Types of guests found in every Indian wedding


A wedding ceremony in India always brings various types of people to the fore. While Indian weddings are all about glitzy decorations and sumptuous food, it is the guests whose behaviour and personality gets prominent before each other. Besides discussing or rather say gossiping about the bride and the groom, who are of course, stealing all the limelight, we cannot stay away from looking at the variety of guests thronging the wedding halls. From their makeup, clothes, accessories and the way they are behaving, each guest unknowingly express volumes about themselves in a wedding. For this reason, social observation is a worthwhile treat to indulge in while attending the biggest social event of the country. Meanwhile, the large number of guests who waits to greet or speak to you also indicate various hints of their personality to you. 

The types of guests that you would find at every Indian wedding includes-

Nosy Questioner

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Every wedding would bring forward a nosy questioner who would like to ask lots of questions to the person he/ she is talking to. From seeking to know about the details of his / her job and the well being of each one of his/ her family members to the exact salary he/she earns and the educational backgrounds of his / her children, nosy questioners would indeed bombard their fellows with lots of unnecessary questions about their private lives. Although some nosy questioners might seem like a looming threat when they come towards you, there are some whom you would not mind as their questions would be accompanied with loads of pampering and fussiness for you along with your answers. Moreover, nosy questioners would also like to know when the guests they meet are getting married and whether he/ she would be invited to their weddings or not. On meeting newly married guests, nosy questioners would ask about the time they would be planning their new family. Nosy questioners can sometimes become ideal matchmakers too. Every kind of private question seems a favourite topic of entertainment for the nosy questioner in an Indian wedding.

Ravenous Foodie

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There are some people who would make sure that they have tasted each food item that they come across in a wedding. For a huge fan of food, every dish in an Indian wedding seems extremely delightful and would make them ravenous on seeing the way it is being served. However, ravenous foodies are the ones who would go to attend a wedding mostly with the goal of tucking enjoyably on the not-so-regular tasty fare that they would come across. A large number of food lovers would continue to shout at the waiters for taking third or fourth helpings of the yummy starters besides ensuring they would get a chance of overloading each food item from the buffet somehow into their plates. In order to find out the dishes that are on offer, ravenous foodies would often roam around the entire wedding venue, find every food counter and sample each kind of dish served there. These type of persons would seriously ensure that they hadn’t missed out any single food item and then only they can happily bid adieu from the wedding and go happy with a happy tummy and mind.

Overloaded Fashionista

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Every Indian wedding would witness the arrival of a few overloaded fashionistas who would become the subject of gossip. Although each guest would make sure that they go to a wedding in an elegant manner, there are some who would go with overdone makeup, complex hairstyles and wearing clothes full of bling. Moreover, there are some expected guests who would arrive late to the wedding much to the annoyance of the hosts and it sometimes turn out that they are the ultimate overloaded fashionistas and had announced their presence late due to playing around with suitable kinds of styles. Fashion is the main source of observation of wedding guests and their looks are often the primary sources of gossip later on.

Photo Addicts

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People who love making memories of everything would always move around with their mobile phones primarily with the purpose of taking good photos wherever they move around the wedding venue. Besides ensuring that they always manage to have a good snapshot with the bride and groom at the stage from the professional photographer, they would also find spots that would look social media friendly for taking perfect selfies or groupfies. Moreover, these photo addicts would never forget to take an excellent photo for himself / herself from someone at the wedding so that they can use it as their profile picture or display picture on their social media sites weeks or maybe years later. For a photo addict, every wedding is incomplete without taking photos.

Active Fun Seeker

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For the people who actively looks out for fun, every wedding is dull or rather say lifeless without music or dance. They are the ones who would dance their hearts out or like no one is watching when going out with the groom party or in the pre-wedding rituals. Whatever be the type of music, the active fun seekers would always shake a leg in their own unique styles. If pre-wedding rituals are devoid of music, they would encourage everyone to lend a voice to any song and would cheer for them rapturously. Moreover, they would also sing without minding the tunes and voice but of course joyfully

Gossip Researcher

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When the guests who likes to talk does not find any suitable companion, they would actively roam around the whole wedding venue and pick out the likable group who would listen to their huge lists of gossips attentively. These gossip researchers can find any random topic to while away the time in a wedding and could even go on and on for days if possible. From laughing over secrets of their relatives to the scenes unfolding before them at the wedding, gossip researchers are the ones who cannot even bear to hear the word boring and would find ways to make everything interesting.

Silent Observer

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There are some guests who get overwhelmed with all the drama happening at the wedding and would prefer to sit a little away from the crowd and silently observe the events happening around them and compose thoughts about it in their own dreamy world. However, the cutest silent observers in a wedding are the little children who would analyze the noisy surroundings with a wide eyed interest.