Beauty with benefits: rounding up the immense goodness of the bindi

bindi benefits

An element of essentially stylistic rendition and one that manages to conjure so dramatic an effect upon the aesthetics typically pertaining to the desi look, while simultaneously being also the centerpoint where notions of the cultural and the ritualistic and even the religional converge, the bindi has been a mainstay upon the Indian forehead, female primarily but also finding its own sphere of assertion upon the male identity as well, and is indeed a mighty assertion in minusculity as revered in its typical roundedness. Beyond the fore of the traditions and outside the ambits of the customary as well, the bindi though tends to be no less gracious in its presence or equivalently as remarkably resplendent which is why almost every donning of each Indian attire unfurls as a fashion statement of sorts in all flair when it is rounded off indeed by the immense appeal of wearing a bindi. To that extent therefore, the bindi is essentially more than versatile already. But consider also such fluid flowing of its essence that sees it encompass as many shapes and sizes and structures as possible, bursting forth also or otherwise blending in through an amalgamated array of colors, in such designs and patterns that range from the basic to the striking and manifests itself as demurely in shyness as it does in exuberant expressions of personality and the bindi is a veritable fashion component indeed. Delivering therefore in all charisma the expression of multifaceted fashion charms and imbibing within a importance that transcends the range of style to delve effectively into spirituality and the like, the bindi has continued to be a quintessentially embedded ‘virtue’ of which the Indian existence is so symbolic in and through which the as classic pursuances of life furthers in all immersion into the captivating fore of beauty. And not very surprisingly as well since wearing a bindi for whatever reason of one’s choosing and style makes also for a lifestyle leaning in exemplary wellness benefits of it.


A small round dot adorning that part of your forehead just between the two eyebrows and placed exactly in the center to align with the nose and therefore presenting a vision in symmetry of the face, the beauty beckoned out of the bindi indeed is immediately evident. But in such mechanism of its seating between the eyebrows is such consideration not so rooted in the exalting ideals of the aesthetics. As that ‘critically important’ part of the body where most of our nerves meet as well as in being the focal point of seating of the sixth chakra, the bindi positioning itself harbours an amassing range of importance in the physiological and psychological as well as spiritual state of existence of humans. In stimulating that all important region of the body whereupon all forces converge to deliver a living in all healthiness of both body and mind, wearing a bindi doubles up as some sort of therapy indeed of the bodily as well as mental kind.

Wearing a bindi might be an exercise in effortless ease but even within this simple mode of very visible impression lies such tremendous power invigorating indeed of existences. Typically needing to be worn by pressing it in place upon that expanse of the forehead which according to acupressure makes simultaneously for a regimen in relieving headaches is one of the key ways in which the bindi sets about its mechanism of medical working. The reason being that area occurs as the confluence of our body’s many a nerves and blood vessels which makes massaging it as gently as the mere ‘task’ of putting on a bindi effective enough in healing one of headaches almost instantly.

Entailing again from that same arena of pressing down the bindi upon one’s face is also the associated benefit of relieving the sinuses. Stimulating the trigeminal nerve located therein leads to an increased flow of blood to the nasal passage and to the sinuses helping thus to reduce the swelling within the sinuses and helps in providing relief from sinusitis, nasal congestion and the like. It though isn’t just your sinuses that are cleared upon a prominent touching down upon this three branched nerve. Activating this key axon of the body through the routine wearing of a bindi regularly might also help with mental conditions like depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Indeed what mindfulness ingrained in the myriad motifs of the mark!

Wearing a bindi can also be a rather effective way to favorably affect one’s range of vision and extent of hearing as a benefit drawing yet again from the nerval congregation spanning out across this specific part of the human body. Associated with the enhanced eye effect is the supratrochlear nerve that again is related in some intricate manner to the all important trigeminal nerve and that by its connection to all the muscles of the eyes helps therefore in bringing clarity of vision and associated optical benefits. The aural prospect on the other hand is augmented by another of the nerves passing through this area and that which stimulates that part of the inner ear called the cochlear which makes for the most important aid of hearing.

Beyond the pursuits of health and furthering as prominently the outward assertion of beauty is the bindi that brings to fore its pretty presence through again its esteemed seating in that same area of profound importance. Attributable to the trigeminal nerve yet again is such beauty benefits of the bindied look that helps keep the facial muscles strong and toned translating therefore into a face that looks and appears youthful and radiant. Strengthening the facial muscles by stimulation of that certain point also helps the cause of visible youngness by keeping the skin nourished and healthy as well as supple and wrinkle free this time also in such assertion that involves as well the supratrochlear artery, and the supratrochlear vein. Along with wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines are also what can be effectively offset by wearing a bindi since it leads one to massage that point of location of the procerus muscle. In enhancing therefore blood flow and nervous stimulation to the skin in that area, the stronger assertion of the procerus muscle helps keep those not so fine fine lines at bay.

A intriguing way in which bindi might help further the cause of beauty is by its essentially easing effect upon the mind. In yoga as well as in acupressure, that particular width of the forehead commands immense power when it comes to relaxation and relief since it also is the focal point where all our stress bunches up in all complexity of it. Stimulating or massaging upon this point as a simple step in donning the bindi helps hence to release the strains of stress and fatigue relaxing therefore both body and mind to pronounce such wellness benefits that endow health and by that extension leads also one to greater beauty. Easing pressure upon the eye and brain isn’t just an effective way in destressing but also helps ward off medical conditions like insomnia. Linked to the brain’s pineal gland from which entails the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin is this point that explains the reason why a restful sleep is induced upon massaging that focal point of importance.

Furthering again the bindi cause is such association of its place of pride to desirable attributes of enhanced memory and better concentration. The establishment of a calming effect upon the self is another related bindi benefit as is the claim to a focussed mind. Increased intuition and awareness as well as better creativity and intellect, alongside attainment of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom are other aspects rendered holistically beneficial through the Indian tradition of wearing bindis.

Like the typical seating of it, the benefits of wearing a bindi emerges also by virtue of what it is made of. While fashion bindis tend to be sticky fabrics of different dimensions and measures impressed upon the forehead, more ritualistic donning of the bindi sees natural ingredients like kumkum, sandalwood powder or even ash find place upon the forehead. The cooling and healing properties of sandalwood or chandan are more than well known while the mixture of turmeric and lime that kumkum tends to be harbours anti bacterial properties. Either of these ingredients only further the headache relieving power so characteristic of wearing the bindi while retaining and conserving energy of the body as well.

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The bindi has been traditionally worn by the Indian womenfolk more out of an esteemed essence of its being that is largely ethnic, cultural and religious in nature rather than in actively pursuing its numerous benefits. A symbol of marital status in Hinduism, a route to spiritual awakening and indeed an adorning element with beauty flowing along its different modes and manners of wearing, the bindi has forever dwelled in the alleys of versatility. And while complimenting the ethnic Indian look with a bindi is a classic case in elevated prettiness, this now universal component of fashion is as chic and contemporary when sported with just about any attire. It’s indeed the personality of the wearer that makes the bindi shine out and given the more than remarkable array of benefits availed out of this roundel of color, we don’t see any reason why anyone would not take an instant fancy to this unfurling of finery.