Things you will absolutely relate to if you are a die hard lover of all things sweet!

all things sweet

Dealing with a sweet tooth can be quite a challenge! You crave all things sinfully sweet even when you are already on a high with the sugar rush. You put your health, heart and everything at stake just for that extra piece of pumpkin pie or that slightly bigger cookie. And even when you are momentarily high on the sweet euphoria, you long again and again for just one more bite of the chocolate bar you swore you would not consume in a single seating. Such is the struggle for overcoming sweet desires that you cease to remain a sweet soul yourself. Too much sweetness it seems? If only there was ever a thing like that! Here are some absolutely relatable things that every sweet lover would passionately identify with-


Even the fanciest of banquets and the most extravagant of feasts mean nothing to you if there isn’t at least a couple of items gracing the dessert counter. Like what are you supposed to wash down all those foods with? Being treated to scrumptious foods and not living up to expectations with sweets thereafter is a sin you would never be willing to forgive and forget!


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Naturally your fetish for sweets renders you a complete master when it comes to uttering names of desserts. It doesn’t matter whether the name on the sweets menu is an Indian, Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish, American or British staple, you know each and everything about that recipe for happiness.


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Equivalently you also are the pro when it comes to suggesting places for dessert. The newest cafes in town as well as the age old gems that serve sweets- none is elusive and unheard of for you. You dig into sweet places and sweets with such passion and dedication that is more than enough reason to grant you a bowlful of the sweetest treats ever!


Parties for you mean a whole assortment of sweets that stare at you enticingly, celebrations don’t go beyond sugary indulgences or even chocolates for you- provided they are amply varied. You can’t comprehend parties that wafts of biryani and speaks of chicken, or worse those that seeks to have you caught high and dry on alcohol. A gigantic platter of sweets is all what happiness and joy would ever mean for your humble soul!


Needless to say you are also absolutely the kind of person who would rather go on coffee and cake dates or pies and pastries parties rather than fancy candlenight dinners. Eating out for you are never about extravagance, it’s all about indulgence. You always go out for desserts and rarely for meals and drinks because that’s how very sweet and simple you are as a person.


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Sweets are your ultimate reason to honor any invite. Be it weddings or birthdays or even business invites, whether or not you will be gracing functions with your gracious presence is totally at the mercy of whether or not you would get to relish a ton of sweets there. And make no mistake, you will even comeback for a second serving irrespective of the many disdainful glances it fetches you!


You are forever on the lookout for any new cookies that might have entered the market or the gourmet cake brand that finally made its way to the supermarket. You can spend hours at the candy aisle, picking up things that are sweeter than the other. While people your age go dating and shopping online, you are only on the hunt for something new and sweet to add to your ‘bucket list’!


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Sweets and a whole lot of them is the main reason you love festivals. Not that you need any season to satisfy your insane sweet cravings, but festivals do indeed mean that you can splurge on and scrump up on sweets unlimited and without feeling guilty, and of course without any scolding from mom!


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It is only all things sinfully sweet that entice you to such ends that no human or even god is capable of. So much so that you wish if you could just have your love reciprocate also of the sweets that mean so much to you. I mean wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were some sweet so affable that loves you back so much that just the mere thought of them would make them magically appear before you for you to indulge?! Sounds totally ridiculous but when i’s about all things sweet, we are totally up for any ridicule!


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It’s nothing less than blasphemy and a complete loss of love for you if you aren’t offered sweets by someone- no matter who they might be. You want your friends to share their chocolates with you, you want bae to surprise you with sweets over gifts, you love it when your family never misses to get you some pastry the rare moments you are back in town, you even want those sweets being devoured alone by some stranger! You crave sweets so much and from so many- read all- people that you don’t even care if you indeed seem like you are a greedy erson! A serving of sweets is worth every name and shame!


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That said however, you absolutely loathe it when it’s you who needs to be sharing your sweets with others. Even at the sake of being called selfish, you would rather not let anyone else have as much as a bit of your basket full of chocolate and sweet goodies.


Dripping maple syrup from pancakes, chocolate oozing out from pies, cakes glazing with fondant touch, sprinkles sparkling from cupcakes, the wafting aroma of peanut butter cookies, the dripping oil of deep fried sweets, the pretty exquisiteness of gourmet desserts is all the delight you need to be happy and contented with life. Drooling over every sweet thing conceivable is what takes up the most part of your life and absolutely makes your day.


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Such is the versatility and generosity of the world of sweets that even people who are otherwise not enticed too much by everything sugary will instantly name those divine desserts as their comfort food or at least as their indulgent guilty pleasures. For you however, sweets aren’t just your comfort food. They are your favorite food, your forever staple, your go to indulgence as well as your celebratory specialty. You really don’t need any specific reason or mood to profess your love for every sweet stuff this world thankfully abounds in. Sweet is basically all that makes your world go round and round in sugary spirals! No wonder then that you would prefer to have sweet meals as your breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between meals!


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Sweets are even your definition of pampering! You would be sure that someone loves you unconditionally if you never see them without them bringing you sweet treats of any kind whatsoever. It’s so easy to lure and coax you with these insanely delectable delights of sweet nothings that you wouldn’t mind for once even if you fall dead into some scheming trap! Love someone or hate someone, if they got sweets, they got you! Anyone who brings you sweets is your favorite person and you are ready to oversee all wrongs they have done if they are capable of carrying the courtesy dose of sweetness unto you.


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You are disgusted by people who consider dessert to be only a customary part of a meal and stick to just one miserly piece of cake. On second thoughts however, you are grateful as well to such souls because it means there’s more sweet left for you to savor and satiate your soul with! And there’s really no limit to how many or rather how much more sweets you can eat in a single seating. Your capacity to chomp down on sweets is supernatural and you can go and on about them with easy aplomb till INNFINITY!


The moment you step into any sweet shop, you know you have landed on heaven. You are spoilt for choice at the many colorful sweets that enchant you and you go crazy trying to pick one over the other. You want to eat them all, at once and with an appetite that would drive any gargantuan giant to shame. Call it ecstasy, call it delirium even, but sweet shops indeed have you in fancy like no other thing in the world ever can!


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The ardent sweet lover that you are, you have perhaps heard more than enough jokes about how you should get married to some halwai. And you don’t really have any qualms submitting to such fantasy if that’s all that will take for you to further your love affair with those irresistible sugary madness. But alas, extra marital affairs are a strict no-no, you see, which perhaps is the only reason why you deigned to submit to such ‘proposals’!


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You are absolutely unbiased about any form of sweetness whatsoever. Sweets always bring you happiness in any form and you would gulp down everything you can bite your sweet tooth into. Be it halwas or puddings, fancy sweets or traditional Indian mithais, exotic world desserts or the local candy, no sweet is audacious enough to put you off and you are equally fond of each and every one of them!


You are so committed to eating sweets that you would readily trade your burger for some salad if it would help balancing up your sweet onslaught. You don’t care what else you get or don’t get to eat, if you have sweets at your every beck and call, you have the world by our side.


Your love for sweets is so true that your stomach instinctively frees up some space for sweet even when you are otherwise full to the throat. Dessert isn’t something that is complimentary for you, it’s the whole basis of your life and your food habits.


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Even when people might think that with all the dose of unhealthy oversweetness you have been plunging headlong into all your life, you would be concerned enough to consider giving up sweets, or at least cutting down on them, a serious thought, that’s never the reality. No reason is big enough motivation for you to override your love for sweets. Even when you might be momentarily put off by prevailing concerns about how you are sure going to be a diabetic, you choose to overlook it all for the sake of the massive love you profess and feel.