Wedding Card : The ticket to the biggest social event of India


A wedding is considered as the biggest social event in India besides being a very important day for the bride and the groom to take vows of spending a lifetime together. In India, families plan to invite almost every person they know of so that they can happily meet and greet them in an event that holds a significant importance in their lives. To host a multitude of human beings in a wedding function, the inviters ensure that they spend a good amount of money to please their guests who would come laden with boxes of gifts for the person(s) who would be tying the knot together. In the 21st century, the idea of hosting guests lavishly has only become more pronounced with each wedding function getting bigger and fatter thereby taking the phrase ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ to a whole new level. Meanwhile, the ancient phrase ‘Athithi Devo Bhava ( A Guest is God)’ has taken a newest avatar today because every aspect of the wedding is done grandly with the sheer motive of pleasing guests and so months of preparation and planning has become synonymous with each wedding event. Moreover, people also grab the chances to show off their monetary and management capabilities in a wedding. The tradition, or rather say system, of hosting a wedding nicely has become so etched in the society that a large number of people saves money or take loans to host it in a proper way. From the engagement function to the reception, each and every ritual of a multi-event Indian wedding is held remarkably today. The gateway to the biggest social event of the country commences with the wedding card.

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A wedding card has literally emerged as the tangible token given to the invitees to ensure that they have been given a proof of being cordially invited to a grand wedding ceremony. Therefore, the first impression of judging the multi-event Indian weddings basically start with the look of the wedding card. For this reason, the designs of the wedding card are done in such a way that it has the capability of creating a long lasting surprising impression on the invitees and also become a feature of gossip or discussions much later even after the wedding ends. No matter, the degree of elaborateness of a wedding card, the format of wordings used for wedding card is always followed as per the tradition. So, the type of words used for the invitation is almost similar from the simplest wedding card to the uber luxurious one. The main page of the wedding card always begins with religious symbols and verses as a marriage is a religiously important event in India besides being a mass social gathering. After the invocation of God’s name separately in a bigger font size in a page or in smaller font as a header, the requests of the invitation to the invitees is seen with the bride’s or groom’s name and the date of the wedding events along with timings printed in much larger font size than the rest of the words. As marriage solemnize the formal bond between two unknown families in India along with that of the couple, the requests of the invitation is traditionally made from the parent’s side. Apart from the parents, the modern Indian wedding cards also carries requests of the invitation from the bride’s or groom’s side. So, the name of the parents is mandatorily included in the footnote of the invite. Being a full-fledged family event, sometimes the names of the grandparents and siblings of the bride and groom are also included in the footnote of the wedding card. The wedding cards in the country are printed mostly in local language and English. The detailed address of the wedding venue(s) is always included in the footnote of the wedding card. As each family wants to ensure that their guests do not get any difficulty in attending the most important social event held by them, they always provide their contact numbers in the footnote too.

Apart from the wedding card, the envelopes enclosing it are also not behind in splendor any more. Most of the envelopes mention the bride’s and groom’s name along with the date of the wedding, time and venue thereby turning into a type of ‘Save the Date’ card too. Although most people tends to skip the rule of writing the invitee’s name in the envelope nowadays, it is always an excellent gesture to note down the name of the person whom you are inviting, because, remember, the first impression always start from this most little deed. If you take down the time to write the name of the invitee on the envelope and then hand over the wedding card to him / her, it will literally give him / her the impression that he/ she have been cordially invited to the biggest social event in the truest sense. Moreover, please do a double check of the wordings of the main invite to ensure that there isn’t any spelling or grammatical mistakes in it.

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While most wedding cards comprises of a single leaf enclosing the request of invitation in one language, there are many who orders double page wedding cards to print the wordings in English and their local language. Meanwhile, people who does not hesitate away from inviting guests to each function of a multi-event Indian wedding makes multiple leaf wedding cards, with each page mentioning about the date, time, venue of the specific function along with the words of request to solicit each of the events. The multiple leaf wedding cards always looks like a fat booklet when covered with a huge envelope. However, the luxurious wedding form of wedding invitations comprises of box wedding invites which holds the wedding cards along with the favours that can be chocolates, sweets or even some expensive showpiece or jewellery.

The tradition of giving wedding favours along with wedding cards isn’t followed by everyone but most people who like to give out gifts as a warm gesture give it separately in a different box. The gifts  that goes with the wedding cards includes boxes or packets of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, flavoured tea sachets, mouth fresheners, champagne bottles. Apart from luscious edibles, gifts such as statues of Gods or Goddesses, coins with engravings of Gods and Goddesses on it are given as wedding favours along with the wedding cards. Moreover, there are some who would go all out to gift wedding favours in a more grand manner like packing sweet edibles in glass containers or coffee mugs so that the kitchenwares can be used for other purposes later. The ways of gifting out wedding favours have become easier today as companies would curate customized hampers and gifts with the motive to please each guests of their would be wedded clients.

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The designs of the wedding cards are a wonderful source of visual appeal in the modern times. While most people like to make their wedding cards with the use of one or two colours and never deviates from adding the old world classic charm to it, there are others who would like to incorporate a variety of colours in their wedding cards thereby giving a guess that the upcoming wedding in their family would be a fun and pompous one where the attributes of brightness and happiness would play a key role. Meanwhile, there are others who would deviate from using paper and use to print the words of wedding invitation in scrolls or wooden frames in order to make their wedding a unique celebration so that it can truly be a feature of going away from the rules and attracting massive attention towards it. From 2020, the use of digital wedding invites has become a common form of wedding invitation. The digital wedding cards are mostly send to persons via WhatsApp. With wonderful videos and pleasant decorative features, digital wedding invites are being widely made and circulated among guests in 2021. Besides being an effective way of reducing the use of papers, digital wedding invites are less costly as after making one digitally, it can be forwarded to a number of persons. Moreover, it can also be send within a day to the guests without having to waste time and money from going about house to house in order to invite people. Meanwhile, digital wedding cards can also be made by the couple themselves for free if they wish to do so with the help of apps in this era where technology has made everything possible.  When each detail of the wedding is carefully planned and executed, the wedding card also gets the most deserving attention and is never ignored as a petty aspect that should be carried out without much planning.