The right way to hold your favorite beverage

Everyone needs to unwind once in a while. And if drinks are your idea of indulging in a weekend of relaxation and fun, you need to make sure you are well equipped to spruce up your leisure with the proper etiquette as well. For, you aren’t really chilling out right if you aren’t holding it tight!


The stem in the wine glasses are meant to be the place you curl your fingers on, so that you prevent heating up the drink with all the warmth of your cupped hands. For, wine is best served at room temperature.


Martini glasses are essentially wide, so that the aerated aroma can waft unto you. Hence, you should always avoid handling the glass by its brim and instead stick to the stem, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel to you.


tequila shot
Source: Dreamstime

Tequila shots are served in small glasses and are meant to be downed in one go, so you don’t have to fret much about holding it because that’s anyway not intended for a long period of time. So go on, take a couple and make all those gulps matter!


Every drink that is served in a stemmed glass is meant to be consumed at least some degrees below room temperature. Even Champagne. So yeah, you have to hold just the stem this time around as well for that perfect bubbly sip.



You can go a bit easy when you plan to gulp down a mug of beer. The handle on the beer mug takes care of your comfort so that you can rewind with that drink of frothy relaxation.


whiskey glass


This is the perfect gentleman stuff. So go easy on the grip, and let that exotic aroma of the iced drink intoxicate you before you swirl it in your mouth for the ultimate euphoric sensation.


Brandy glasses are essentially short stemmed, which means that you don’t have to refrain as much from holding the base of the glass. But even then, don’t go overboard and try sticking to the rear, without letting your fingers go all over the body of the enclosed liquid.