Best wedding magazines in India which showcases the perfect shaadi vibes

wedding magazines india

Weddings are no matter of joke. And no, not just the working of it all. Even the hip and happening wedding ceremonies conceal a mountain worth of effort that makes them all the more worthy to hold on to for life. Wedding days might seem like all fun stuff, dreamy and perfect and all but the effort that goes behind planning a wedding is some serious headache. Not anymore though. With a host of wedding magazines to seek resort in, weddings are turning to be less stressful and more enjoyable affairs- exactly like they are meant to be.

With a plethora of inspiration that seeks to endow you with fashion choices, style sensibilities, quirky themes and ideal visions when it comes to planning and executing your wedding, wedding magazines are increasing becoming every Mr and Mrs to be’s best friend. Or even otherwise, in giving you a sneak peek into extravagant celebrity weddings and fairytale romances, they at least help amp your wedding fantasies at the very least. Here’s listing the best wedding magazines in India that you can rely on to seek respite from all your wedding woes-

Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Stemming from a name as fashionably prestigious as Harper’s Bazaar, the Bazaar Bride is one wedding magazine that entice not just brides to be but in fact every fashionistaic soul. Catering to the huge Indian wedding business, the Indian edition of the international publication is a flamboyant mix of stunning visuals and tasteful style. Specifically in focussing on ethnic Indian couture and traditional bridal wear that which rules weddings in the country, Bazaar Bride manages to come across as edgy and trendy with also significant encompassments of international fashion within the realms of the Indian context. Spread across its glossy pages are lavish images of glitz and glamour that serve as the perfect bridal inspiration as well as unique traditional fashion elements from India that make it perhaps the best of wedding magazines ever.

Femina Wedding Times

Circulated across India along with the Times of India, one of the world’s top newspapers, Femina Wedding Times already makes its status known as one of the premier magazines catering to the marriage spectrum in India. And in its great mix of fashion and lifestyle tips for both brides and grooms, this truly is one journal that you should not miss out on for the perfect wedding inspiration. With references from the dazzling alleys of Bollywood aplenty, Wedding Times brings to you the best of bridal couture and jewelry as well as fitness and beauty tips to make you an even grander star at your wedding. What’s more, the magazine also treads on such crucial financial aspects that makes or breaks the social spectacle of weddings to ensure that your special day is as stress free as possible.

Bridal Mantra

wedding magazines india Bridal Mantra
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The wedding wing of The Hindu newspaper, Bridal Mantra’s marriage mavericks spans pages of being a comprehensive fashion and beauty guide exclusive to weddings. Despite the name however, the magazines also has a section dedicated exclusively to the grooms in keeping with the spirit of weddings since such unions need always to be a two- way affair. Featuring decked up Bollywood stars on its cover, the magazine is a handy guide for every Indian bride to be as it has bridal inspiration sweeping across its volley of pages.

Vogue Weddings

Another very iconic name in the world of lifestyle and fashion magazines, Vogue does not have a wedding issue exclusive to India. Rather, it’s the stunning compendium of the wedding nuances in its yearly wedding book that has made Vogue as famous a name in the coupling segment as well. With some of the most exclusive details extracted from some of the finest celebrity weddings, a look through across the pages of this razzle dazzle of wedding embellishment will provide you enough inspiration to get married right away! And with an array of wedding looks that cater not just to the bride and the groom but also the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, Vogue Weddings is the magazine to pick up if you want to shine your way away at your bestie’s wedding.

Maharani Weddings

Maharani Weddings
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More a complete wedding planner than just one of the many wedding magazines in India, Maharani Weddings is as royal a compilation of wedding ravishes as its very name suggests. From profiling spectacular Indian weddings across the globe to sharing dreamy marriage stories and luxurious wedding pictures, Maharani Weddings makes you believe that getting married is an experience that indeed is as special as it sounds. Featuring the most unique, imaginative, glamorous, and glorious South Asian weddings around, Maharani Wedding is a brilliant source for you to seek some bridal inspiration in so that you too can have a wedding as offbeat as the ones they like to seek out!

