Ten useful gifts below Rs 200 you can gift to your loved one

Presenting your loved ones with a gift is certainly one of the many confusing and toughest decisions for most of us. Usefulness and budget-friendly are two of the most important aspects we look forward to while thinking of gifting our peers. Birthdays are one of the most important occasions which happens annually and there are some people in our lives whom we should surely gift on these kind of occasions . During those times,we certainly think of a good cheap gift that will be handy to our precious one. Some persons are such a valuable part of our lives that we feel deep pangs of guilt and insult if we do not give him/her something utilitarian on his/her special day. Yes, I agree, greeting cards and flowers are beautiful gifts but there are still some highly affordable and useful gifts available in the market that are capable of giving your dear ones the effort of giving a million dollar smile, lit up their faces and give you a priceless hug in return.

Let us talk of some gifts below Rs 200 that are useful tokens as well as the catalyst to strengthen the bond with your loved one-

Cotton handkerchief set

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Looks just like two or three small pieces of cloth in front of our eyes.  Is it really the value of this cloth? A big NO! A simple cotton handkerchief set comprising of three handkerchiefs that can be brought online between Rs 90 to Rs 200 in Amazon will not only save your money but will come in handy to your loved one in different places in unimaginable ways. Whenever your loved one feels the necessity of having extra pairs of clothes to rub the dirty furniture or rub their wet hands , a set of handkerchiefs arrive as a perfect boon to him/her.  Two or three pieces of handerchiefs enclosed together not only comes a lifesaver but also the classic gift in the long run.

Small plastic container set

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The subject of economics teaches us that when demand rises there is a shortage in the supply and when a supply is enough the demand falls short, so there is an inverse relationship between the two elements.-supply and demand. Modern lifestyle has always led to the rise in demand of many consumers and it could also be similar in your case. With demand for products increasing, so is the supply of containers in the house. That is why gifting a set of three or four small containers to your dear one is an ideal one in addition to being the wise decision as small knick knacks can be stored in there.

Key rings

Source : Amazon

Security being one of the most important modern needs for everyone in our society, it is not uncommon to see people being fussy about their keys which are the entry points of their precious assets. House keys, safe keys, cupboard keys… the list of keys might be endless. So key rings can quite be a thoughtful gift you can present to your loved one. Your cute key ring that can hold different keys can turn out to be the ultimate guard of the safety of your dear one. What thought can be more comforting than that?

Bag sealing clips

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Sometimes when demand of your dear one surge to a higher scale in a demand versus supply graph and there can be no spare containers to store a packet of flour or any other food packet , bag sealing clips can come as a blessing sent down by the good heavens above. Everyday experiments carried out in the kitchen have proved that rubber bands can tend to tear away when turned around a food packet for more than two times and can sometimes spoil ready to eat food products because of the passage of air. Gifting bag sealing clips will not only ensure that the food packets of your loved ones are airtight but can be also make you firm that the sealers will remain durable for use for a long time.

Photo frames

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You don’t need to be a genius to understand the value of a photo frame in the age of selfies. When scrolling down your endless list of selfies in your cellphone, haven’t you ever feel the urge to take a print out of the priceless selfie present there? So you can guess how gifting a photo frame to your loved one can turn out to be so much helpful who are also struck by such similar thoughts. Taking a print out of that priceless selfie and inserting into a photo frame and voila, a single photo that can be cherished in front of the eyes of your loved one and make him/her travel back into sweet memories of yore.  

Soap Dish Case

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A gift that is quite uncommon and tends to be overlooked but can turn out to be quite useful . Plastic soap cases that are most commonly present in households has the capacity of getting worn out soon because used soap enveloped with water is constantly put in there. So changing a soap case after using for six months to seven months is quite necessary. Therefore, gifting a soap case to your loved one is handy and a pocket saver for him/her too.


Source : Home Centre

Self-creativity becoming the perfect avenue of employment for many a person, coasters of vivid and artistic nature has become a wide seller nowadays as the perfect gift item. Apart from serving as a table protector from those deep stains , beautiful coasters can also make meal times a cheerful and positive affair for the family of your loved one. So gifting a fancy coaster set containing around four to five coasters is not a bad idea.

Juice squeezer

Source : Moglix

How many times we feel to have that oh-so-enticing orange juice shown so perfectly in television advertisements? That perfect kind of orange juice that is shown as ‘a feast for the eyes and sense’ on television makes us feel like gobbling that picture itself. This scene was common in the 90s. Today with Facebook and Instagram pictures, that sense of gobbling the picture has become more pronounced than ever. That is why you should gift a juice squeezer to your loved one so that he/she can enjoy that picture perfect glass of orange juice.

Kitchen knife

Source :Amazon

Though an unusual gift but can turn out to be of much utility is a kitchen knife. Every kitchen has a knife to chop vegetables but having a spare one is certainly not a bad idea. Kitchen knife can turn out to be a good gift for a person who lives in hostel because apart from chopping vegetables, kitchen knife can also come in handy for opening different kinds of packets. It is an important tool and a cheap gift to think of gifting to your loved one.

Document file covers

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Life, being surrounded with papers from morning till bedtime,document file covers are truly the most useful and cheapest gifts you can think of gifting your loved one. Just gift a file cover to your loved one and see how his/her eyes lit up and say to you ”Thank you for this gift, it was so necessary for me.” So it is also a wise decision of gifting a file cover to your peers.

Although you can gift any items you feel necessary to your peers, the above list are just some of the most useful and demandable items of our everyday life.