Get ready for the festive season with the ultimate Indian beauty ingredients

traditional beauty ingredients of india

Beauty is an ideal universally aspired of, the essence of which has been exalted enough to emerge as being an art in itself. An art indeed- practised through a multitude of mediums of cosmetics and beauty products and treatments and stuff that strive to live up to this ideal of a thing of beauty being joy forever. But if you are someone not convinced about this form of its practise, then there are many traditional recipes that will let you unearth the secrets of beauty without much fuss. Go then the desi way and indulge your soul with the true riches of this art through some traditional Indian ingredients commonly used in beauty-

Multani Mitti

The very occurring of multani mitti in that moniker might posit it as a unique ingredient in skincare but all over the world clay dominates the palette when it comes to a serving of beauty. Fuller’s earth is the term that largely accounts for this surprising assertion in the realm of the cosmetic. Particularly though, multani mitti is the specific type of clay from the modern day Pakistani city of Multan and has been widely used in the Indian subcontinent for diverse purposes since long back.

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The powdery form of this clay as is easily available is quite effective for a range of skincare and haircare requirements. What is particularly striking is the fact that this famed clay of Multan attends to every skin type. But its oil and sebum absorbing properties makes it a particular boon for those who have an oily epidermis. The benefits of multani mitti also extends to cover a range of hair issues most specifically those that needs a thorough cleansing of the scalp.

The Indian Fuller’s Earth

Outside its affinity to suck out excess oil for lending just the ideal texture to your hair and skin, the cooling and exfoliating properties of this Indian version of fuller’s earth is equally pronounced. Beyond its acne and pimple preventing ‘powers’, this humble ingredient also helps to lighten even the darkest of tans. It also helps scrub off the dead cells from the skin while toning and tightening it such that every single thing responsible for your beauty woes from the dull look to the dark eyes vanishes upon its solitary impact. The cooling properties further help in reducing redness and inflammation to lend a look that is beautiful in its healthiness.

Multani Mitti can also be used with several other natural ingredients to curate a beauty regimen that is as cost effective as it is traditional. In addition, a similar profile of healthifying and beautifying hair makes it even more miraculous an one ingredient wonder as well.

Gulab Jal

Gulab Jal traditional beauty ingredient of india
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The world calls it rosewater, for us though its a typical royal feel derived out of calling this tonic Gulab Jal that we use in everything from cooking creams to body lotions to emerge as glowing and roselike as ever. Its watery connotation already affirms its potential as a moisturising agent but the sweetness of its flowery derivation occurs in a greater medley of benefits.

Rose water is helpful in treating skin irritation and redness and is also very effective against inflammation. It also works as toner and hydrater while being an anti aging cure that can be topically applied by and in itself. And it isn’t just the body that this fragrant elixir of beauty attends to. Rose water can also be applied on hair to prevent excess oil and sebum production as well as reduce hair loss. It can even be used as a DIY hair serum alongside glycerin or as a conditioning treatment for your tresses. What however makes this easily available and affordable ingredient of beauty even more remarkable is its fragrant quality that infuses freshness in everything it is made to work upon.


turmeric face masks turmeric skin benefits for skin
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Just a snap of the gorgeous golden milk latte dominating Instagram in all its enticing hue is proof enough of the kind of beauty that haldi encompasses. A superfood and spice that is freely used in all extents of Indian cooking from savoury to sweet and also in numerous aspects of lifestyle, turmeric’s main identity is as being an agent of healthiness. But the beauty benefits of it are impressive enough as well for it to occupy traditional status as one of the key Indian ingredients.

The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial nature of the spice is what colors it in all shades of wellness. So precious in fact is the golden glow that it is customary for brides and grooms to undergo the haldi ritual irrespective of how many beauty treatments they might have splurged on. So whether your concern is one of acne and skin issues or those of achieving a festive glow, this golden colored rhizome is esteemed enough to attend to either.


The key ingredient in every batter cooking up indulgence whether of savoury pakodas or through sweet barfis, besan is yet another kitchen staple that Indian households seldom runs out of. And it is also one of those well established ingredients that has stomped its way over the arena of beauty, through numerous traditional combinations of tried and tested recipes each ensuring a particular remedy to a certain issue at hand. But while the prominence of besan as a definite skincare ritual has long been known, it is also not unlike its counterparts when it comes to yielding benefits for the hair.

besan for hair
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The multifarious nature of besan continues to dictate the case of its using for hair care. Rich in everything from antioxidants and minerals to vitamins and ample proteins, this lightly yellowed powder of chickpeas does a world of good when applied to hair. While hair loss and thinning are obvious cases besan attend to in its primarily protein rich character, it also are unexpected problems of dandruff that it can help alleviate. It acts as cleanser and exfoliator of the scalp and also comes loaded with the power of conditioning hair. So next time you are thinking of pampering your hair with something wholesome yet effortless, you know exactly the part of your kitchen awaiting a raid!


malai traditional beauty ingredient of india

An ever more easily available ingredient that makes the cut as an excellent beauty aid is the delicious malai out of which a ton of different mithais are made. This goodness of the milk cream translates equally well into the realm of wellness. This creamy component of milk is a kitchen staple most noted for making skin supple and soft, in turn endowing a characteristic youthfulness to appearances. Nutrient rich and particularly laden with the nourishing properties of milk, malai is one of the best desi ways to bask in the beauty of health.

The fatty essence of malai makes it a natural moisturiser and skin lightener. It also stimulates collagen production and makes skin smoother and wrinkle free while improving the texture. Malai also bears reputation as a cleanser and exfoliator but its soothing powers also happen to be rather pronounced. And given its essentially fatty identity, it does not come as any surprise that this is an ingredient that makes for a potent all-in-one hair care recipe itself.