Unhealthy habits to ditch ASAP for a prolonged hale and hearty life

unhealthy habits

It is no secret that your lifestyle directly impacts and even determines the life you would live. A healthy lifestyle promotes good health, an unhealthy lifestyle demotes it- it’s as simple as that. Your way to good health therefore stems from your choices and your habits, which you might either religiously follow or fall back on as a matter of compulsion. It’s as simple as cutting down on bad, unhealthy habits that will grant you a renewed tryst with a life worthy of living to the fullest. So what are the unhealthiest things you have been doing all your life that has been putting your health at stake? Read on to know all about the things and ways you need to cut down on for your shot at a better life-

Skipping breakfast

All those adages of breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a reality greater than you can conceive. From kickstarting your metabolism to improving your alertness, a full stomach is a necessity to have you running on and about with life itself. In fact there are more benefits to ‘breaking your fast’ (!) than you would ever know.

A breakfast that you just skipped might mean that you would keep nibbling on tidbits all day through which spells disaster for your fitness as well. Skipping breakfast is also related to spike in glucose levels, not to speak of how essential the nutrients are for your body after prolonged hours of what would indeed be a fast. No wonder with its range of encompassment, not breakfasting like the absolute king (or queen) you are will have you forfeit the wealth called health!

Late night munching

If you are someone who skips the breakfast because you are ‘compensating’ for last night’s indulgent snacking, then you are doing yourself more harm than good. You are in fact embarking on the double destroyal route because late night snacking is as bad for you as is early morning fasting. Of course there’s digestive issues to consider because all you would be doing is lying flat after all those greasy chunkies. Very often you would be experiencing exaggerated heartburns and acidity while also prepping your body for disruptive sleep cycles because of increase in body temperature as well. The very important significance that food holds in our existence, either for the foodie you or the healthy you, it is natural that obsessing over your food habits should be one of the few healthy obsessions you should persist with.

Nail biting

Since we are already into eating, let’s also get this one straight off the book even when it is unfortunate that we are having to do this right away. While nail biting can be a mania for some, a habit for others and still a way of ‘grooming’ for the rest, it is one of the unhealthiest things you are er, biting on. Not to mention that it’s disgusting as well.

You might indeed think that biting your nails only makes them look pathetic but here is more to this than what just meets the eye. Indeed your nails will look so disgusting if you chew them all through but it also bodes bad for your health. While it impairs nail growth and causes deformities like split nails, it also seeks to harm your teeth by leading to damage of their outer layer. And wait, there’s even disgusting things at play- with every bite you don’t just chew on nails, you chew on the underlying bacteria as well! What that means for your overall health is a matter left best to your imagination.

Non optimal sleep

Sleep is as much fuel to your body as food is. Which is why doctors and nutritionists stress so much over the importance of sleep as part of a healthy regimen. Whether you don’t get enough sleep because you lack the time or because it is sleep itself that’s evading you, you are at serious health risk. It’s important to have your own devoted sleep hours so that your body gets programmed to the schedule. Apart from health problems, insufficient sleep also hampers your efficiency while aging down on your looks. This leads to added stress even as the lack of sleep has already your stress levels on the rise. Overtime, what you end up with is crankiness and mood swings, as well as a host of immunity and hormonal and overall health issues.

This however is not to say that sleeping all day, all night long is acceptable as well. Oversleeping, much like overeating, undereating and undersleeping (whew!) spells invitation for health issues like obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes et al. Sticking to the optimal is therefore the best you can at maintaining also optimal health.

Sidelining health issues

We all are guilty of brushing aside a occasional stomach pain or those bouts of weakness that take over us after a day of toil. It’s indeed possible that what we are experiencing is just tiredness or a very obvious recurrence of gastric tales. But beneath the apparent there might be underlying issues that can be frighteningly serious. We are not saying that you need to run to the doctor with every flu layover or every fatigue low. But persisting problems have the potential to be something more flared up over time. It therefore is only healthy, wealthy and wise for us if we make frequent doctor visits a regular habit before it turns to be the compulsion we all fear and detest.