Tips for women in 50s to look younger

how to look younger in your 50s


Hello Ladies! Today I have come up with some essential and useful tips to look younger in your 50s, that’ll blow your mind. I know everyone says that “Aging is a Privilege, do not regret it but embrace it”. Well, aging is a normal process of life however, feeling anxious and depressed as you age is a choice, don’t let it hamper your life.

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Even if I say do not get depressed over aging, it’s normal… I know it’s hard on you. You may ask yourself how I can ignore the signs of aging? Waking up and seeing myself in the mirror? Can’t help yet asking yourself how I can look younger? And getting grumpy and depressed.

To begin with, face the fact if you’re stressed and getting depressed more often, you’ll look older than your age, as you must know our brain and body are linked.

Take care of your mental health, the way you think can bring enormous change in your life and body.

Nevertheless, if not taken care of, you’ll find yourself falling into a deep pit of uncountable physical health problems.

And remember… Aging is inevitable and beautiful; it tells you and shows the world how gracefully you’ve survived and lived a life full of wisdom. Not everyone is blessed with tomorrow but see how lucky you’re to find yourself alive every morning. Seize the moment.

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Let me introduce you to some amazing tips, to look younger in your 50s.

Despite the fact we’re aging, whatever may be your age, if you’re looking forward to looking younger, these tips will help you like magic. It just needs a little effort from your side every day, they’re easy and affordable.

Let’s get started…

Smile with confidence.

Simple smile. According to much research, it is concluded that people who tend to smile more are often seen as younger than their actual age. And while people who frown appear older than their age.

What do you say? Try smiling more, it’ll bring the utmost happiness that you’ve been searching for as well you’ll look 1 year younger.

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And when a smile combined with confidence it’s like sprinkling cherry on top of a cake. Well, you must’ve seen and felt it yourself, as we age, we get insecure over our skin, the wrinkles behind our eyes, the dryness in our skin.

But ask yourselves, Do I believe looks play a bigger role in my life? Do I believe looks matter when it comes to loving myself and being admired by loved ones?

If you stand tall, confident, smiling with the beautiful curve with your lips and highlighting what you loved the most in life, cherishing the moment, you’ll definitely look gorgeous.

Take care of your skin.

How? Our skin’s different, they’re unbelievably delicate and sure enough it naturally loses its collagen and eventually reduces the skills connectivity and elasticity.

However, if you can maintain your skin and prioritize it, then you can avoid all the signs of aging, like wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and other pigmentation.

Here’s what you can do for your skin starting today…

Rejuvenate your Face skin.

  • Massage your face. Giving your face a regular massage can increase blood flow and stimulate cell growth. A facial massage reduces chances of getting wrinkles and fine lines as well it’ll rejuvenate your skin.

You can use Jade facial roller to gently massage your face.

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So, here’s what you can do; cleanse your face with mild cleansers and pet it dry, and choose a beneficial face oil to get extreme results. Massage your face gently everyday before going to bed or in the morning whenever you get time.

  • Use collagen-based creams. Collagen surely does magic; it keeps your skin tissue intake resulting in soft and elastic skin. Well, it is found naturally in our skin but as we age the amount of collagen production slows down, however I’ve got your back. Why not try collagen-based cream starting today?


Using a collagen-based cream can maintain the gentleness and softness of your skin. The benefits are it’ll reduce visibility of wrinkles, improve elasticity of your skin, and prevent sagging giving us a flawless and youthful look.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. Smoking and drinking are dangerous to health, right? Well, it is dangerous for your youthful skin too. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and damages your complexion; you must have seen people who smoke often their skin looks pale and lifeless.
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And smoking kills you… sorry to scare you but it’s true. Smoking not only affects your lungs but it also contributes to wrinkles and dry skin. It affects the tiny skin cells and decreases the blood flow, reduces the oxygen and nutrients which are important for skin. So, if you smoke, you know what to do if you love your skin, quit smoking.

