Zero waste ideas for you to pursue wedding bliss through

zero waste wedding

At an age when sustainability is the buzzword, it is only pertinent that even celebrations does not need to go reckless. But come weddings and ceremonies, all sustainable obligations seem to go for a toss as frenzied merrymaking gets underway. However there is no reason for your zero waste life resolve to go to waste even when it is about celebrating to your heart’s content on the most important day of your life. Here’s the best and most essential ideas you can implement on your wedding to ensure that you stay committed to also being the sustainable brand ambassador you aspire forever to be-

The Invitation

The first thing that spells out a wedding is of course a wedding invite! And fortunately it’s also the easiest element to cut down from your wedding if you want to embark on a new life altogether with zero carryover. Not to say that you don’t need to invite guests to your wedding- of course you can choose to but even otherwise you don’t really need to go overboard.

In this age of the digital times, a digital invite is the most effective way of ushering in guests. Not only is it waste free and less of a hassle, it also is almost immune to the vagaries of a ‘prone to misplacing stuff’ soul. Think for yourself- wouldn’t it be more convenient for you to just check the time and the venue on your phone instead of having to rattle through the dozens of invites that pile up on your desk every wedding season? Weddings are about celebrations of which you need to be a part. And if digital invite can serve that very purpose right away without the cumberome clutter, then they surely needs to be the way to ceremonise the celebrations.

But if you are someone who feels that there is a certain charm to sending out paper invites even when you are really feeling guilty about the waste, don’t lose heart yet. There are plenty of eco friendly, recyclable options available that will cater to all your desires of the innovations and the sustainables.

The Decor

It’s indeed the decor that jazzes weddings up. Emanating the warmth of the bond it celebrates, the wedding decor is very often the focal point of attraction that plays host to the newlyweds in a romantic ambiance and serves also as the sparkly setting for all those #shaadipics. But all these is no reason for you to go extravagant with the decorations. There is beauty even in simplicity and the more you happen to be environmentally conscious, the likelier you are to discover maximum joy in minimalism.

Stick therefore to decorations that call for just the bare minimum fixtures that can also be recyclable and/ or zero waste elements. Cloth decor or floral based ones are great ideas to achieve the aesthetics without compromising on the green quotient. But even with flowers it’s necessary to see that they are properly composted afterwards or are given away. Potted plants work the best here since they don’t wilt away and can in fact continue to rev up the green quotient later.

Papier maches can be one of your best bets in doing up your wedding affair in a really unique and sustainable way. And that’s just the beginning. Scrounge around for ideas that are innovative and responsible and you will be surprised at just how much you can do for so less! Either way it’s best to go for such decorations that hold up their ornate appeal even way beyond the wedding for the most effective zero waste pursuit.

The Wedding Dress

An exquisite designer lehenga or the most suave tuxedo suit, wedding dresses of course are a different form of fancy. From dreaming them up as unfazed teenagers to planning about them as eligible brides and grooms to be, wearing the perfect dress on the D- Day is indeed a lifelong desire, eagerly anticipated. But for your green wedding on the cards you might as well forfeit this fancy flight for something more relevant and priceless.

Dress the heritage way on your big day as you don your mother’s wedding trousseau or your dad’s best suit to walk down the aisle. Or if you don’t want to go completely akin, upcycle those old pieces of elegance to churn out something that would be a very distinctive sartorial impression. Go a step further with the green spirit and request your guests to don something that they already own for this really one helluva unique wedding in town!

The Makeup

wedding makeup organic
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You might ask what difference can your makeup make in organising a guilt free yet truly indulgent wedding? Popular perception might not find pervasive entry into this essential trait of weddings or any ceremonies whatsoever but there indeed is a lot at play. Sticking to environmentally sustainable organic brands for your makeup picks goes a long way in ensuring you have a zero waste yet totally memorable wedding rendezvous.

The Food

The one thing that instantly beckons all- specially foodies to any gathering is the food. And more so when it’s a wedding invite on the (digital) cards! The all extravagant and elaborate affairs weddings are supposed to be, it goes without saying that ceremonies like these witness abundant food wastage. This is something that is both environmentally and morally repulsive. Chart out therefore a precise wedding ‘blueprint’ that will ensure that the food is served optimally and relished ideally.

It is also only obvious that any excess food needs to be arranged to be donated to the needy or at least packed so that they remain edible. It also helps in your zero waste pursuit if you let only local food find their way into the menu. Opt also for reusable or at least recyclable cutlery and resort to filtered water options instead of bottled ones for a step further in doing your sustainable obligations right.