Celebrating Vivaha

Celebrating Vivaha
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It touts itself as the Wedding Magazine of the New Millennium and Celebrating Vivaha indeed gives you all the feels particular to contemporary weddings. In again catering to not just the looks and affairs of marriage but also its emotions and subtleties, this is a magazine fully incorporating of the wedding spirit in its truest essence. So there’s fashion and style, food and fun, venues and vacations as well as makeovers and magic alongside the delicate warmth of it all as Celebrating Vivaha shapes up as one of the bridal magazines in India completely exquisite in its wedding sensibilities.

Brides Today

A wedding magazine that caters to not just the fancies of the bride and the groom but also the entire wedding entourage, Brides Today is basically the big fat Indian wedding summed up in a magazine. An eclectic mix of modernity and tradition that which makes the contemporary Indian wedding its forte, the magazine goes beyond also the space of the glitz to dwell on other issues that hold as much significance for your married life as the special day itself. The pages are a splash of fun and color, alternating between the glamour of celebrity weddings and the nuances of a perfect marriage to keep you hooked all throughout. Be it style and fitness tips, celeb inspiration, fashion tricks and of course love doses, Brides Today offers it all within its rosy tinted papery premises.


wedding magazines india pankhuri
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Another wedding magazine that stands out in its rich, royal feel even when elaborating on every type of Indian wedding is Pankhuri. Beauty essentials, bridal musings, expert advice all get together in one place to plan a wedding that would be the stuff new age dreams are made of. Be it therefore the outfit or the accessories, playing by the rules or going against them or just about anything that strikes you on the mere mention of weddings, Pankhuri has something for every bride to strike a chord in.

Mandala Weddings

wedding magazines india Mandala Weddings
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An Indian wedding bridal magazine dedicated to the culture of India, Mandala Weddings showcases the real marriages of India as it brings to you stories and looks of weddings that do not involve the stars of tinsel town. From presenting a vivid image of those gorgeous destination weddings in India to boasting a catalogue that is a treasure of the most charismatic brides and the most flamboyant grooms, this is a magazine that dwells on the real essence of marriages in the country.

While you discover aesthetic pleasure in its trove of alluring wedding photo stories, Mandala weddings also takes care of the real deal in weddings. Be that compiling expert advice on the intricacies of planning a wedding or seeking out the expert opinion of social media influencers to ace your wedding style, this is a magazine that is a mesmerising rendition of the bliss that marriage can be only if you do it right.

Wedding Affair

With almost two decades of experience in the wedding arena, Wedding Affair claims to be the largest selling International Indian wedding magazine in the world. Curated exclusively to cater to tastes of the upper niche of the society, Wedding Affair brings to you the best of ramp looks and celebrity style so that your wedding is no less grand an affair than any star studded Bollywood union. And why just the wedding day, the magazine also explores a plethora of such issues and matters that will make your married life as blissful as the D day itself. From styling yourself right to having you plan life during and after the wedding perfectly, this is one of the wedding magazines in India you can flip through for all your wedding worries!

Wedding Vows

In its very concept, Wedding Vows is a magazine very different from the rest in the category. With a focus exclusive to south India, the magazine aims to deliver the perfect southern touch to your weddings. Be it bringing to you bridal trends or helping you with planning the wedding itself, this is one of the best wedding magazines you can lay your hands upon in India.

However, even with the strong leanings for the spectacular southern reaches of the country, Wedding vows also caters to the Bollywood thematic wedding inspiration with snippets of celebrities style and their oomph inducing looks. Equally inclusive of the common Indian bride, Wedding Vows tries to make you fall in love with not just the glitz and glitter of the big fat Indian wedding but also its commonplace relevance. Featuring real stories of recently hitched couples, the magazine is a wholesome dose of information for you to cherish the sacred institution of marriage in all encompassing emotions.