Amazing alternative uses of tea

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A much loved drink, the cuppa of warmth we cannot do without and a wholesome beverage that we do not tire of lauding, for in fact it is that same pour of the elixir that drives all fatigue away, tea is the ultimate saviour of the world. A humble steeping of tea leaves, that however can command such luxury easily at par with the most gourmet of foods occupying space in the culinary horizon, tea is the remedy for virtually everything. Whether happy or sad, stressed or relaxed, celebrating or mourning, morning or evening, summer or winter, every situation and every event of life inevitably has to do something with this ancient brew of immense emotions.

Hailed for its tremendous hoarding of nutritional benefits that which makes also tea a prescription for health, there however is a lot more steeping within this beverage of global popularity. Outside of its use as a drinking agent of certain desirable intoxication, tea finds use also in a number of other ways that however might not be as prominent as its pour into the cup of exquisite divinity. Here’s the many alternative uses that tea, whether leftover or used or fresh harbours within its own realms of spectacularity-

Beauty Uses of Tea

Like most other household ingredients, the exemplary pursuit of tea along the concerns of beauty and wellness is what further asserts its reputation in versatility. Even more phenomenal is the dawning of such beauty by virtue of even such matter of the tea that we would otherwise discard as waste.

Tea for skin

The contents of used tea bags or tea leaves that has been steeped and strained makes for a very good face scrubber that you just need to rub your face with. It is the presence of a wide range of antioxidants in tea that help your skin achieve that perfect glow with this incredibly cost effective beauty hack.

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Also capable as acting of a toner is tea that derives from its astringent properties to help clean the skin. It’s as easy as wiping a tea bag over the face and then wiping it further with a clean towel to let all that feel of grease wash down from the face instantly.

Of more assertive use would be such abilities of tea that what renders it helpful in soothing sunburns and sun caused blemishes even as it helps reduce also those ghastly looking undereye dark circles. The way tea works about offsetting such pigmentation of skin is again by means of its antioxidants, primarily the presence of tannins through which it sets in motion its anti inflammatory effect besides subsiding the burn into a tan. Tannins also help drain out excess fluids from the body which is why it helps alleviate conditions like puffy, swollen eyes apart from dimming the appearance of dark circles. Just by putting wet tea bags over the eyes, one can extract this benefit of tea to surprising affect while also resting and rejuvenating your tired eyes.

Tea also helps treat acne in surprising effectiveness. The many a polyphenols present in green tea can help reduce acne causing sebum secretion when applied directly onto the skin. It also is the antioxidant rich profusion of this particular type of tea that is what makes it a dampener in the appearance of wrinkles.

Tea for the mouth (though not in sipping)

Likewise, tea makes also for a great remedy to deal with the irritation of dry, chapped lips. Green tea specifically is the best bet to elicit this particular purpose out of the brew. Simply soak the green tea bag in some warm water and then apply it to the lips to not just get rid of the itch of it but also to keep it hydrated and thus prevent further such dry outbreaks.

And though the impact of tea on teeth can be debated as regards their disreputation of staining your pearlies with a few too many regular number of cuppas, it still is true that a solution of peppermint tea and salt can help ease out toothaches. Simply rinsing the mouth with this variant of your favorite beverage will leave you less in pain and more in awe about the amazing versatility of tea.

Tea for hair

Beyond the purview of the skin, it also are your tresses that tea can help further beautify. Black tea in particular can be quite a revelation for your hair as it helps cleanse them while also enhancing the color and sheen of them. Applying tea to your hair is also as beneficial for its health as it helps stimulate the hair follicles for enhanced growth while also lessening your worries of hair fall. Apart from black tea, it also is the much lauded expanse of green tea that delivers similar benefits of nourishment and lustre to that mane crowning your head in all glory. Additionally though, green tea also helps ward off another oft encountered issue pertaining to damaged hair- that of split ends and hair breakage which it helps prevent by virtue of its rich content of panthenol.

Fragrant Uses of Tea

Richly aromatic, tea has the power of luring us even into the woes of the world with its luxuriant wafting of flavors. And it is this very fragrant essence of tea that is what lends it an alternative usefulness as well. Everything from that human folly of the disgustingly smelly feet to the as much disgusting odor of shoes as well as the many an obnoxious medley of the reeks emanant from the exploits of the culinary like freeze or oven odors to the stinky expanse of long used carpets or even the unpleasantness wafting from the litter bin of those very adorable kitties you fawn over can be effectively neutralised with just some strategic placing of used tea bags or sprinkles of their contents across the intended range of their working.

Alternatively, the aromatic identity of tea can also be exploited to freshen up homes and cars and drawers and pillows for an existence infused indeed with the enormous goodness of this amazingly adaptive ingredient of the kitchen.

Spick and Span Uses of Tea

A long time reliance on excessive amounts of tea is notorious in its disrepute of staining your teeth and also your cutlery. But quite surprising in its functioning to the contrary is such use of tea that make it morph instead into a cleaning agent. Be it the wooden exoticness of your furniture or the glassy shine of the windows, the spotless glaze of your cutlery or simply the unstained allure of all things that stand out, or even the clean and fresh vibe of your toilet, tea can help preserve it all. It is the astringent properties that tea possesses due to the presence of tannins in it that is what makes it so effective a pursuit in wiping and washing and flushing and cleansing.

Nourishing Uses of Tea

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The ability of tea to nourish human health in all holistic measures is more than well known. Be it the pursuit of physical health or mental wellness, tea delivers a bag of benefits to humans. Equally endowing are the many wellness attributes of tea on the realm of nature. A nourisher of the soil, tea can be a wonder element of gardening. The many nutrients present in tea gets released in the soil when they are allowed to decompose there that act as natural fertilizers. As compost therefore, tea helps with the healthy growth of plants while also feeding them. By creating good bacteria for the soil and roots to feed on as well by helping roots retain their moisture, teas stimulate wholesome plant growth.

The addition of tea to the soil helps change its pH level and thereby makes it more acidic. For plants that need rich, acidic soil to grow to their full potential, tea can be all the organic boost of nutrients they need. What’s more, using rebrewed tea or less intense brews to water your plants can also protect them from fungal infections.

Miscellaneous Uses of Tea

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Apart from such alternative uses that we can categorise with definiteness, tea also works in random, miscellaneous ways to establish its nature in resourcefulness. Sun dried used tea leaves can suck excess moisture out of damp places. Again, such sun dried leaves can also find use as an element of creativity in decorative arts and crafts. Another assertion of the artistic in which tea finds use in in dying of clothes or such other items. And while tea is known as an aid of beauty, it can be a grooming agent as well. Steeping oneself in a tea bath is a great way to relax and though unrelated, letting tea steep in rusty objects can also prevent the further reoccurrence of that coating of the browns. Another very essential use of tea, peppermint tea to be precise relates to its effectiveness in repelling pesky rodents.

But still exemplary is the culinary range of tea that can be used to lend flavor to many a surprising explorations of cooking outside its basic essence as a drink. From braising and brining meats in tea to incorporating it in bakes and desserts, as an ingredient of salads or as a topping of dishes, or even in being an artistic rendition of food as for example eggs steeped or boiled with some tea, this brew of popularity is also a multiserver of infinite purposes.