Different types of umbrellas to pick from when you go out

types of umbrellas

Umbrellas are one of the most overlooked of utility essentials. An indispensable lifestyle component, umbrellas help us tide over the ravages of weather no doubt, while also letting us shield from that known face we are trying to avoid in the streets. In their multifunctional versatility, umbrellas therefore deserve much more attention. Here’s shedding some extensive light on the many different types of umbrellas you can choose from to be the true fancier of your protector-

Automatic Umbrellas

Automatic Umbrellas types
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The saviours of messy rainy days that umbrellas are supposed to be, it is only convenient to possess one of the automatic types. With a single button that effortless opens the umbrella and also closes it down, automatic umbrellas require minimal use of one hand so that you can as well go ahead and multitask. Specially on days when you have to brave torrential downpours that can drench you in an instant, automatic umbrellas are the best option.

Whether it be alighting from some public transport that does not allow you to take your time or having to hold on to your host of belongings, automatic umbrellas are the most efficient. Also these types tend to be compact enough to fit in all regular sized bags which means you do not have to worry about holding them all the day through if the rain decides to not pour its heart out.

Classic Umbrellas

Classic Umbrellas
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These types of umbrellas get their name from their long standing classic existence. Most common in the yesteryears though less seen now, they generally are not foldable unlike the automatic ones. That however does not mean that you cannot carry them in your bag because they can indeed close down to compact sizes manually. They also are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and designs which makes them all the more popular. Generally sturdy, being made of such materials as metal or wood with polyester shafts and microfiber canopies, classic umbrellas offer also the best protection from the rain and the sun. Needless to say, these umbrellas have been in vogue for long and will continue to do so in all their versatility and affordability.

Inverted Umbrellas

inverted umbrella
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One of the newer additions to the many types of umbrellas, inverted umbrellas are more flexible and portable all right but the greatest asset is the convenience of them. Drippy umbrellas always tend to make a mess once they need to fold down even when not completely dry. Inverted umbrellas innately come to the rescue in such situations in their very style. Also popular as the reverse folding umbrella or the upside down umbrella, they have their frames mounted on the outside which is why they turn inside out when folded down. It indeed is an added feature as well that makes these umbrellas particularly resistant to strong winds, as they hold shape with their double layered, sturdy canopy design. Feasible as well as fashionable, inverted umbrellas are truly the next best thing in the world of umbrellas to have emerged after long.

Bubble Umbrellas

Bubble Umbrellas types
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Bubble types of umbrellas are those that appear as one half of a bubble. Also called domed umbrellas because of their spherical shape, they have a canopy that is much taller than the regular ones. Also, the dome shape means they fit around your body leaving you less exposed to the ravages of the weather. One of the most inventive and functional of umbrellas, bubble umbrellas can be easily deciphered by the very prominent look of it. They happen also to be sightlier objects to carry, because the canopy arch generally happens to be some transparent material that does not obstruct your vision. This transparent arch though stems from a practical purpose- in their dome shape that extends well upto the line of vision of the eye, bubble umbrellas are mostly made out of some sort of clear material making them both functional and aesthetic.

Golf Umbrellas

These are huge umbrellas, with extra wide canopies that serve special purpose to- you guessed right- golfers. Specially made to provide shelter to the golfsman and his standard sized golf bags, these umbrellas are a common sight at golf courses that are large open spaces and therefore more susceptible to the effects of both the rain as well as the sun. However despite their name, golf umbrellas can also pass of as those types intended for regular use as they provide more protection. The handles of these umbrellas also are often ergonomic to ensure that they go easily inside the golf bag at times when the latter does not need the protection.

Beach Umbrellas

Much like golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas also are large and spell out where they belong- the glorious sands of sunkissed beaches. You have likely spotted numerous of them in any of your visit to the beach when the sun is a bit too harsh for sunbathing folks. In their easy breezy avatar, that which is also encompassed by their colorful, usually striped appearance, these are delicate types of umbrellas that cannot offer much protection against strong winds and heavy rains. Durable enough to withstand only the gentle seaside breeze and huge amounts of sunshine, these are umbrellas with straight handles that can easily be planted in the sand for the perfect, relaxing beach experience.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas
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It’s easy to confuse patio umbrellas with the beach ones since both happens to be types for lounging outdoors. However, in their distinctive names, they indeed give ample insights into the world of differences they harbour. A very large and very strong umbrella that aren’t quite easy to move, patio types make for common appearances also in commercial spaces like open lounge coffee shops as well. Robust and sturdy, these are generally planted through a hole in tables though variants include those that can be mounted on a stand as well. In their outdoorsy standing, these umbrellas also come usually with certain tilting features that provide protection from the sun as it continues its journey from the east to the west in course of the day.

