The Indian Coffee House in Connaught Place: A generous serving of nostalgia


It was mid-afternoon on a warm October day in Delhi as I take off on yet another exploring streak. The famous Connaught Place center has many pulling attractions and as hoped for, the streets were deliciously full of vendors and people that were marching along to the jagged beats of Delhi horns and street music in eager strides. As I set out to buy and gobble any remotely fun looking glamour that caught my attention, the weather steadily altered to a breezy mellow bringing in a fresh wave of crispiness to my Sunday mood. The longing for an afternoon coffee took over my shopping spree and all of a sudden I found myself heading to my regular go-to terrace side coffee joint.

Indian Coffee House
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The Indian Coffee House is an age-old landmark on Connaught Place that is regularly preoccupied with Delhi’s young and old for a sweet taste of its special coffee, varied savory munchies, and the open air space. Entering the terrace gives off a familiar feel of the oldies with liveried waiters dressed smartly in striking white uniforms and turbans bustling about while taking multiple orders. As I sat down at a corner table, I noticed that some customers visiting the café were out loitering on the terrace while enjoying the cool breeze brought in from the surrounding trees; a to and fro dawdle while sipping on tasty brews and various snacks (the mutton burger and mutton cutlet being my personal favorites). The restaurant was guest to big groups of friends enjoying hearty card games, jolly family outings, couples on dates, post office group hangouts, and solo food and coffee enthusiasts like myself.

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Immediately after ordering my regular mutton snacks and the special foamy coffee, I headed out excitedly to the outdoor area to experience the sweet rooftop view. The lazy breeze jolted me to a feel-good stupor and from this point; I could easily witness the hustle and bustle of the regular CP bazaar. The rooftop was also home to some friendly monkeys who would stray around the area harmlessly and keep company to the everyday cafe visitors. At this point, I was deeply drawn towards the very interesting sight of three monkeys on a nearby Peepal tree, scratching and stroking each other’s back. The sheer look of pleasure in the contentment of their grooming was almost palpable. Life is after all, about the simple things.

foamy coffee indian coffee house

My piping hot order soon arrived at my table and as soon as I dug my teeth into the first bite of crispy cutlet delight, all my previous doubts and restiveness melted away and once again I was at peace with the grease and sweet caffeine.  The food in the Indian Coffee House remains first-rate and simplistic at best along with the towering view of Delhi central as one of its principal attractions for leisure hangouts. There is a calming feeling about this coffee place, especially at sundown – when the birds fly above in flocks and you are left only to day-dream about everything mundane and nice.