A case for indulgence under the winter sun

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Winter is a season of pleasures to say the least. That we daresay even in its lashing out of the cold whips and the shivers and the trembles that winter is definitely unpleasant in. But count the many amazing ways in which this time of the year of festivities first and foremost and anticipation therefore gratifies our existence in true essence of indulging in the experience that life is and winter is but indeed that season of rejoice so celebrated in. And while we might have been carried away a bit too far in our envisioning of the charms curated by this experience in winters, we still have something as worthwhile to dwell in this time (of the year) around.

Who indeed can dismiss the ultimate indulgence that winter ushers in, in holding an otherwise offsetting scope in soaking up the rays of the sun even in a climate like ours, in such softness not usually associated with the squinting sight upon the solar prowess? There’s a certain very comforting luxury that rests upon this premise of a brightly sunlit winter day, one that pleasantly surprises with its exuberance but also endows upon us a certain vibe in laziness, nay laidbackness more appropriately, upon which we float indeed in much happiness.

Sunbathing Therapy

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Of course sunbathing isn’t a something associated only with winter- it is therapy more generally and not any less beneficial an adhering as well. But come winters and under the peculiarly subdued but prominent enough still shine of the sun one discovers for themselves a residing in such pleasure that strikes indeed a whole lot differently- and delightfully.

From health benefits to wellness encounters, the sun harbours for the human availing a nature in much goodness. Not to mention how it is one of the wintertime ‘activities’ that reside in an inexplicable essence of enjoyment even without really having to do anything and happily laying one’s body for the sun to perform therapy upon it is an out-and-out win anyday. And isn’t it anyway one of the opportunities in bonding as well, with everyone leisurely ‘absorbing’ all those vibes that only the sun can conjure in all its exuberance? Lazing away your time under the winter sun therefore is a seasonal routine to be definitely followed for a wide number of reasons-

Deriving your daily dose of Vitamin D

Of course no prizes for guessing the most obvious reason in making up the case for sunbathing. The recommended requirement in Vitamin D is something that the body can be made to meet through free and unrestricted access to this natural source of goodness. And with a whopping 90% of the amount called for by the body to maintain its function in aiding good bone health and bolstering immunity directly met from this exposure to the sun, it is even more wondrous and essential a reason to chase after some sun in general and the winter sun in particular.

Perking up the mood

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Seasonal addictive disorder is realer than you think. No wonder despite the many joys of winter, it still manages to induce not so happy feelings in a wide majority of the global population. The effects might be particularly prominent in countries doomed to days of no sun altogether but the universality of this occurrence plays out considerably still even in our part of the world.

Surrendering one’s body for the sun to take over in a very gentle assertion of its potency could be helpful in reversing this feeling even outside the promising indeed prospect in just a peek of the shining sun. An exposure to sunlight stimulates the brain to release the hormone serotonin which is a known mood booster. Also associated would be the release of the hormones melatonin and dopamine that apart from helping the mind to experience more favourable vibes helps also with mental wellness in general. Sunlight indeed can do much more than its most widely claimed dissemination of some Vitamin D goodness.

Glowing up the skin

That the harmful rays of the sun has been forever recommended to be shunned in all their UV notoriety might be well established. But a lessened glare of the winter sun brings also with it some benefits for the human skin particularly prone to some adverse conditions of affecting. Taking in the sun’s glow for a sufficient amount of time can in fact help to reverse the harsh effects of the extreme dip in temperature upon the skin. Winter is the time when the skin is stripped off its moisture and is left all dry and flaked. The sun rays can help considerably in healing the irritated skin and restore its softness as a natural agent in ‘skincare’. Additionally the anti-inflammatory effects of a vitamin D boost brought about by a sun bathing session can also treat even many a chronic skin conditions including the discomforting feel of dryness.

Lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure has always been a health concern and winter time happens to be even more worrying in its regard. Apart from a natural tendency for the blood pressure to be higher in this time of the year, it also is many a classic characteristic in which winter is identifying that poses as even greater a health risk. Right from the unwillingness to remain physically active through that strenuous stretch of the season to the indulgent patterns in eating and bingeing upon averse food options like red meats and alcohol, as also a lot of processed and sugary and salty junks to seek comfort in under the excuse of the festivities, winter can prove to be quite the perfect stage in inviting a health scare.

But worry not, with the sun continuing to extend its age old service in human health through the colder days as well, one can very well look forward to enjoy their winters, albeit with some exercising of restraint. Sunbathing though can be a very enjoyable way itself to sufficiently plummet one’s blood pressure levels. The warming grace of the sun is what helps the blood vessels of the body to widen, calling therefore for lesser pressure in carrying out the required function in blood circulation. And with the body warming up as ironic almost a response to this lazing in the winter sun, one sure would be somewhat more likely to prefer at least some sort of moving around. Quite a way to cut down on those pressure tablets, must say.

Inducing the cosiest winter sleep

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‘Warming up’ your body under the sun is indeed a very effective way in offsetting the uncomfortable and intense shivers of the cold. And with lesser awareness of the chills, one would be more likely to plunge into an optimally cosy experience of sleep. Beyond that, it also is the increased amounts of melatonin produced in the body that helps even further the sleep experience in enhanced comfort. Of course winters are celebrated a whole lot more in the assertion of its immense unfurling of the snug, warm feels and with the winter sunbathing ritual entailing a greater dive into the inviting cocoons of sound sleep, this is a definite must to not be overlooked.

Feeling lighter with your body

It isn’t just the mind that the winter sun attends to in perking it up and inducing a lighter mood in living. It also is as much the assertion of lightness upon the body that makes soaking up the sun all the more worthwhile an ‘vent’ to look forward to every single day in winter. While the bright light of the sun is always a helpful factor in important workings of metabolism and the like that aid weight loss, colder days tend to be even more indebted to this natural source of life.

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The sedentary lifestyle and festive indulgence that winters are most explored in by us is already a significant reason in seasonal weight gain. But with the smiling sun forever there upon us, one need not turn into Santa themselves in their potbelly every single advent of the Christmastime merriment. Sunbathing helps the body to release the nitric oxide that is stored in the top layers of the skin, which is substantial indeed a measure in the assertion of lightweighteness due to it being a protein with immense potential in impeding conditions of obesity.

Even in its parallel insulin inducing properties, the light of the sun can be quite a prescription out of type 2 diabetes as well. Notably insulin resistance might be crucial not only in the development of diabetes but can also be an agent in weight gain and increased accumulation of body fat. Needless to say, sunbathing is more than effective in its all rounded effectiveness specifically in its round through the winter days.