The fundamental female preference for hot showers, and the pros and cons of it all

hot showers preferred by women

It’s science, and incredible at that as well, that women prefer taking showers of at least a certain higher temperature than what their male equals do. The nuances of a hot shower vs a cold has always been debated particularly in the range of benefits accruing to either, with both laying claim to at least some sort of wonder effect upon the human body. Individual preference matter as well of course but what has since come to be a fact universally acknowledged is that the female anatomy gets a greater boost from a rise in the temperature of their showers. It all boils down to the human physiology, in which the male human and the female human both are uniquely different from each other. This, despite the fact that all people of the world harbour a temperature in their body that hovers around a same set range of the degrees. And yet, women definitely exhibit a tolerance for a higher temperature of the water they shower in, even significantly higher when it comes to the same criteria of comparison for the men of the world.

But while the core temperature for all fares more or less the same at the 98.6-degree mark, it is a very evident difference in the skin temperature of males and females that what makes for this significant diversion of preferences when it comes to taking a shower. Women tend to lose their body heat a tad bit faster which is what makes them more tolerant of higher temperatures, at least of the water they soak themselves in to relaxation. Call it therefore skin sensitivity or attribute it more defiantly to the gender divide that we are so hell bent on overruling, it still is the prominently different manifestations of what makes up the male body and the human body in all scientific assertion of it that is what triggers this diverse response to water temperatures. Why just water though, as all couples would know, the difference in opinion extends also to other spheres of shared life as well. No wonder it is so common an encounter of partners fussing over the AC temperature when it comes to clocking the optimum number for maximum comfort.

It though is not just one factor that contributes to this palpable enough difference in the ‘feels’ that appeals to the female body while being shockingly offsetting for bodies of the male sphere in existence. The skin temperature though is the standout and most easily comprehensible reason why hotter showers find so much universal favor among women. A lower skin temperature makes women more comfortable to the sensation of greater warmth, in this case a decipherable hotter shower, by a very significant couple of degrees or so when compared to the threshold limit of an average male person.

why women love hot showers
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This lower measure of skin temperature explains almost explicitly the truth omniscient in the age old joke of women liking scorching hot showers and men liking their waters as they like their beer- chilled. Apparent therefore it is that women seek out warmer waters for the sheer reason that their bodies ‘crave’ for that particular amount of heat. As beings significantly colder in their skin, women derive comfort from a nice warm shower which leads therefore to the very veritable assertion that the female preference for hotter showers is driven also by their desire for comfort. While showers can indeed be a means of cleaning the body in such capacities of when it functions as a bath, it also is as likely that most often taking a shower entails to a different dimension of nicety. That entails the mental state of the human seeking to relax as they stand under the shower after a long day of stress and work. Needless to say, this attempt at relaxation that showers are meant to cater to means that they will always be adjusted to such temperatures that suit the scourings of comfort. And women being more comfortable in hotter temperatures means that it indeed is a hot shower that suits them just the best in their effort at washing down the day’s tiredness.

A factor more evident in its physiological basis of explaining the universal female preference relates to the blood vessels that characterise the bodies of all women. With blood vessels that are constricted and that therefore position blood closer to the surface of the skin, women stay cooler even in considerably higher temperatures. The working of this mannerism that characterise the inner body mechanism is though what helps women in their natural ability of child bearing. The blood that is otherwise meant to warm humans up is instead redirected to the core of the female body to regulate the warmth of the organs vital to their fecundity. Whatever the working might be, this means indeed that their desire for the optimal level of warmth leads women to crave temperatures higher than what their male counterparts do.

Associated also with this same tendency to remain cooler than men, even in their bodies is the fact that the female anatomy does not have as high a muscle mass as what the male physicality does by the very nature of its making. This means that as compared to the men of the world, women experience a lower resting metabolism because of which they burn lesser calories and have a lower blood flow. This is what makes the female body stay colder and therefore in need for more warmth from external sources. Hence they seek out indeed higher shower temperatures but only in comparison to what men in general do. In fact this whole idea about preference is itself based on comparative nature of how the two expressions of physicality are distinct in the essence of them. It is the subtle but significant differences in the biological nature of what makes men and women different from each other and very much unique in their own that is also what mandates their preference of higher or lower temperatures, whether in showering or in sleeping.

But even then, the most significant way this distinction in anatomy contributes to this eternal bias manifesting among women as absolutely loving those long, hot shower sessions is traceable also to the hormone estrogen. Though produced also by the male body, the role of the sex hormone oestrogen is most assertive in its extent of functioning within the women physicality. In the female body it is the enhanced working of this hormone that leads the blood to thicken slightly that which reduces the blood flow to the capillaries. These capillaries that supply blood to the body’s extremities like the tips of the fingers and the toes shuts off more readily when it is cold, resulting women’s hands and feet to turn colder more easily and therefore seeking out the heat from a warm, comforting shower or such other modes of residing in higher temperatures. Equally assertive is the role that estrogen plays in the female body during its cycle of ovulation which makes the ladies feel colder around that time and crave therefore even more warmth from their environment.

This seeming universality of preferences though might be subject to certain aberrations. Some men might prefer also a warmer shower than others, particularly if they happen to be skinny in their physicality or if they are afflicted with some disease. The same can be true for some women who might exhibit instead a liking for colder temperatures. Either way though, the benefits entailed for all out of taking a hot shower would be the same. Conversely also, equally damaging can be the potential adverse effects that a long ranging, continuous and excessive allowance of the comfort derived from hot showers by any and everyone, irrespective of what your body’s resistance or craving of temperature might be.

The positives of relaxing under a hot shower can be numerous. From the most obvious effects of destressing and averting the setting in of seasonal cold and flus to the more potent ways of its action in helping to minimize blood sugar levels and blood pressure, induce a more peaceful sleep, as well as in helping with the physicality in such extents by improving blood circulation and easing muscles and relieving pain or even in having the pores open up and thereby washing away dirt and toxins from the surface of the skin more effectively, hot showers can be a remedy of multiple conditions.

But further this fetish for the heat in too prolonged or in excessive reiterations of it and that same steaming bath of comfort can spell havoc for your body and health. From damaging skin cells and causing skin problems like dryness and outbreaks or even wrinkles to damaging hair and more frighteningly causing fertility problems as well, hot showers can as well be the anti remedy itself. Consider also a warm shower a too comfortable a zone that you do not want to step out of, prolonging therefore your time on and your dependence in it, this very same recourse to relaxation can in fact stress you out by having you addicted to such extents that it ends up impairing your productivity. Manifesting therefore of both goods and bads in almost equal measure are hot showers like all other things in the world. Despite the preference of it by most women, it perhaps is only wise to strike a balance in arriving at the optimum temperature so that not only health problems but also couple issues are resolved once and for all.