The lovely month of Bohag and its beautiful relation with the Assamese people


The month of April is always the most treasurable time of the year for the Assamese people. With the arrival of the spring season, every Assamese feels delighted with the hope that the month of Bohag is approaching. The Assamese new year begins in the month of Bohag when Mother Nature shows her ethereal side by making flowers of many hues bloom in abundance. When the bits of dust that blows in full force in the month of March seems to cause irritation to many a soul, the approach of April brings about a refreshing change by bringing some spells of shower which not only washes away the irksome dirt but literally the negativity of the natural surroundings. With the dispel of gloomy elements, a newness spreads around the environment as the wind carries the pleasant scent of the flowers and the smell of the wet soil for many miles. The visions of living beings are also greeted with newly awashed soothing greenery of the plants along with the delightful colourful blooms that seem to spread here and there. The interplay of colours and the multiple pleasant smells that Nature weaves in the month of Bohag has the capacity to thrill birds and they open their beaks in the sweetest tweets, chirps or calls.  These heavenly sights bewitched the senses of every Assamese due to which they eagerly longs for the month of Bohag. The Bihu that is celebrated during this month is the most joyful one for every Assamese as the pretty signs of the spring season make them dance and sing in merriment. For this reason, Bohag Bihu is always marked with Bihu dances and songs with the accompaniment of various traditional instruments like Baanhi, Dhol, Gogona, Taal, Toka and Xutuli.  However, the three types of Bihu- Magh, Bohag and Kati- are the main festivals of the Assamese people and they mark it with all the necessary rituals wholeheartedly.

Some of the distinct feelings that awakens in every Assamese person during the month of Bohag-


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When Mother Nature greets your vision with colourful and delightful hues everywhere you turn your head, brings smells of the most pleasant types to your nose along with the soothing blow of the wind and pleases your ears with the musical plus sweet calls of different birds, would you not feel happiness seep through your veins and literally seeming to bring alive the inner child within you? These joyful attributes that can be seen and felt in spring time has the capacity to make every mouth curve upwards in a smile. Besides making you smile, the sights , sounds and smells of Bohag which represents freshness gives you an aura of positivity and the spirit to partake in merry activities with your near and dear ones. As Bohag month brings forth the Assamese new year, it brings signs of hope and longings to every Assamese person and gives them the zeal to start their work with a refreshed mind and heart.


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The freshness, newness and beautiful signs of Nature brings alive the flame of romance and love between every couple and lovers. A number of Bihu songs wonderfully describes how the beautiful signs of spring awakens the feelings of desire and emotions of love for a beloved soul. Meanwhile, the indigenous folk Bihu dances of Assam that is performed by groups of men and women in traditional finery symbolizes human fertility synonymously with the changes that the spring season brings when Mother Nature gives birth to new blossoms. As the season of love, the month of Bohag is considered as the ideal and auspicious time for conducting Assamese marriage ceremonies. For this reason, the month of Bohag can also be termed as the Assamese wedding season. With a number of wedding invitations being given to each Assamese household,  most of the Assamese people spent the Bohag month in a festive mood by attending weddings by decking up stylishly in various types of traditional dresses , accessories, makeup and jewellery and of course taking gift packages wrapped in colourful and sparkling gift papers.


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As Mother Nature presents Herself before the onlookers literally in plethora of colours in the month of Bohag, why would Assamese people shun off the desire to show off in an assortment of colours? With the approach of the Bohag month, Assamese weavers get busy in weaving magical designs on their looms. From splendid Mekhala Chadars full of designs to stacks of Gamosas arranged neatly in rows, the shops of Assam are a sight to behold when the month of Bohag comes near. With the markets chock-a-block with shoppers, only three words describe the month of Bohag- buy traditional products, gift it to your dear ones and spread love plus blessings. The desire of buying, gifting and decking up in traditional finery gets fully pronounced during the month of Bohag. The Assamese people who lives far away from homes makes a point to visit their dear places to spend lovely moments with their loved ones.

Bohag is a month of showing love, spreading love and celebrating love and tradition.