  • Eat healthy. An apple each day keeps the doctor away. And eating healthy can help you look good, feel good and away from all the health problems. Money doesn’t grow on trees but fruits does. So, spending money on non-effective medication and supplements, spend it on fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in phytoestrogen.
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Phytoestrogens act as anti aging within the skin, increasing production of acid, collagen, proliferation, preventing skin from oxidative stress and apoptosis. It acts similarly to estrogen, which can counter androgens and prevent acne.

  • Treat your skin some moisturizing cream and shave carefully. If your skin is dry first of all, avoid taking hot and long showers, because it sucks out the oils from your skin. However, instead limit your bath and use cold or mild warm water rather than HOT… also avoid strong soaps.

And while shaving protects and lubricates your skin, apply lotion, gel, shaving cream beforehand. Also, for the closest shave use a sharp razor, shave in the direction the hair grows. After shower and shaving, exfoliate your skin with moisturizing creams, oils or lotion.

  • Protect your skin from the sun. one of the most important things that we ignore which should be prioritized the most, protecting our skin from the sun. You see, this harsh UV rays and a lifetime exposure to it can cause dark spots, wrinkles and other skin problems like skin cancer.

Protect your skin starting today,

  • Apply Sunscreen. According to dermatologists, everyone should use at-least sunscreen with an SPF 30, which blocks 97% of the harmful sun’s UV rays. And if you’re using a higher number of SPFs, you’re going in the right path. However, remember no sunscreen can block 100% UV rays.
  • Stay in shades. Try to avoid sun between 10am to 4pm when the sun is up and the rays are strongest. Use an umbrella or wear protective clothes with long sleeves, long pants and hats.

Take care of your body.

Exercise. After reading a lot of articles on how to reduce the aging process I find out, aging is mostly dependent on our daily habits. If you’re lying around thinking how I can achieve a healthy body? And a healthier skin? I have the answer, start exercising. Go for daily walks, jogging, swimming, skiing, dancing etc. start slowly and build gradually.

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According to researchers, Aerobic exercises can prevent or reverse the aging effects naturally. Exercise is not an ocean of youth but it is a simple drink of vitality which increases your body metabolism protecting you from the effects of age.

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It’s like the subject of math, if we don’t practice a formula regularly, we forget, and if we’re not moving our body our bones are rusting. Use your body, move it to keep it young.

Follow the trends, don’t be that stereotypical old grandma.

Why agree with how society portrays older people? In this growing world of fashion, trends, beauty and upbringing lifestyle. Whilst the media and societies are patronizing the negative image of aging…

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If you’ve come this far don’t back off, you can choose how to feel and how to look. Be the main character or the small fries that die easily? I know nobody out there and you don’t want to look older than you are.

So, here’s what to do…

Follow trends and fashion.

Dress up, make up, boost your confidence and look years younger… one of the things I’ve noticed in older people as they climb the ladder of aging their sense of style narrows.

Well, let me sprinkle some tips to help you get out of the race of lackluster.

  • Hairstyle. Your hair has the tendency to make you look youthful or older, so hairstyle matters. And as we grow older our hair gets thinner and loses pigment resulting in white hair.
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It’s up to you, how you work with your hair but a little cutting, shaping and color can do a lot for your look!

