I don’t understand how my BFFs run in those high heels like an athlete while I face 99 ways to fall!

high heels

The wedding season is on in full swing and (thankfully) drawing to a close. Because with friends getting hitched like no time earlier, I have been particularly susceptible to dressing up in all the glitz and finery. And it has been a particularly difficult time for my literally to-the-ground dear feet. With heel-ism ruling large, imagine my horror when I looked the Lilliput of the group in my humble flats.

Not one to be ‘trodden down’, I immediately traded all the comfort of this world for a glittery pair of swanky heels! Stone studded, silver pleated beauties- really lured me with their glamour.


But my, slipping into them was such an ordeal! Whether it me being thrown off balance or my toes being thrown off comfort or worse, my whole existence being thrown out of gear, I had to be one dejected baraati!

That set me rethinking about my entire life experiences! I don’t understand how my BFFs runs in those high heels like an athlete while I face 99 ways to fall!


That said, heels do have some ‘healing powers’ as well! So if you are someone my type, you can very well relate to these experiences of heel hiking. Hiking, I say, for it hadn’t been any less of an adventure for me the first time I tried out!

The balancing act!

For someone who has been romping around on the flattest of shoes and the comfiest of slippers their entire life, the first time experience of wearing a pair of heels is freaky at best.


With toes rising high up somewhere, the delicate fingers trying to balance the rest of your weight is a struggle. Stumbling off balance is so much a risk you undertake at will when you slip into those pretty, shiny heels. But worry not, almost falling off from those high rise footwear is a luxury everyone will experience the maiden time they go high and dry.

A confidence that is crazyy!


But it isn’t that a stumbler is all you will be when you venture out to rule the world in those heels. The added height brought upon you by your newly heeled feet also endows you with a confidence that is as sexy as your stutter. Feeling like you own the world as you tower more than ever is definitely one of the worthiest emotions that will overwhelm the heely you!

All hail the tall!


That said, even if you had been more than confident your entire life, a pair of newly put on high heels still empowers you. No, not feminism and all but being so so taller than usual is kinda exciting, no?

‘Smack’ goes the break!

Pretty as they may be, heels and pencil heels in particular have this tendency of breaking off quite easily. Of course, with all that balancing on a single nail-like platform, you cannot really blame those heels for falling apart. But alas, heels don’t fall only by themselves, they make sure it’s also your world that falls apart as well. And when you are a first timer with heels, the horror descends real fast and quick when you discover that you have been ditched. Trust me, a heart break is in fact better than a heel break!

Feminine feels!


Whether you have been a tomboy all your life or love dancing about in the rain in your flip flops, wearing heels for the first time endows you with a grace that speaks feminine exuberance all throughout. And surprisingly, you even start loving this new found femininity that you didn’t even think could have existed somewhere in the carefree confines of your soul!

Dilemmas diverse!


Your first time experience of wearing heels will most likely be in some kind of social gathering. Be it a wedding or a day out, a party or an event, where you are expected to come across as warm and confident, wearing heels can be a real struggle if you aren’t really accustomed to ’em. You are torn between the discomfort those measly, tapered shoes cause you and the smile that you are expected to radiate on your face. To smile or to frown then, becomes the greatest dilemma of your life!

(Sore- feet) candy for the (sore) eyes!


Heels don’t just make you appear taller, they also enhances your appeal. And when it’s your first time ever in life, you feel as if all eyes rest on you as you try to romp about in just the perfect way ever. Because indeed, they are. So whether you get uneasy in the face of all such attention or are happy being the center of attraction for once, heels will make sure you stand out among the crowd. Quite literally!

A shoe- see!


And after a long, long day of trying to find balance in your steps (and in life), there isn’t any other thought that fills you like longing the comfort of your favorite (worn out) sneakers. You happily drift away to dreamland, visualising yourself in casual platforms, reveling in the carefree pleasures an ‘unheeled’ life offers!

S’cary’tilettos, maybe?


But all things considered, heels can be dead scary too. Imagine wearing a pair of flashy stilettos only to find that those pin point heel gets precariously caught somewhere in tiny gaps treading underneath the feet! Scary enough to make you vow not to wear those stick like sandals ever!

Heelway to hell!


And it isn’t that falling while on heels is the messiest life experience to encounter. The after effects are far more pronounced as well. From dealing with sore feet, to nursing bruised and blistered fingers or even aging suddenly with a nagging back pain, heels do everything to make sure you don’t heal!

Bear till you bare!


Be it your first time rendezvous with an enhanced heighty appearance or the umpteenth time you slip into heels, there’s no denying the fact that heels are anything but comfortable. At the end of the day, you inevitably end up kicking those heels off and happily scamper about barefooted. After all, happiness lies in the simplest things of life!