The Speciality of Teachers’ Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5 annually in India as a gesture of showing respect to the torchbearers of education who upholds their duty of dispelling the darkness of ignorance with the luminosity of knowledge and brightens up the lives of each student with a wealth that cannot be stolen by anybody. Although World Teachers’ Day is marked on October 5 every year, India celebrates the day of honouring its teaching community on September 5 to conduct the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was the first Vice-President of the country and also an eminent teacher and philosopher. Radhakrishnan who also went on to become the second President of India was of the opinion that “teachers should be the best minds in the country.”

Although teaching is a rewarding career option that enables someone to encounter various types of students in his / her lifetime in addition to providing ample opportunities of giving and learning information, it is still an underrated profession as not many people show a keen interest in venturing out in this field. However, people who decide to pursue a profession in the academic path do struggle hard for getting placed in reputed teaching institutions across the country. Meanwhile, a number of teachers are still underpaid across the country and it is high time that the torchbearers of education get a decent salary for carrying out their duties selflessly and ensuring that each student gets bountiful knowledge about a topic.

 Teachers’ Day was first held on September 5, 1962.  After Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan became the second President of India, some of his students and well-wishers approached him and sought his permission for holding his birthday in a special way. Radhakrishnan said that “instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teachers’ Day.” Therefore, Teachers’ Day became a national celebration across educational institutions of the country since 1962. On this day, students gift their teachers with some special mementos as a symbol of showing gratitude towards them.

On this Teachers’ Day, you can shower your gratitude towards your teachers with these gifts-

Greetings Card

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Although there a number of attractive greeting cards available in the market or on e-commerce sites, there is nothing more beautiful than making a sweet handmade card for your dearest teacher. By bringing alive your inner Picasso and sketching out a colourful image, you can easily brighten up the moods of your teacher. The icing on the cake of this precious gift would be writing out a genuine heartfelt note expressing about the reasons of idolizing your teacher and also detailing out how he / she had been responsible for your achievements in life.


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A set of pens or even a single pen is a wonderful and the most affordable gift you can give to your teacher on Teachers’ Day. As the saying goes that a pen is mightier than a sword, therefore, there is nothing more sacred gift than repaying your teacher with the tool that has shaped up your career. The foremost thing that is necessary for starting the journey of education is a pen. Meanwhile, teachers also use pens to teach and strengthen the learning process of a student by checking his / her notebooks with it. Being a holy tool for both a student and a teacher, a pen would always remain a timeless ideal gift for every Teachers’ Day.

Photo Frame

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A photo frame with a special picture of you and your teacher in it would surely be a special gift to give it to your mentor on Teachers’ Day. A good picture of you and your teacher would make a memorable treasure for lifetime for your educator. Unlike a greetings card, a beautiful picture with your teacher can literally speak or express a thousand words and not a single letter is necessary to be penned down when you gift it in a stunning photo frame. With the amazing design of a photo frame upholding the speciality of the photo in a meaningful way, the gift would indeed be a wonderful way of honoring your dearest teacher.

Books / Diary

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Gifting some storehouses of knowledge i.e. books to your teacher is like honouring him / her in the highest possible way as it would indicate that you want to spread the lamp of knowledge by graciously sharing it with someone. Apart from giving books of the latest release, it would also be a good idea to gift a diary to your teacher as every person following the teaching profession considers it to be a life saver where they can plan and note down their schedules properly. A teacher may not only note down the schedule of classes he / she is required to take in a day but can also use it to jot down useful information he / she may think would be good for explaining the students.

Potted Plants

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A potted plant has become the trendiest gift of the year 2020-21 as most of the snapshots or stories of celebrity functions that went viral on social media or media portals showed a little plant in a pot widely distributed as giveaways to the hosts or guests. Meanwhile, a potted plant is also a thoughtful gift to be given to someone as you can grow it into a fine creation by tending to it with love and care. It is also one of the most ideal and sustainable gifts to be given to someone. Although the tradition of gifting flowers to teachers on September 5 every year has become a ritual, why not make this year more special by gifting a rose plant or any other flowering plant in a pot to your teacher? By gifting a potted plant, you can ensure that a teacher always remembers you whenever he/ she water your gifted plant in the morning.


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The gifting of sweets as a part of a casual token or by including in the dessert menu has been practiced from olden times. Moreover, with India being a destination where the yummiest sweets of the world are prepared, what can be the sweetest way to celebrate Teachers’ Day in the country other than by gifting your educators with a box of sweets? Dry sweets like Kaju Katli and Khurma would be the best form of gifts to brighten up your teachers’ mood and smoothen his / her features of irritation with the widest million dollar smile. With varieties of desi sweets that are available in the market being an important part of food culture of India, there can be nothing better than upholding a national educational festival with the sharing of some sweets among teachers and students.