Here’s how you can use your hair in the best way…


  • Shoulder length haircut. It is the most suitable and fluttering haircut for an elderly woman. But the same goes for all the ladies out there. This haircut can also create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair with framing the face.
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  • Bob haircut. I believe a bob cut can instantly give you a more juvenile look. Removing the length and following the trendy haircuts that sits along your jawline, enhances the cheekbones highlighting the best features.
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  • Soft bangs. An appropriate bang can create a great way to make you look younger. Just don’t cut it too short. You can wear them straight in front or just keep them on the side. Before getting the cut, look for the best bang length and go for it.
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  • Asymmetrical bangs. High forehead? Get bangs or else don’t. Well, bangs look better when you’ve a high forehead, otherwise they can draw more attention to the imperfections. Asymmetrical bangs can balance the forehead and pointed chin and emphasize the cheekbones naturally.
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  • Slightly cropped haircut. Getting your hair done with heat styling and using chemical-based shampoo is normal these days but it has a significant drawback. Includes breakage, damaged hair, hair fall etc. However, one can avoid all these with just this simple hair cut that not only saves your hair but also gives you a youthful appearance.
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  • Long hair with waves. Straight hair or loose waves? In a survey many people voted for loose waves, supporting the statement that loose waves with layers are more younger looking compared to Straight hair. This hairstyle can make your hair appear healthier with face framing layers.
  • Sleek undercuts. This great haircut can make you appear bold, stylist and juvenile. Well, it frames your face with a tight side, leaving the top voluminous. Best option for both thick and thin hairs.
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  • Bob with layers. Thinning hair? This haircut is especially great for women with thinning hair, as it creates the illusion of thickness and gives your locks more movement.
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  • Pixie haircut. Oval face? This asymmetrical pixie haircut has the tendency to frame your oval face-shaped perfectly. It is perfect for women who don’t have time to style and care for their hair. After all, it’s an easy to style haircut.
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Hair colors…

  • Caramel highlights. This goes best for brunettes; it softens facial features adding dimensions to the hair and making it appear voluminous.
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  • Bronde. Warm blond highlights with darker bases are great for any age. It can give you a youthful glow with a natural base, with face framing features.
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  • Soft black. This soft black is much more flattering than the jet-black hair, it softens the shades giving a shinier hair look.
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There’s more in the list like, Golden chocolate, strawberry blonde, champagne blonde, honey blonde, auburn etc.


Makeup is an empowering tool in the life of almost all women of all ages. It’s not about putting on some foundation or lipstick, it’s the only way of self-expression.

Makeup can do so much for you if applied properly otherwise, it can bring you down.

  • Prime your skin.
  • Use the appropriate foundation.
  • Apply the concealer properly.
  • Keep focus on your eye makeup
  • Makes the lips plumper

How to apply?

  • First do your brows

(Ignore the asymmetry, as we age and our face grow asymmetry which is inevitable)

  • Use makeup sponge for moisturizing
  • Apply primer
  • Apply foundation (avoid matte formula foundation)
  • Apply concealer
  • Apply bronzer and blush
  • Apply highlighters
  • Apply darker shadow to the lid and blends with lighter tones
  • Apply eyeliner
  • Put volume to your eyelashes with mascara.
  • Apply lip liner
  • Apply lipstick and lip gloss or for a natural look use simple lip balm.
  • Apply setting powder and setting spray.
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If you don’t want to put in so much effort, put moisturizer, sunscreen on your face and neck and finally put on lipstick or lip balm that suits you the best.

Change your clothing style.

Style and fashion in your 50s can be confusing and frustrating, looking at women in their 20s and 30s can leave you feeling that you have absolutely no idea what to wear according to your body shape.

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Looking stylish and trendy is something that everyone desires.

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(Well, choosing the right clothing also depends on your body shape, if you want to know the fashion rule for structure and body type, leave your thoughts in the comment section below)

However, below is the list of clothing styles for women who want to look smart and fight the stereotypes.

  • Back Fitted jacket
  • Black pencil skirt
  • Cardigans
  • Tank tops
  • Dresses
  • Long sleeve blouse
  • Blazer and jeans
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  • Capri pants
  • Cocktail dress
  • Lace dress
  • Work outfit
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Last but not least…

  • Get enough sleep
  • Add vitamin c to your routine
  • You may take collagen supplements
  • Skip sugar and lower the intake of salt
  • Wear accessories like – brightly colored earring, patterned scarf, watches.
  • Atlast you can go for facial fillers.

And finally, be confident. Aging is a process of becoming a person you always should have been… but not for limiting yourself from enjoying your life.