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Source: Design Week

“Automation can’t mimic creativity—and that’s the community we look after: the creatives, the freelancers, and entrepreneurs who are least likely to be automated,” says Pip Jamieson, Founder and CEO of “The Dots

Described as a “beautifully designed, content rich and more creative version of LinkedIn,” the dots is a platform launched in the year 2014, which connects creative people and the companies which makes creativity happen.  Jamieson’s mission as she claims is to “kill LinkedIn” which she says will happen when the traditional workforce catered by LinkedIn gets fully automated.  The idea of starting The Dots came to her mind while she was working for MTV, where she saw her peers all taking up traditional, white collar jobs while leading dual lives for their creative existence. It was always like, “Oh I work as a Product Manager for so and so company but I also design head scarfs for my so and so start up…” Pip also experiences hiring the “creative people” for her company through word of mouth or through familiar connections like friends of friends, this she says lead to creating a homogenous community where creativity died a natural death because the group almost always consisted of people coming from similar colleges or backgrounds. So she came up with The Dots as a Wikipedia for project and people of the creative kind creating a platform for networking, creative self promotion and creative opportunities. The Dots claims to have more than 3,00,000 users and a high profile client list like Warner Music, Sony Pictures, Burberry, Google, BBC and many more using the platform to hire their creatives!

The Dots connects the employees with the companies not through CVs but through creative projects as Jamieson says, “People should be judged on what they do, not [things like sex, race, or] where they went to university. The creative and tech industries are already more pronounced in terms of their homogenous nature than other industries, and the reason I’m really passionate about correcting that is because we all unconsciously build products for ourselves. If you’re trying to build products for everyone, we need teams that reflect society.”

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Having been featured in “The Forbes” and others, Pip Jamieson’s dream of creating a platform without any borders is a force to reckon with and with a gradual decline in the people’s will to be a part of the white collared work force, her mission to kill LinkedIn is surely on the path of its fulfilment!