Ways to make Ganesh Chaturthi a merrier affair

With the arrival of the month of September, the festive spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi lingers in the air which gives vibes of positivity and happiness to a person. Popularly known as Vinayaka or Vigneshwara or the One who removes every kind of obstacle, Lord Ganesha is propitiated before the commencement of every important task for getting fruitful yields in future. Known also as Pratham Pujya or the One who is worshipped first, Lord Ganesha is always prayed before starting the Pujas of any other Hindu Gods or Goddesses. This year, Ganesh Chaturthi will commence on 10th September 2021 and will end on 21st September 2021. Although the coronavirus pandemic will reduce the sights and sounds of the usual cheerful crowds this time, you can still soak in the festive spirit by splurging and buying some outfits of latest fashion online, decorating the interiors of your house colourfully and brightly and also by indulging in some sinful desserts to satiate your sweet tooth.


Display a pattern composing of a riot of colours on walls

One of the best ideas to give a makeover to your house during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations would be to completely whitewash one part of a wall in the favourite room of your house and then get creative by painting an image over it with the colours of your choice. The image can be a careful and a neat sketch of natural scenery or it can just be a doodle of different colours that you can enjoy with your kids. Whatever be the image, witnessing a visual treat of a combination of colours often everyday can enliven our moods.

Add some more plants in your house for a healthy surrounding

During Ganesh Chaturthi 2021, you can make the surroundings around your house more fit and fine with the addition of some useful plants. The wisest thing would be to invest in some flowering plants to brighten up your little nursery or garden or balcony. If you had the thought of adding a new flower in your already beautiful garden, then there won’t be a proper time to do so during the most auspicious time of the year. Apart from beautifying the house, watering the plants or even coming near it would take away all the stress as you would be smelling the aroma of the nurturers of Mother Earth.

Jazz up your house with some funky recycled products.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to refurbish your house nicely. Using some old and colourful dupattas as window / door curtains can induce a fresh vibe in the house. Moreover, you can also replace your old floormats by making one with some of your clothes. The activity of refurbishing the house would require you to don your creative hat but there is always YouTube to the rescue in the era of internet connectivity from where you can take reference and come up with your own version of DIYs (Do It Yourself) to enhance the liveliness of your house. If you are celebrating Ganesh Puja at home, the ideas of decorating the mandap to place the idol to doing the Rangolis would only allow you to become more creative and cheerful and thereby setting the festive spirit on in the soul.


For Women

When Lord Ganesha is the One who has been described as fashion conscious in the tales of Hindu mythology, the urge for dressing up in style would, of course, rise. With pre-draped sarees being the latest fashion craze for formal occasions as it is an amalgamation of traditionalism and modernism in the fashion circuit, all ladies can definitely think of rocking this festive season by buying one. Moreover, oxidized silver jewellery can be good to be paired with a pre-draped saree as it is the highly followed jewellery trend in 2021.

For Men

As Lord Ganesh likes to wear bright colourful dhotis, men can also amp up their style quotient with the help of this traditional garment. With dhoti pants being the popular choice of clothing on the block for a traditional look, every man should buy at least one pair for elevating their fashion game this Ganesh Chaturthi. Pairing up the dhoti pant with a kurta of the favourite colour can make any guy look dapper.



A steamed rice flour dumpling that is filled with an array of sweet ingredients inside, Modak is the prime food item found in the bhog platter that is offered to the Elephant Headed God as a part of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Although jaggery and coconut are traditionally enclosed within the folds of a Modak that are offered to the Lord, you can also fill up the dumplings with dry fruits, chocolate or any other fillings that can satiate your sweet tooth. As per a traditional practice, a plate of 21 Modaks is offered during Ganesh Chaturthi to please the Lord who is the remover of obstacles.


It is a fact that Lord Ganesha is an avid lover of Laddoos. Although His image shows Him as holding the round sweet meats in his lower left hand, He is never shown eating them. This representation indicates that the wise person never seeks the desire of rewards but always does his / her duties sincerely. However, it is believed that a box of Laddoos highly pleases the Lord and He rewards His devotees with their wishes. Therefore, you should too enjoy Laddoos this Ganesh Chaturthi. Mewa, Motichoor, Besan- the list of Laddoos is endless and you can gorge as per your likes.


It is believed that Lord Ganesh’s favourite fruit is Banana. According to Bengali folklore, Lord Ganesha’s wife is always depicted as Kola Bou, or Banana lady. A banana tree draped in a saree is always represented beside Ganesha. So, the fruit yield by the Banana tree is highly favoured by the Elephant Headed God. You should also enjoy Banana in various forms this Ganesh Chaturthi. Make a pudding, cook pancakes from it or consume it raw- the choice is yours.


Kheer or Payesh is one of the most common Bhog found in almost every kind of rituals or poojas of Hindu Gods or Goddesses. This classic and simple dessert which is made by boiling rice in a large quantity of milk can never fail to satisfy any Indian and is a wonderful source of wholesome food too to take away all the irritating hunger pangs.