Novelty Umbrellas

Like all other listings in the novelty business, novelty umbrellas are also some of the most unique types you would spot in the horizon. Quirky and interesting, these are definite eye grabbers and would make you stand out in the crowd, quite literally. They can come in any number of ‘shapes’- even in their encompassment of the typically semi circular shape of umbrellas, the novelties can feature added elements that make them distinctive from standard umbrellas. A definite head turner, these catchy umbrellas may or may not be efficient in their function against the forces of nature but when it comes to human attention, these surely will grant you no shelter!

Kids Umbrellas

Child Umbrellas types
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Needless to say, kids umbrellas are fun, vibrant types meant for children. Smaller and lighter than regular umbrellas to ensure ease of handling by the tiny tots, these also sport a shaft that is shorter than the standard size and comes in small arc size canopies that can effectively shield. Added safety features include safety tips along the end of the ribs so that they do not poke into eyes or skin and cause hurt to playful little ones just learning the art of handling umbrellas. Usually colorful picks designed to entice, with child friendly patterns ranging from toys and cartoons and attractive designs, certain types of child umbrellas can also pass off as novelty umbrellas in their unique designings.

Paper Umbrellas

Hailing from the region of China, that which is often credited as the inventor of the modern umbrella, paper umbrellas or oil paper umbrellas to be exact are a significant component of Chinese culture. Outside of their use in providing shade, these paper umbrellas mostly exist now in their deep seated religious and traditional significance. Even in appearance, these are somewhat different from the spherical umbrellas that we regularly use. Opening into an almost round shape, paper umbrellas feature intricate designs in certain colors that make them mostly decorative items, apart from being elements of religion and culture. Apart from China, these umbrella types are also a recurring theme in the culture of other Asian nations including Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Today, they are coveted mainly as attractive art pieces or as local souvenirs.

Artistic Umbrellas

Artistic Umbrellas
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Artistic umbrellas are almost novelty umbrellas, only they happen to be more high end. In also being also a part of your fashion statement, artistic umbrellas are a fashion in itself! Fashionable umbrellas that are also fairly functional while still retaining their flamboyance, these types can be picked as per your tastes and preferences because there are aa lot many of them available today. Whether you choose to have them customised or go instead for a more intricate personalised touch, artistic umbrellas will ensure that not a day passes by when you don’t show the world your glamour!

Art Umbrellas

Van Gogh starry night Umbrella
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With art being so crucial an element in ensuring the creative sustenance of humankind, it is no wonder that some of the most famous pieces of art in history have become an integral part of the identity of our race. And ingrained in such profusions of desire that has us forever hankering for creative glory are the art umbrellas. These are umbrellas that feature the arts- prominent, famous drawings of them that find their way on umbrella canopies. In venturing beyond utility to satiate also creativity, art umbrellas can be novelty as well as artistic picks that rest in an esteem of their own.

High Wind (Storm) Umbrellas

High Wind (Storm) Umbrellas types
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While we have been lauding umbrellas for their definitive function in shielding us from the lashes of the rain and the fury of the sun, we perhaps have been overlooking another of their ‘work areas’. Umbrellas also can provide protection from winds and storms and there are specific builts of umbrellas yielding to this purpose. Known as high wind umbrellas or storm umbrellas, these are extra thick picks that are made with a special reinforced material. With their double layers of cover and huge girth, these are massive, sturdy umbrellas that are an absolute necessity in such regions that continuously face the uproar of strong winds. In also their exceptional service during heavy rains and in inclement weather, these umbrellas provide some of the most efficient protection from nature in all her rage.

Smart Umbrellas

The technologically bred umbrella is the smart umbrella that which is sure the next gen thing in the brolly world. There have been developed quite a few varieties of smart umbrellas, that offer a variety of ‘services’. From predicting the weather and notifying to remind you to take it along, these types of umbrellas essentially comes with such features that can help it connect to your phone to keep you dry and secure at all times.