Why the period of staying in a hostel is considered as one of the most cherished and best phases of life?

Hostel life is full of a variety of memories that is treasured by each person who has experienced it in his / her lifetime.  The best thing about living in a hostel is the new found freedom that we initially find after having followed a disciplinary lifestyle as set up by our parents. Although the happiness of getting some independence lingers and makes us live life with our hostel mates according to our wishes, we later learn how to satisfy our huge needs by coming up with creative ideas. Meanwhile, the incidences of fun, laughter, fights, tears, being homesick , sharing, caring and a combination of various bittersweet emotions is what makes hostel life interesting and the best time of a person’s life.

The saddest part of a hostel life is leaving the dear premises which has shaped up our lives in ways that we had not even imagined when we first stepped into it. The feeling of missing something endearing pricks our hearts painfully the moment we realize that we had to soon leave the hostel to move into the next phase of our life. However, there are so many lessons that a hosteller takes back with him / her after his /her hostel life gets over that the experience comes in handy in the later stages.

 Let us relieve some of the lessons of our precious hostel life days together.

Finding happiness in teamwork

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Watching any kind of movie together in a hostel room is a different kind of joyful moment that is difficult to be experienced anywhere. With every scene of a movie, some discussions, criticism, jokes and laughter always occur. Sometimes, the shouts reaches the nearby rooms of the hostel and then its occupants would come to investigate it. If the movie tends to arouse the interest of the investigator, he / she will also come to enjoy the movie. With the number of people increasing in a room to watch the movie, it sometimes becomes a makeshift cinema hall. The same kind of repetitions occur whenever any kind of important events like cricket match, football match etc. is being known to be watched by someone in a room. The joy of witnessing every important event together in a hostel is indescribable. Meanwhile, birthday parties are another occasions for every hostel mate to get together and plan a surprise for their dear friend on his /her born date. The planning of expenses, doing the decorations, arrangement of the gifts- every kind of activity behind hosting a birthday surprise for a hostel mate has been special. The carefully discussed trips that we used to undertake along with our hostel mates made us greatly satisfied and happy after the journey has been completed. Therefore, it can be said that the skill of working together as a team in a hostel becomes a necessary attribute in your professional life.

Plan out ways to fulfill our huge needs with cheap resources creatively

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Hostel life becomes more fun when we come up with some weird and useful ideas to manage our ever increasing wants. Sharing of things like hair oils, shampoo bottles, lotions, soaps and other such daily essentials whenever we run out of these made us save our pocket money a lot. How can we forget the meals we had together which is one of the most talked about aspect of hostel life? The best kind of meal that we had together was, of course, a bowl of Maggi. Preparing a sumptuous bowl of Maggi with our favourite veggies and relishing it like a super nutritious meal is one of the fond memories of our hostel life. If we feel that we can afford to spend some money, ditching the boring hostel fare for a rich delectable lunch or dinner from a restaurant is one of the things we used to do but quite rarely. For the purposes of watching some movies or sports events, one laptop was sufficient and everyone used to huddle together to enjoy it. Meanwhile, some packets of chips, chocolates and cold drinks were considered as luxurious items for having a wonderful hostel party together. Thus hostel life greatly makes a person creative and find out best ways in being economical.

Learning to adjust ourselves and interact perfectly with everyone

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The beauty of having lived a hostel life is that it makes us smart and confident enough to speak with any person. As a person staying in a hostel is bound to learn to adjust himself / herself to live alone, therefore, the necessity of having to interact with others well also rises. Although, the difficulties of having to live a life alone and uncomfortably from the care of our parents may have made us homesick in the initial stages of our hostel life, the opportunity of being independent made us become smart enough to take decisions wisely for our own good. Meanwhile, the initial pangs of having to come away from our dear homes made us bond strongly with the hostel mates who later became close buddies with whom we share our worries and problems. As we learnt to bond with unknown persons more closely in a hostel, our level of confidence to interact with others increased. How can we forget the highly entertaining gossips that we had together in a hostel? The laughter, excitement of knowing what happened next, the thrill of getting information about some new incident etc. – these kinds of emotions made the gossiping sessions in a hostel one of the best memories that we treasure for our life. Hostel life also gives us ample privacy due to which we can spend some ‘Me’ time and reflect on the choices and decisions that we had made and plan our next move.

Studying and working becomes so much fun and enriching

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One of the best things of studying together with our hostel peers is that we can solve difficult questions much easily together and learn more information about a topic we had not known earlier. Our doubts may also be cleared when the opportunity of studying together happens easily as in a hostel. Moreover, the practice of studying increases whenever we see our hostel mates engaged in doing the same. As a result, our urge of working hard rises and we study hard for reaching our desired goals. While staying in a hostel, the biggest advantage is that we can get an idea of the question patterns that had come in the exams of the past years. Therefore, our strategy of preparing for the exams is first planned together and executed later. Hostellers also get an idea of how their seniors had prepared for cracking job interviews. For this reason, most of the students staying in hostels look for the best ways to prepare for their future professional life quite early after taking help from their seniors who had stayed there. One of the wonderful memories of hostel life is reminiscing the days of staying awake till late hours in the night on a day before exams preparing together or putting on our thinking caps for many days simply to complete a difficult assignment or finishing the never ending project work.

All of the people who have experienced hostel life will surely agree that it is one of the best phases of a lifetime which has been worthwhile to have lived.