The mini heart attacks that you get

There are a lot of things that happen in our day to day lives which are of  shock or great surprise, a mini version of a sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis, typically resulting in giving us mini heart attacks.
Here are a few of them :

When you are drinking –and your mom calls.

missed call from mom
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That moment when you know you are going to be thrashed by your mom if you don’t pick up her call and also if you pick it up, while you are drunk.

When your little toe hits the table end.

When your little toe hits the table end.
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We all know  it is the most dreaded feeling when we stub our little pinky finger on the table end. It literally feels like our toe has come off .

When you are relaxed and calm and your friend pulls your body hair.


Don’t we all hate it when somebody dares doing this to us?

The last ball finishes the cricket match.

last ball cricket match finish
Source: The Daily Mail

Specially when there it is a India-Pakistan match.

When you are looking at your crush and  your crush smiles back at you.

Isn’t it an absolute delight and the best kind of feeling when this happens?



Crashing your dad’s car- while you are out partying with your friends.

crashing dad's car

And the next day when you have to be answerable to your dad…..Nobody goes to sleep that night.

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A call from the principals office.


Don’t we all remember how scary this felt like ?

When you send a non –veg joke on your family Whatsapp group by mistake.


This can be funny and immeasurably awkward for both you and your family.