Hanging beauties upon the wall

wall hanging

Alluring across their play put up along the expanse of the walls as a definite piece of art or even otherwise no less capturing a display in many a multitude of the essences that make up their identity today as elements of decor, wall hangings have been decking up the mostly personal space in dwelling of humankind, albeit in a manner that thrives on the immense attention necessarily directed to them. Laud them as artistic interpretations in immenseness or view them in such attributes of beauty realistic enough to please your sight irrespective of the all engulfing emotion they stir up or not in the senses and one cannot really discount the enigmatic presence of a tapestry hanging upon the wall in all elegant prominence. Occurring across a myriad of manifestations in terms of designs and patterns or prints and colors and tones and hues and textures, sometimes subtle even in their disposition in standing out or conversely vibrant across their very simplistic premise as well but unfurling for sure in a mannerism that endows upon the very wall of their hanging a dimension of its own, this commonplace element of decking up spaces in as profound or plain assertions of them as intended reveals indeed in a light shining through the encompassment of its own ‘personality’. Sometimes adding striking detail to the features in their surrounding, other times muting them all out in its own dramatic drop in glory are these quintessential elements aiding transformations of the ‘altogether absolute’ kind as expressions of art adhering to their universal principle in amping up the aesthetics since times rather rooted in history.

The history of wall hangings itself is intricately associated with the art of tapestry so much so that the dual connotations of what entails from such understanding in ‘tapestry’ refers therefore not just to its essence as a form of woven textile in technique but also is synonymous to that arena of design mostly playing out across the length and breadth of walls. Emerging from such times in the past that adhere to the demarcation set out across what is referred to as the medieval era, these tapestries mounted on walls came to be a feature sometime during the 13th century. Exclusive then to the royal or at least grand premises of living and religion had been these works of art decking up the confines of castles and churches and therefore taking to such expressions in design that invoked religious sentiments or captured snippets of historical relevance. Interestingly, these tapestries of times past were commissioned by the royalty themselves to conjure up such visions in artistic allure that drew upon indeed the resplendent reality of successful conquests or remarkable events speaking definitely of their own legacy in being. But even when they revealed across themselves such tales in prominence and pride, in corresponding artistic and cultural manifestations of beauty and power wall hangings then served also another very physical purpose. Prior to that though, the religious rein of thought was also what tapestries harboured and helped further therefore as those that were put up in churches essentially depicting illustrations in biblical references to deliver that sermon in understanding for the illiterate masses. The more tangible aspect of these hangings in a flourish very literal indeed donned such essence across their then dual medium of prevalence that functioned as handy objects of warmth. Adding warmth and insulation to these big spaces considerably lashed out at by the impactful drafts of wind was what helped make tapestries or wall hangings an almost essential feature worked out in the interior setup of these peopley places, making them needful not just in their nuances of the artistically stimulating and the heritage they held along their holding but also as agents bringing physical warmth and comfort to the places they adorned. Whoever would have thought that such immense cascaders of beauty residing in a vibe so tempting as to create alternative realities out of ordinary spaces would be dignified in a history that goes beyond their interpreted essence in that contemporary sway of style? One sure would not even guess.

Developed in Europe in times coinciding with the prevalence of the Renaissance era, such tapestries or wall hangings as they are more broadly known today, had definite esteemed leanings whether that be in pursuing a connect with the spiritual through their employment along the realm of the church or in their otherwise mostly royal alignings. Particularly in the beauty and immense pride they heralded for the kings and rulers whose power and prestige was what marked the walls of their castle along these hangings, they preceded therefore the facade of large paintings not so much of personal value. And the added advantage in convenience was what made tapestries more popularly sought out the item of decor even back then. Possible to be rolled up and transported from place to place with ease, tapestries began to increasingly cover place of pride across stately homes and the like as mediums along which the many a coveted sensibilities of art, status, prestige and prominence could be sought out all at once. Explored in such lavish, exclusive mannerisms pertaining to designs and patterns made to custom preference upon the richest of fabrics, these then exquisite definers of luxury has well transcended the trails of time ever since to today emerge as rather commonplace elements of elegance and sophistication alike. And yet nowhere along their coursing in adornment of the heaving heritage in history has wall hangings ceased to hold relevance. Unfurling across the years such charms of their own accord accruing exactly to the mannerisms of what has been defining of that particular period of style, wall tapestries has continued to deck up homes and living spaces, instantly transforming their very aura and essence in as exact measure as what one would expect to draw upon their drop in dancing glory.

The larger understanding of tapestries might have permeated the wall hanging assertion in such manner so as to emerge as synonymous almost to each other. But wall hangings can also be flaunted across quite a few other forms of their being, open as they are today to such interpretation that do not necessarily have to adhere to that essence in hanging flair. Though catering still to that certain different charm in the free fall of what they tended to be in their very name would be such ideas of wall decoration that take upon the not so likely assertion of the quilt. Quilts might be what commands attention as being items of warmth meant to be used in beds as covers but in their same flowing identity running parallel to the trail upon which tapestries tread, these elaborate expanses allowing art to meander across in as profusion of it as needed make also for stunning wall hangings to opt for to redefine indeed the very look and feel of that space in adorning. Made to hang from quilt hangers or even upon tapestry rods, these fabric based again assertion of the wall hanging might align with the similar clothed awareness of the most popular tapestries but even outside the play across the textiles dwells a world of these artistic specimens meant to be as conducive for wall mounting. Everything from metallic and wooden items of compact decor to sparkling mirrors and lit up sconces as well as framed photos or abstract art, and windchimes and dreamcatchers alike passes easily as amounting to the wall hanging allure.

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Differing widely across types and shapes and sizes as well as in color and design and theme and virtually every single element of what characterise as decor stemming of and from the walls would be the modern day wall hangings that however are no less striking depictions of one’s style and sensibilities, encompassing therefore the very integral aspects of what occurs as their personality. It is in such enormous might of their revealing, of accounting for such personal awarenesses out of whom they entail as real pieces of art that wall hangings continue to drape the markers of living spaces and homes as a timeless entity of enduring appeal. In their artistic manifestation, these very wall hangings also end up being the path for further assertions of art to be pursued by transforming lifeless confines to expanses of immense energy or by triggering in fact the creative faculties and productivity of those having blessed access to these dangling definers of delight. As holdings in awe with the ‘supreme’ power of creating consciousness in existence out of nowhere as well as in harbouring that immense feel of satisfaction by virtue of its ability to adhere so accurately to personal emotions as a very prominent physical expression and in fact one that never fails to capture all the attention, the once revered resonance of wall hangings has taken upon itself also additional ideals in gratification and pleasure stimulating of all the senses in awareness while continuing to be nestled in that universally appealing idea of beauty though in an interpretation that makes it also an integral element of the very essential idea in home and interior decor.