Fancied discovery of dried flowers


Blossoming blooms of beauty, flowers are a favorite of one and all. In all their scattered hues and dainty dance to the sways of the wind, and indeed in their pretty patterns and happy vibes, as well as in their uniqueness and allure, flowers are a delight of nature that appeases each sense of the human experience. Whether you lose yourself to the sweet aroma of them or get intoxicated instead by their intense smell, the essence of flowers in all their fragrant fame is a forever winner. And of course, they are no less aesthetic as well. Like a burst of sunshine they sit amidst buds and leaves in all glory, unfurling a world of happiness through the multitude of their hued appearance, even when they tend at times to be as subtle as standout. Innately charming and harbouring of the allure of sweet romance that they incite whether in visage or in their scented prominence and surprisingly useful as well, flowers are what adds joy to the world. They enliven existences and spark smiles, they bemuse with their glory and entice with their glee, and they certainly bathe the world in a potpourri of sweet smells, making it even more the haven of beauty that it already is.

No wonder flowers have been cherished forever in their looks and legacy and it indeed is in encompassing such remarkable diversity in duality that these graceful gaits of nature is one of the most fancied element of the aesthetic world. Whether you explore the frills of fashion or the alleys of decor, the trails of food or the essence of therapy, flowers are there everywhere. From decorating the expanse of some of the most stunning pieces of couture to revving up extravagantly alluring premises of celebratory premises and of course luring one and all to a haven of calmness and peace with their fragrant scatterings of enigma, flowers make for an intricate component of all sensorial appeasements.

Flowers therefore might be the epitome of that strand of realism presented with such finesse by John Keats in his understanding of a thing of beauty being joy forever. And yet, it is in the essence of its stemming in exquisite from the most spectacular trails of nature that makes these radiant residences in all things rosy also fallible to the same elegy of death. Flowers indeed are the most beautiful when in life and to witness the wasting away of the most gorgeous bouquet of these elegant beauties that you might have perhaps borne in all glory as a very recent bride makes for a case in utter dismay. But flowers indeed are as harbouring of the perishable truth that governs all life on earth which makes the pleasing beauty of them only according of some fleeting moments of joy. Fresh flowers might be the most coveted of options when it comes to pursuing the fancies but the transient only nature of their existence makes them a not so favourable case when it comes to cherishing those blooms of beauty for long. In steps therefore the much more timeless alternative of dried flowers to paint a pretty scape of as much presentability, that is what has lent this mode of preserved flowers the airs pertaining to the modern day exploration of the aesthetics.

Effective in their pursuit of evoking as much appreciation in beauty as well as efficient also in their economies within the rather splurge worthy world of the floral wafts are such flowers that are preserved by drying. Known as dried flowers, these unique decorations stay good much, much longer than fresh flowers with ‘life spans’ that range well between one to three years which is why they are in greater demand today. Considerably less demanding also in their maintenance and care and offering more value for money, it is such practical indeed considerations that has made dried flowers experience the upsurge in popularity in recent times, in which however it has been steeped in since somewhat earlier times.

With the use of flowers in their dried form traceable to ancient Rome and Egypt but gaining popularity during the Victorian times as a craft venture though explored also in the Middle Ages for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes, this isn’t any pathbreaking advancement made in the measure of lifestyle choices of us humans forever on the lookout for options beyond the ordinary. Apart from scoring on the factors of cost efficiency and longevity as well as in their lesser requirement for attentive handling, dried flowers also are a convenient way to incorporate seasonal flowers in year round decoration techniques. They also offer a sustainable alternative to indulge one’s fancy for the flowery flamboyance by means of their durability as well as by being natural still biodegradable entities in themselves after their considerable period of prime. As concerns aspects of their aesthetics for which they are sought out primarily, dried flowers also make for stunning bouquets of prettiness but that isn’t even the only use of them. In fact, dried flowers have been traditionally explored as an element pertaining to the realms of the art and craft and as such finds expression as many a spectacular assertions of everyday adornment as well. Even venturing beyond the realm of serving just the eyes are such uses of dried flowers that make them indeed among the most flourishing functional florals as well.

Flowers indeed are an essential part of decoration and while that relates mainly to elaborate or minimal decking up of premises or settings, their magic can also be made to work across the expanse of other such celebratory elements. Particularly with dried flowers, the range of use is even more expansive. Their comparatively ‘compressed’ form makes dried flowers excellent addons to endow further charm upon gifts and wrapped packages. Scattered dried flowers along gift cards or notes is also an unique way to add a personal exotic touch to your presents that make for an even more memorable occasion of celebration.

dried flower uses
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Dried flowers have also find use for long to manifest their essence in aromatic reiterations. Conjuring up a potpourri of a melange of dried flowers and leaves is such a romantic way of making spaces reside in a scent of their own. Even incorporating dried flowers into sachets or pouches can be a feasibly effective way to either create your own space of personal wafting or can be placed inside drawers or wardrobes to have your whole existence spiced up with the fragrant entailing of them.

Incorporating dried flowers in resin and making showpieces out of them, both utilitarian and decorative, is the trend today. And indeed, in being handmade beauties that are so easy to craft and so satisfying to witness in them come to life in as well, somewhat ironically perhaps, such inroads of flowers that aren’t rested even in the eternal aspiration for life into crafts that dwell in individuality and beauty indeed are what make dried flowers more exciting a decor choice over their fresher counterparts.

Why just decor though? Floral essences being all the rage that they are in their exquisite infusions, dried flowers effortlessly tread the expanse of other lifestyle seekings as well. Whether it be lending their refreshing aroma to bath soaps and essential salts or finding expression instead as scented candles or fragrant lotions, dried flowers lend themselves to practically every use conceivable out of their unassuming essence.

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And while indulgence and extravagance along the lines of grooming and beauty and care and relaxation are all elegant choices indeed in life chartings, there also is another arena in which dried flowers find rather intriguing use. That relates to the holy grail of what interests human in all universalness, the realms of gastronomy across which flowers make for a use in profusion. Dried flowers particularly make for a much explored infusion in the specific blend of teas even as other food preparations, most notably such desserts that are pleasing aesthetically as they are palatable make generous use of both the beauty and flavor that dried flowers come resplendent in, and indeed in an uniqueness of their own. In fact, a whole potley of spices so often used in culinary preparations tend to be some form of dried flower buds, even as dried flowers themselves can be infused with other herbs to create exquisite indeed flavours of the most impeccable kind.

Beginning thus with the dreamy do ups of decor to venturing into more trodden areas of lifestyle and beauty and food along the trail of human interest, dried flowers offer a fascinating option indeed to chart out our style aspirations uniquely. Very definite embodiments of beauty but perpetuating also along their distinct essence of the dried identity such symbolisms of longevity and immortality and therefore bearers of meaning beyond their floral selves, dried flowers are a wonder indeed. Prone to fading away of course over the course of time are these delicate still picks of nature that though largely sustain themselves without much ado. Some minimal attention is all it takes to make dried flowers your floral expression of choice and of course in such assertions that will only end up beautifying your life all the more.