Why Turmeric holds a place of highest importance in Indian Weddings?

Turmeric or Haldi is considered as one of the most auspicious and mandatory requirements among the huge list of must-have items that are necessary to carry out a wedding in India. The dazzlingly yellow colour spice that is obtained from the rhizomes of the flowering plant Curcuma longa is not only the backbone ingredient of Indian cuisine but also holds a position of the highest importance in a number of religious ceremonies. Moreover, the level of positive beliefs associated with the inclusion of turmeric in an Indian wedding is quite high. For this reason, a whole day is dedicated exclusively to applying a paste of turmeric on the bodies of a bride and groom and bathing them later with water or milk. This pre-wedding ritual, which is known by different names in different languages, is hold with the main motive that a groom and a bride can start their married lives afresh on a high note of happiness. The bowl of turmeric paste which is used as a part of the pre-wedding ritual is an amalgamation of different things besides the sacred spice. While some mix it with sandalwood powder and milk, others mix it with rose water. The ritual of applying turmeric on the bodies of a bride and groom is generally held in the morning or early afternoon periods and is celebrated with much shouts of laughter along with dancing and singing by the families.

Some of the reasons due to which turmeric holds a prime spot of importance in Indian weddings are-

Get a radiant and natural glow from the skin on the day of the wedding

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The powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in turmeric nourishes the skin and helps in bringing out the natural glow from deep within. Besides, turmeric can also help in reducing dark patches on the skin to a good extent. Apart from being a natural source of moisturizer for the skin, turmeric also expedite the process of removal of dead cells from the skin thereby giving exposure to young and rejuvenated skin. Being such a highly praised beauty elixir in Ayurveda and also holding a good impression among the minds of our ancestors, it is only a great idea that the ritual of applying turmeric should be held with much merriment and tokens of blessings. With excellent beauty benefits, turmeric is indeed a good ingredient to dab with before the wedding day so that you can look ethereal before the eyes of the guests and steal the show of your lifetime as a badass showstopper.

A great and natural harmless medicine to apply on your body before the wedding

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Cucurmin, a highly and exclusive beneficial chemical found in turmeric can help a wound to heal soon by decreasing inflammation and oxidation. With its skin repairing properties, turmeric can ensure that a bride and groom recovers quickly from any bruises or cuts present in his / her body. Meanwhile, it is good to have turmeric milk or any drink constituting the spice as a main ingredient some weeks before your wedding as it can keep colds and cough at bay and can also help in preventing or dealing with gastrointestinal disorders. Apart from detoxifying the body, turmeric can also reduce muscle and joint pains. With a lot of healing properties, turmeric can only be termed as a real well-wisher as you step into marital phase of life.

Drive away all the pre-wedding jitters

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Apart from being an excellent healer, cucurmin is also believed to be a mild anti-depressant and can help in reducing anxiety to a great extent. Turmeric is believed to increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body which are the main chemicals responsible for uplifting the moods of a person. The spice is also good for reducing headaches. Meanwhile, a person can also feel a cooling sensation when turmeric is applied on his / her body. Being a natural tonic which soothes the mind and body, it is only a wonderful fact that turmeric is applied before the wedding day to calm the tension, excitement and nervousness of the bride and groom before they step into a new phase of life together.

Start a new chapter of life with indications of positivity

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Due to its medicinal and calming properties turmeric is considered a sacred thing in an Indian wedding and is hold as a symbol with which religious purification of the bride and groom must be done before they take their marital vows together and commence a new journey of life. Meanwhile, it is believed that applying turmeric can ward off evil spirits around them and also does not let any bad omen befall them before their big days. As the colour yellow is associated with brightness and optimism, so the ceremony of applying turmeric to the bride and groom is done with lots of blessings, hugs and kisses with the hope that the duo can mark an auspicious beginning of a new life together.

Step on the D-day with a high dose of laughter, singing and dancing

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It is a regular affair to find ladies putting the turmeric paste each other cunningly with high-pitched laughter during the pre-wedding ritual of applying the yellow herbal mixture to the bride and groom. Apart from frolicking with turmeric, the ladies also heartily participate in singing traditional wedding songs and dancing to the tunes of some music. For the bride or groom, the pre-wedding ritual of applying turmeric is a kind of entertainment as they happily participate in all the fun moments. Moreover, they can also tease their young unmarried cousins by jokingly applying the turmeric paste on them as there is a belief that if the bride or the groom applies the magical turmeric paste on their unmarried friends or cousins, they get married soon.

With a list of wonderful benefits and comprising of the colour of optimism, it is not surprising that turmeric has an entire ceremony to its name in an Indian wedding that is carried out with love and enjoyment.