8 Wedding Decoration Items That Are Adding A Twist To Indian Weddings [Wedding Makeover]


Innovation is the buzzword for almost everything in today’s world. From electronic appliances to furniture to cuisines, everything went and always goes through some sort of innovation or the other.With everything on the innovation phenomenon, even Indian weddings aren’t far behind. The big fat Indian weddings are getting bigger and fatter day by day with changes going in wedding decoration, wedding menu, wedding venues etc.

Here are some items that are bringing a makeover in wedding decorations-

1. Birdcages

Source : Pinterest

Birdcages are attractive wedding decoration items because when a string of flowers or lights are entwined around the cage, it adds a charming aura to the wedding venue which can enchant the crowd. It is a wonderful decorative item which can even enliven the drawing rooms of our house if we place a bunch of flowers in it.

2. Mason jars

Source : Black-ires.com

It is a wonderful idea to recycle and use old mason jars as a wedding decoration item in order to save money. When strings of lights are put inside different mason jars and hanged, it can make a wedding venue bewitching and make it appear like a place straight out of a fairy tale.

3. Umbrellas

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Since wedding is a bright and merry-making ceremony when every near and dear ones come together, old and colourful umbrellas (dirt cheap as well as outright dripping with extravagance umbrellas)makes for a great wedding decor as it creates a more bright and cheerful spirit and appearance to the wedding venue.

4. Paper crafts

Source : Alienexpress

It is quite a genuine idea to use paper crafts as a wedding decoration item as it is a huge money saver and can make the wedding venue an artist’s paradise and help in making the wedding become the talk of town. Paper fans, paper boats, pinwheels and anything imaginable  can be used in making an interesting wedding decor.

5. Dream catchers

Source : The Little Lending Company

Wedding is a ceremony when two persons unite together with a number of hopes and dreams. Dream catchers are the perfect wedding decors to create a dreamy wedding and protect the wedding guests and the bride and the groom from bad dreams.

6. Windchimes

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Windchimes are said to be used for creating a positive aura and bringing good luck. It makes for a great wedding decor as the wedding venue can be filled with lovely sounds which can brighten up the moods of the guest and lend a pleasant atmosphere to the wedding.

7. Toys

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Old toys can add a splash of color and can make the wedding venue a hit among the guests, especially children. It is also a great way of recycling unused toys. So at your wedding, you should bring all your old toys out of the closet and use it for decorations. Not will it be colourful but you will also be reminded of your golden childhood. So nostalgic!

8. Candles

Source : Bright Occassions

Candles are a genuine way of lighting up the wedding venue instead of electric lights and will also help in reducing the wedding budget to a good extent. Arranged in the form of a chandelier, or placed at corners, any form of decoration with candles will add an old world charm to the wedding venue enthralling every guest.

With simple items, weddings are made such an attractive affair. So guys, you should surely add one of these items as  decorations at your wedding.