key component of the makeup and beauty regimen of any individual is the use of water for a variety of purposes. From rinsing your face to washing away that dirt and residue to freshening up first or even taking a shower after the gym and so on and so forth, the beauty and wellness industry makes ample use of this natural resource. And while you need to allow yourself access to the wonderful ways in which water has been forever so essential an agent of survival, the onus lies on you as well to not waste water.

Reducing unnecessary splash of the showers and turning off the taps when not in continuous use while continuing to be judicious and conservative in your use of it for a whole lot of purposes, beauty specific or not is the least we can do to ensure that the planet does not run out of enough water to cater to everyone’s needs important also beyond the scope of beauty.